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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pictures: Beyonce And Kim Kardashian Spotted Hanging Out In Uk

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian spotted
hanging out, dancing, sharing laughs
and cheering on their men at the Watch
the Throne concert in Birmingham UK
last night. This is the first time that
they've been spotted hanging out
together since Kim started dating
Kanye...and going by comments on
Twitter after these photos were made
public, people aren't too happy to see
Beyonce hanging out with Kim.

Friday, June 15, 2012

D'Banj Splashes N10m On Car For Younger Brother, Kay-Switch

DB Records/Mercury/G.O.O.D Music artiste,
Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D'Banj
has splashed 10 million naira on an

D'Banj bought a Mercedes Benz CLS 350
2007 model and handed it over to his
younger brother, Kay-Switch few days

Kay-Switch, who is an artiste signed on
D'Banj's DB Records, gave the Oliver Twist
crooner a birthday gift; a new single titled
Sisi Caro, on his birthday, June 9.

As a way of showing appreciation for the
gift from his brother, the Kokomaster
handed over the keys of a brand new
Mercedes Benz CLS 350 to Kay-Switch.

D'Banj and Kay-Switch left Mohits earlier
this year to DB Records. Kay-Switch is the
label's first signing. Both artistes hail from
Sagamu, Ogun State. They were born by a
military father.

''I Want My Old Shape Back'' - Rihanna Cries Out

R&B star Rihanna blames her hectic work
schedule for her shrinking figure, insisting
she is "not happy" about losing her famous

The "Umbrella" hitmaker, 24, recently raised
fears for her health after being hospitalised
for exhaustion and she also posted a photo
of herself online, in which she was hooked
up to an intravenous drip after falling ill
with a bout of influenza.

The sickness, combined with a lack of sleep,
has caused Rihanna to lose a few pounds
and now the star is making it her mission to
get her old body back.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "I'm a size 0 -
and not happy about it! I went way too far.
I prefer myself a bit chunkier. I want my old
butt back!"

Thailand Slams Lady Gaga For Misusing The Country's Flag

The official of Thailand's Culture Ministry accuses Gaga of disrespecting
Thailand by tying the flag to a motorcycle
and riding it across the stage while wearing
a provocative costume. Gaga's behavior
was "not appropriate and hurt the feelings
of the Thai people," an unnamed official told
the Associated Press.

She was probably just showing her support
for Thailand and meant it in a positive light,
but the gesture appears to have been

In May, Gaga cancelled her concert in
Indonesia following complaints it breached
obscenity laws. Police recommended she be
denied a performance permit because
officials were pressured by conservative
campaigners, who are opposed to her
controversial onstage antics.

The singer has been dealing with a lot of
drama in recent weeks. A dancer
accidentally hit her on the head with a pole
during a concert in New Zealand on Sunday.

At the same event, she called out Madonna
for mocking her hit song "Born This Way."

Pictures: Lagos Big Girl Caught In Adultery, Runs Out Naked

According to my source the
lady running for her life without
clothes ( see the picture below) was
caught by her boyfriend sleeping with
another woman's husband and as soon
as she noticed that both men were
"struggling" with themselves she
escaped, not minding her clothes.

This is what the crazy quest for flashy
and latest stuffs have turned our girls

"My Husband Padlocks My Manhood" - Gay Nigerian Man Cries Out

Chika (pictured above
on the left) is a Nigerian gay man who
lives in Germany. He married Marc
Schwartz (pictured above on the right) a
few years ago, but the union ended in

Chika told Stella Dimoko Korku of Encomium magazine in an interview this
week that he's back with Marc
won't believe what you're about to

Chika to Stella
I'm back with Marc but under lock and
key. He locked my penis with a tiny iron
rope that hold my waist and is not
covered at the back but my front side is
covered with aluminum and I can only
pee and clean it.

How long have you had this?
Four months now

Is it not torture for you?
Well, it won't last long because I am
thinking of separating from him. And I
will break the key and divorce him and
this time it's final, because I can't
continue to be a good wife

So why did he lock it?
No trust, that's all

So why did you go back to him after
last time you complained of too much
sex which was causing you pain?
That's because I feel for him and also he
always comes to beg. I didn't know it
will be like this.

You're complaining now but were you
blind when your penis was being
I did it out of love charm not knowing I
am imprisoning myself. I am trying to
break that key and once it's done that
means I am done with him. I am sick
and tired of this suffering and smiling
marriage because he cheats and still
picks on me as if I am a kid and yet
padlocked me. This is prison.

Is this guy for real? Lol

Pic Of The Day: Naija Kung Fu Couple

A very very happy couple on their
wedding day:-) Hope it stays that way
for a very very long time.

D'banj Set To Launch His Own Record Label '' DKM Records ''

DKM stands for D'Koko Master Records
and Kayswitch is the only artiste signed
to the record label for now. Heard a few
more artistes will be unveiled in the
coming months.

D'Koko Master Records will be officially
launched in Lagos at a concert that will
feature D'banj, Kayswitch and other DKM

Old School Picture: Blackface, Faze, 2face And Ex-Girlfriend

Here is a photo of the trio we all know as
Plantashun boiz. From the Left is Faze,
Blackface, Ex-Girlfriend and 2face.

We noticed a plate on the ground, bottom
right. We don’t know who used it but we
are suspecting 2face because he seems to
have a bigger smile on his face more than
the others. Lol

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dog Rescues An Abandoned Baby Under A Bridge

A farm dog was hailed a hero after it was
discovered that he protected a two-week-
old baby abandoned by the mother under a
bridge in Winkongo, near Bolgatanga in the
Upper East regional capital of Ghana.

Officials say the dog spent the night
watching over the child under the bridge.
The dog had gone missing for hours and
the owner sent out a search party into the
forest to find him. The dog was found in
the morning under a bridge, near the
owner’s farm, with the newborn deriving
warmth by nuzzling against its fur.

The baby himself is in relatively good health
after his adventure. His umbilical cord had
not been cut, and had gotten infected, but
the infant was otherwise unharmed; he’s
since had all his vaccinations, and is
currently in the custody of a local health
directorate until new, non-bridge
arrangements can be made for him.

Police are investigating. (Ghana News

Enebeli Elebuwa Begged Me To Heal Him; He's Blackmailing Me –Pastor Fireman

The controversy of the healing of bed-
ridding Nollywood actor, Enebeli
Elebuwa, who has been with stroke for
almost a year now is getting more
interesting. Recently, the veteran actor
begged Nigerians for help and
dismissed his purported healing by a
Lagos-based popular pastor, Sign

The actor, who is now on admission in
an Abuja hospital admitted that he
visited the man of God but maintained
that his condition didn’t improve as
many have been made to believe.

Angered by the sick actor's comment,
Pastor Fireman decided to give his own
side of the story. Below is how captured the pastor's

"Enebeli claimed that I contacted his
family pleading with them that I could
heal him. This is a white lie because I
was not in the country at that time he
was referring to. If I travelled abroad
and contacted his family to bring him,
was I contacting them to bring him
abroad? How could I have contacted
them to bring Enebeli to the church for
me to heal him when I was abroad?

"On the contrary, we have a video,
capturing where he was begging me to
pray for him on the day he was brought
to the church but I ignored him. The
video also captured how I gave him my
reason that when he had a similar
ailment in 2010, and came to my church,
I prayed for him and told him to go
through our programme which he
didn’t deem necessary to do .

"The video capture him explaining that
after God used me to heal him, he
travelled to Benin to shoot a movie. I still
refused to pray for him. When I saw
him crying and begging, I couldn’t bear
it anymore, as I was moved to minister
unto him ...

"However, unlike the video on Youtube,
our video captured Enebeli walking
without any aid. This again showed that
the old man was lying, because a
national newspaper on June 1, reported
that Enebeli told them two people were
holding his legs . Watch our video and
tell me if anybody held his legs. We also
have pictures to buttress our claims.

"Our video also showed where I told
him about the importance of continuity
in order to sustain his healing.
Everybody in the healing ministry today
know, the importance of “Healing
School.” After ministering to Enebeli, he
did not return to complete the process .”

Asked why the ailing actor lied against
him, the Pastor replied: “ He knows that
it was all his fault that he didn’t
complete his healing process. Yet he
was too proud to tell the world the
truth . If I’m a fake man of God as he
tried to paint me, when he had a similar
case and ran to my church in 2010, I
prayed for him, was the miracle fake?
“We still have the video and other
proofs. After his healing, he also came to
our church for thanksgiving, and even
laid down at the altar thanking God for
his healing. Was his thanksgiving fake ?

Additionally, the movies that he
featured in between 2010 and last year
before he fell sick were evidence that he
was healed.

"If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have featured
in those movies. We have the video of
when he confirmed these facts the last
time he visited our church. If I were to
be a fake pastor, was his first healing
fake? If it was fake, why did he come
back after two years for another “fake”
healing ?

“Meanwhile, on the day of his first and
second healing, some of his Nollywood
colleagues witnessed the healing. Those
actors and actress who were present
during the two separate occasions he
received his healing in the church have
been calling me, and were mad about
the lies he told the media against me.

Some of them are ready to testify that
Enebeli lied against me!”
Reacting to the controversial video
posted on Youtube, Pastor Fireman said:
“ We are not responsible for it. In our
church, people sometimes video things
with their phones. Up till now, I have
never posted any video of the healing
of a star on the net . I am a patron of
Nollywood. I have my certificate and ID
card as a proof of this claim. I know that
posting some kinds of videos of their
healing online will endanger their
career. So, I have never done it before.

“Somebody in the congregation
probably recorded the healing with his
or her camera phone. I couldn’t have
posted anything on the internet that
would tarnish the image of the veteran
actor. Since he has chosen to lie against
me, I have a duty to clear my name . I
have kept quiet enough about people
telling lies against me.

"Enebeli Elebuwa’s case is likeable to that
of a man who got his healing (for the
second time), yet failed to maintain it. At
the moment, he’s confused on how to
tell Nigerians that he received his
healing initially, but because of
disobidence, he lost it. However, I
forgive him. I still love him.

Kim Kardashian Buys Kanye West $750,000 Lamborghini

Kardashian went all out dropping
$750,000 on a Lamborghini for her love of
three months.

A source close to Kardashian, 31, confirms
to that the E! star purchased the
rare, Aventador LP 700-4 Lamborghini for

For now, the "Watch the Throne" rapper will
have to hold off on testing out his new
ride, as he's currently in Ireland for the
European leg of his and Jay-Z's
international tour.
"Thanks to all my fans. I am tweeting under
the stage while Jay is rapping in Dublin on
my birthday," West wrote to his 7.6 million
Twitter followers Friday. "You guys make
all my dreams possible."

Earlier that day, Kardashian sent out a
tweet to her followers, hinting that she
wasn't going to let her boyfriend spend his
special day alone.

Ex Boxer Muhammad Ali And Grandson In New Louis Vuitton Ad

70 year old boxing great Muhammad Ali
and his 3 year old grandson Curtis are
featured in the new ad for Louis Vuitton's
$1,525 Keepall logo bag.

That Awkward Moment When You See Your Ex In The Club With His New Girl

Chris Brown and Rihanna ran into each
other at a club in West Hollywood the other
night and it went pretty much the way
you'd expect...

From Page Six

Rihanna and her ex Chris Brown — with his
girlfriend Karrueche Tran — came face to
face at West Hollywood club Greystone
Manor on Sunday, where spies tell us they
“shot dirty looks” at each other during the
night. The run-in occurred after months of
targeted tweets, online feuding and a few
other close encounters. At the club’s weekly
“urban” night, Brown and Tran partied at a
table with The Game, drinking Ace of Spades
Champagne. RiRi arrived shortly after with
friends, and sat with comedian and actor
Kevin Hart at a table near the DJ booth,
overlooking the dance floor where Brown
and Tran were sitting. A spy told Page Six,
“Chris and Rihanna sat a few tables away
from each other and shot dirty looks at
each other all night. No one saw them
actually interact. Rihanna was escorted to
the bathroom multiple times and walked by
Chris’ table each time, not even batting an

Christian Obodo, Super Eagles midfielder Kidnapped This Morning

Four unidentified gunmen have abducted
Super Eagles midfielder Christian Obodo.
Obodo was kidnapped early Saturday
morning in front of a church in Effurun,
Warri, Delta State by four gunmen.

The midfielder was driving in the car with a
customised plate number ‘Obodo 5′ around
9.20a.m on Jakpa Road when the
kidnappers blocked his car and seized him.

His abductors were said to have tailed the
footballer after he reportedly went to a club
in Warri Friday night.

The gunmen left his car in front of the
church at New Layout, Effurun and took him
away in their own car.

A top official of the Delta State government
who plead anonymity confirmed the
unfortunate incident to SuperSports.
“Yes he has been kidnapped. The details are
still sketchy but I was told he was on his
way to church this (Saturday) morning with
his car that has registration number ‘Obodo
“Apparently his car’s registration may have
attracted his kidnappers because he went
clubbing last (Friday) night in the same car,”
the government official said.

There has been no word yet from the

Christian Obodo’s kidnap is the first high-
profile footballer abduction in the country.

Three Children Kidnapped By Their Driver After Picking Them From School

Family on the left and beastly driver on
the right

The 3 boys on this page (Chinemerem
(5),Okechukwu (4) and Nzube (2) are
Their driver by name GODWIN Msughter
Tikaa picked them up from their school ABC
ACADEMY Utako Abuja around 3:30pm
yesterday in a new TOYOTA AVENSIS metalic
colour(without plate number) and
disappeared with them.
They have not been found. Anybody that
has seen or heard anything about their
where about should report to the nearest
police station.

Pictures: Annie Macaulay Idibia And Family

Nollywood Actress Annie Macaulay Idibia
shared some of her family pictures with her
fans on twitter.

Pictures: Tonto Dikeh Before Before

Left is Tonto in her secondary school
days and right is her now. And its
her birthday today, HApPY BIRTHDAY!!! to

Husband Kills Wife For Attending To Male Customer At Night

A middle-aged housewife in Ikom Cross
River State, Rose Eyam, has been sent to
early grave with a head butt by her
husband over suspicion that a late night
customer who visited the house to buy
garri - a local staple - had an affair with
the deceased.

Daniel, whose wife, Rose deals on
groceries, might not have intended to
head butt his wife and send her to early
grave, but he ended up killing his wife
with a powerful head butt that got her
off her feet before hitting her on the
ground with a chattering sound.
She could not recover from the fall
despite spirited efforts to revive her.

On the fateful day in question, both
Daniel and Rose had woken up and
prepared their children for the school,
while they left for their respective
business places not suspecting any foul
play or imminent danger.

At the end of the day’s business, the
wife returned home, attended to the
children and prepared to go to bed just
before midnight, when a man, Mr.
Eknagbo Agban, desperately slammed
on her door to wake up and sell Garri- a
local staple- to him.

She could not resist the customer, whom
many in the neighbourhood say has
been going to buy foodstuffs from the
same house at late hours.

As if it was planned by fate, the coming
of Agban, 20, to buy garri coincided
with the arrival of Eyam in the house. He
did not ask who the man was but had
taken offence over the audacity of the
man to visit his house at that odd hour
of the night, not minding the purpose.

Rather than enter his house and
ascertain from his wife and children the
purpose of the late visitor, Eyam
decided to sleep out that night.

Apparently irked also that her husband
did not return to the house but slept
elsewhere, Rose was filled with rage
that Eyam was up to something. When
the two met in the morning, it was an
exchange of animosity rather than the
expression of love and happiness that
they are used to.
“Who was that idiot who came to this
house late last night?” an enraged Eyam,
queried the wife. Without suspecting
that the man had been filled with
searing anger, the wife, fired back,

“Where did you go last night?
Eyam, who felt unduly challenged by his
wife, jumped up apparently to prove his
manhood and authority over the feeble
woman. “Why do you talk to me like
that?”, he bellowed before hitting the
wife with his curly head.

The resultant head butt lifted the wife
above the ground and hit the ground.
She gasped for breath, foamed in the
mouth and rolled helplessly for minutes
before breathing her last. “He has killed
me,” she screamed with her last breath.

Although the woman was rushed to the
IkomEkpupa Health Clinic, she was dead
before reaching the gate of the health

Eyam, who has since been arrested by
the police for murdering his wife, is
reported to have complained that Agban
had some other motives other than
buying garri from his late wife. He was
suspicious that his wife might have had
an affair with the 20-year-old man but
the children insist that the man had
never gone beyond buying foodstuff
from their late mother. However, the
police would want the suspect to clear
himself of murder in court.

Already, the police have arrested and
dragged Eyam before the Magistrate
court 1 in Calabar to advance reasons
why should not pay dearly for he killing
his wife over unsubstantiated claim that
Agban had some illicit affair with the
deceased. After arraigning him, the
court ordered the suspect to be
remanded at the Ikom Prisons pending
trial because of the weight of the

It is not clear if Eyam would have been
able to score a goal and win a trophy
the way he struck his wife of many
years to death with a powerful head
butt. He may spend the rest of his life in
jail or pay with his life if found guilty of
the offence. The days ahead will prove
his fate that has carelessly been handed
over to uncertainty because of a jealous

Man dies during sex in Calabar

It was a tragic end to Ete Samuel who
lives at No. 14 Ekpo Abasi lane in
Calabar, Cross River State as he gave up
the ghost during a marathon sex with
his love bird in a short time spot.

It was gathered that Ete Samuel as he
was popularly called is married with
kids but his animalistic zeal was so
uncontrollable that he was fond of
abandoning his family to satisfy his
sexual orge with ladies of easy virtue at
red light joints.

However, Samuel who was said to be in
his thirty with his customer Miss Peace
Idorenyin who resides at Target Street
close to Calabar Zoo had gone to one of
the cheap short time spot to as usual
have a full dose of one another. But the
lover boy never knew that death was
lurking around him.

It was gathered that the duo chose the
short time spot located at 8 Atu Street
for early evening sex session before the
incident happened.

An eye witness who will not want his
name in print disclosed that he was
called at about 5 pm by the operator of
the short time spot to come and help
him as he had a “situation which he
alone could not handle.

When I got there, I went into the room
and saw a young man on the floor with
foam coming out of his mouth and I
called the police which came and took
the corpse to the mortuary and the lady
to Atakpa Police Station,” the source

When contacted at the Police station,
Peace said she was not the cause of the
death of the man as she has had sex
with several other men and they did not
“I did not kill him as many men have
slept with me and they did not die. This
was not the first time Ete Samuel was
doing it with me.”

She said that when she discovered that
her customer had given up the ghost
while on duty, she would have left the
spot but because she felt she was not
responsible for his death, she stayed
back. “I could have escaped but since I
know I am not the cause of his death I
had to wear him his trouser before
calling people to help me.”

According to her, she noticed that the
man was vibrating and she thought the
man was about reaching orgasm.
But then he did not make any move of
coming down from my body after some
time I pushed him and saw that he was
foaming in his mouth.”

When contacted for confirmation, the
Cross River State Police Public Relations
officer, Barrister Hogan Bassey, an ASP
promised to give detailed information

Bassey said that the lady under
detention would help the police with
more information ”on how the man


Friday, June 8, 2012

Pictures: SUG Executive Shot Dead By Cultists In CRUTECH, Calabar

There was pandemonium at the Cross
River University of Technology Calabar
(CRUTECH) yesterday after a guy was
shot in the head at point blank range in
a restaurant inside the school premises
by suspected cultists. The dead young
man was later identified as Albert Shot,
the Director of Socials in the school.

So sad! May his soul rest in peace...amen


Ini Edo Bounces Man In Club**Spotted Leaving With Another Man

It was a bad day for a young dude on
Friday, June 1 at a club in Lekki when Ini
Edo showed him dancing with a celebriy
like her doesn't come cheap.

On a 'Thank God Its Friday' time, clubbing
is what some people do to shed away a
busy week. Same was what Ini Edo may
have had in mind to do last week Friday.

According to this gist told, Ini was spotted at a fun
place called Gee's Place, Lekki Phase 1,
Lagos. She was said to be looking sexy in
a short gown she was putting on that day.

Not able to take his eyes off what he was
seeing, this guy stylishly danced around
Ini Edo cautiously. This he did because he
doesn't know how she would react to his
move. Ini Edo didn't like this as she was
said to have given the guy several facial
signals to this dude to back off but he kept
getting closer and flocking around her.

As we were told by our eagle eye gossip,
Ini Edo had to stop dancing to give this
young man a stern warning to finally back
off. The guy was later told to leave the
club by the bouncers, who came to the

We also learnt that Ini Edo rocked the
dance floor for the better part of the night
with good dance steps. She was later
spotted leaving the club with a man who
had been sitting at a corner in the club
watching her. They thereafter drove off
together later that night.

LESBIANISM: Covenant University Expels Final Year Student

The University authorities of Covenant
University, Canaanland Ota in Ogun
State, has expelled a 22-year old final
year student of the University on
grounds of lesbianism.

The University Administration officer
said the student’s activities and
unquenchable desire for other ladies
was disturbing and embarrassing to the

He regrets the fact that she was expelled
at her final year but reiterated that her
sexual orientation and exploits does not
give a Faith based University like
Covenant a good name.

Janet Jackson Set To Produce Transgender Documentary

If there is any subject that Janet Jackson
knows well, it’s trannies. Janet is an Icon
in the lesbian, gay and transgender

So it comes as no surprise that Janet is
helping to put together a documentary
on transgenders titled ‘Truth’.
As the executive producer of Truth,
Janet will conduct some of the
interviews herself. Production begins
this Summer and will focus on the lives
and struggles of transgender persons.

In a statement, Jackson says she is
working on the project to try to stop
discrimination of the transgender

The documentary will be directed by
Robert Jason, and will feature stories
from North America, Europe, Australia
and Latin America.

Rihanna sparks New Health Concerns After She Cancels London Trip

Pop sensation Rihanna sparked
new health fears among fans after she
scrapped plans to travel to Britain.

The 24-year-old singer was due in London
to film a TV show for Sky Living on
Thursday at the start of a 10-week stay. But
her management pulled out of the Sky job,
citing "sickness."

A source said, "She canceled her trip and all
work commitments in the UK at the very last
minute, which is very unlike her. She has
been hitting it hard for months. She smokes,
drinks and parties hard on top of work

Rihanna was last seen in public in Los
Angeles early Monday looking the worse for
wear after a boozy night out. She said last
week how much she was looking forward
to living in the UK for the summer.

Rihanna was due to be staying a few
streets from her mentor Jay-Z while she
worked on the Sky show. She also is
scheduled to headline two music festivals in
the next few weeks.

The star sparked health fears last month
after she tweeted a picture of herself on an
intravenous vitamin drip hours after a
party. It led to speculation she was admitted
to the hospital with exhaustion.

Her rep refused to comment on her UK

Kanye West Causes Shoe Frenzy

If it was for charity, it wouldn't seem so
astronomical. But sneaker fans are so eager
to get their hands on one of Kanye West's
pairs of sneakers, they're bidding like crazy
on eBay.

The rapper's new Nike Air Yeezy sneaker is
so popular, someone has offered to
purchase them online for $89,000 even
though the footwear will retail for $245
when it hits stores on Saturday.

An individual was able to pre-order the
kicks and offered up his pair for auction.

Is that ridiculous, or what?

Kardashian Sisters To Launch Make-up Line

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is expanding
her business empire by launching her first
cosmetics range.

The glamorous socialite has teamed up with
her sisters Kourtney and Khloe to release
Khroma Beauty, which will include
mascaras, eye shadows and Kardazzle

A statement from the siblings reads,
"There's a glam girl in all of us and it's a
dream come true to have our own make-up
line and to share it with women around the

"Make-up has been an essential part of our
lives for so long. Like fashion, it's always
changing and evolving just as we do and
we can't wait to share this new venture
with our fans!"

The collection, due to hit shelves in Ulta
stores in December, will bring a "luxury feel
and quality to the mass customer, with
exquisite formulas to emulate the eyes, lips
and complexion looks for which the
Kardashian sisters are famous", according
to a press release.

The Kardashian girls have already put their
names to books, fragrances, fashion ranges,
jewellery, swimwear, and a home collection.

New Movie “Last Flight to Abuja” Dedicated To Victims Of The Dana Air Crash

Obi Emelonye, the producer of the award
winning movie ‘Mirror Boy’ has dedicated
the premiere of his aviation inspired film
“ Last flight to Abuja” to the victims of the
Dana Air crash
The premiere will take place on June 8, 2012
in London at the Troxy Cinema and will
commence by 9pm. Activities lined up for
the event include an interactive session
between some casts of the film like Omotola
Jalade-Ekehinde , Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Jim
Iyke and the audience.
A statement was made by the organizers as
regards the film and its coincidence with
the June 3rd plane crash.
‘It is quite unfortunate that the plane crash
occurred before the premiere of the movie.
The movie is dedicated to all who lost their
lives in the two ill fated crashes that
involved Allied Air and Dana Air in Accra and
The organizers further disclosed their
feelings and the impact the crashes made
on them.
‘ The movie is to express our solidarity with
the feelings of everyone affected by both
tragic events, especially those who have
lost their loved ones. A minute silence will
be observed before the film screens and the
movie will be used as an advocacy tool to
highlight the issues of air safety in Nigeria
and Africa at large.’
‘Last flight to Abuja’ was inspired by the
series of plane crash tragedies that rocked
the Nigerian aviation sector in 2006.

Pictures: Man Paints Himself Green To Be 'INCREDIBLE HULK', Discovers Paint Couldn't Remove Again

It's not easy being green - as one Brazilian
man proved when he painted himself to
look like the Incredible Hulk - and found the
colour wouldn't wash off.

Pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos,
from Vila Cruzeiro, dressed up as the comic
book hero for a running event,but got a
nasty shock when the time came to remove
the green paint.

After frantic scrubbing, the hapless chap
realised he'd used a paint reserved for
ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

According to Brazilian news site Paulo had
hoped to buy a brand of paint he'd used on
a previous outing as the Hulk, but the shop
he went to didn't have it.

Desperate to undo his inking, the would-be
superhero spent Sunday and Monday
having 'about 20 baths,' and was forced to
sleep in a room lined with plastic bags.

He feared the industrial paint could actually
give him lead poisoning, though he appears
to have had no symptoms.

The 35-year-old, who also works as a DJ in
Rio de Janeiro and is known as MC
Marronzinho, has achieved overnight
celebrity in his local area.

As if being bright green wasn't
embarrassing enough, the local press ran
pictures of his mother trying to remove the
paint - and referred to her as his girlfriend.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

This is W4......Can you see what am
seeing.....hehehe......Look Real Close.

THIS IS MY STORY –K-Solo Reacts To Wife Beating Saga

Nigerian producer/musician, K-Solo has
responded to the battery of allegations
levelled against him by his estranged
wife in her interview with a Lagos-
based magazine. He stated his own side
of the story in a press statement
released on Thursday, June 7, 2012.

Below is how K-Solo stated his side of
the story:

"Over the past three days, I have been
inundated with phone calls, text
messages and emails from fans, friends,
family members and well wishers from
all over Nigeria and abroad over
allegations of wife battery, assault and
thievery by my wife,Mrs. Kikelomo
Oyeniyi, as contained in an interview
she granted City People Magazine.

I make bold to say that as much as no
union is without its own trials and
tribulations, I have never laid hands on
my wife and will never because have
got sisters and a mother. I am a
hardworking young man that has been
in the music industry for over a decade
and do not need any woman’s wealth to
live. This is our own trying time and we
would surmount it one way or the

Mistakes have been made and they
would be redressed, God willing. Let no
man be the judge of another man’s
deeds or misdeeds, let God and law take
their courses. I hereby implore
everybody to please appreciate and
understand that this is a very difficult
moment for me and my immediate
family and would not wish to comment
on this issue any further. God help us

You may wish to know that K-Solo’s
wife, Kikelomo Oyeniyi, revealed in the
interview how they met and got
married, adding that she sponsored the
wedding and some other projects
including the video for his track - ‘Ni

In the interview, she claims she once
rejected the musician’s demand of being
a signatory to her company’s account
and was severely beaten for it, loosing
her pregnancy in the process. She also
claimed to have been subjected to
constant battery while the marriage

Four Igbinedion University Students kidnapped This Afternoon

The four final year
medical students of the school were
kidnapped this afternoon along the
Okada-Benin road after an armed
robbery incident which left two other
individuals at the scene dead.

The students are: Ayo Adeniji, Nwankwo
Adaobi, Nwagwu Chizoba, and Chuma
Emembolu. (Three of them pictured
above) Hope they are found.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Husband Used Our Daughter For Rituals –Wife Cries Out

Basirat Oluwole, a middle-aged woman,
told a Magistrate Court in Abeokuta on
Wednesday, that her husband, Tajudeen,
secretly kept the bones of one of their
twin daughters months after she died.

Testifying in the court, during hearing
in a divorce suit instituted against her
by her husband, Basirat accused
Tajudeen of engaging in fetish rituals
and accepted that their 17-year-old
marriage should be annulled.

She revealed that many months after
the death of one of her twin babies, she
discovered the bones, wrapped in
paper, with the inscription 'Eegun
Kehinde' (meaning Kehinde's bone),
inside her husband's wardrobe.
"I want to passionately appeal to this
court to help retrieve the dried bone of
our deceased twin baby from him. The
baby died before her naming ceremony,
but her twin sister is still alive. I don't
even know where the corpse was
buried ," she said.

Tajudeen denied the allegations, but
without addressing the issues. Both are,
however, fighting for custody of the

The judge, Israel Fajebe, declined to
address the rituals allegations, saying
that the court's role is only to address
matrimonial affairs. He subsequently
dissolved the marriage and referred the
child custody issue to Juvenile Court.

Pictures: Battered Mrs K-Solo

Mrs Kikelomo Oyeniyi claimed in an
interview this week that her husband of
just six months, top music producer, K-
Solo, battered her through out their
short-lived the extent she
lost her pregnancy.

Pictures: Igbinedion University Student Stabs Roommate 7 Times With Scissors

The victim - Chioma Onyeagwe

According to reports, Hope Amadi
borrowed Chioma's cloth and refused to
return it for many days. When Chioma
asked for her cloth back on Tuesday
June 5th, Hope allegedly became
extremely aggressive and the two girls
got into serious argument. Then a fight
ensued. Witnesses say Hope Amadi
picked up scissors from their room and
stabbed Chioma seven times on the
neck and several other places. Chioma
was rushed to the Igbinedion University
Teaching Hospital, where doctors
reported that Chioma was stabbed on
her artery, and that if she hadn't been
rushed to the hospital when she was
she would have died.
Hope Amadi has been suspended from