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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Angry Protesters Beat Mali's President To Stupor

Mali’s President, Dioncounda Traore, was
on Monday beaten mercilessly by
hundreds of protesters who stormed
his palace to demand his resignation. His
condition after the attack is so bad that
he was rushed to the hospital.

A spokesman for the soldiers behind a
March 22 coup said the interim
President’s close-protection officers
killed three of the protesters, after
which they gained access into the
palace and even tore the clothes and
pictures of President Traore.

“They beat him seriously and tore his
clothes,” military spokesman Bakary
Mariko told Reuters news agency…
we gathered that the
serious security breach is now a subject
of investigation by the country's
security leadership.

UNILAG Lecturer Dies Watching Champions League Finals

A lecturer in the Creative Arts
Department of the University of Lagos,
Chief E.A Bassey, died on Saturday
evening while watching the finals of the
2012 European Championship between
Chelsea and Bayern Munich in his house
in Lagos.

His death came one week after the
university lost its Vice-Chancellor, Prof.
Tokunbo Sofoluwe, who died of cardiac
arrest on May 12.

Though university source said he died
of heart-related ailment, a source in the
department who pleaded anonymity,
said he died while watching the football
finals which Chelsea won 4-3 on

“He started watching the match in his
departmental office but later, he left the
office for his quarters on campus where
he continued watching the tension-
soaked match. During the match, he
complained of heat from within and
asked that the fan be directed at him.
“Those who were watching the match
with him did, but later, he said he
wanted to go to the toilet and it was in
the process of going to the toilet that he
slumped and later died,” the source said.

Though efforts to get the comment of
the Deputy Registrar, Information and
Protocol, Mr. Dare Seth, failed, a senior
member of staff in the Information Unit
of the institution, who pleaded not to be
named because he was not authorised
to speak to the press, confirmed
Bassey’s death.
“Yes, it is true that Chief Bassey is dead,”
he said.

Asked whether the deceased was a fan
of any of the two clubs, the source said
he did not know. “But what I know is
that he started watching the match in
his office before he left for his official
quarters where he was said to have
slumped,” the source said.

A student of the institution, Mr. Tosin
Adesile, expressed shock at the death of
the lecturer, wondering why another
lecturer should die a week after the
demise of Sofoluwe.

Also, a student in the Faculty of Arts,
Funto Haastrup, while paying tribute to
Bassey, said the multi-talented lecturer
would be sorely missed by the

“He will be sorely missed. We will miss
his creative ability,” he said.
His death threw the institution into a
fresh round of mourning, as it was still
making arrangements to bury the late
VC on May 30.

-Punch News

Footballer Obafemi Martins Acquires Multi-Million Naira Houses In VGC

These footballers are living the life!
Obafemi Martins has a multimillion naira
property in Kent, outside London and
has acquired two more in Victoria
Garden City, Lagos. The footballer is
currently in town to move his things
into one of the houses.

Policeman Caught Doing "Bad Things" To A Lady :]

What kind of policeman will do this to
female suspects on the street? Even if
he's a police doctor, the question is
what is he looking for? Na wa for this
kind oyinbo police o!

Beyonce & Jay-Z Fight Over Kim Kardashian

The fallout of introducing TRASH
like Kim Kardashian into Kanye
West's inner circle has begun. is reporting that
Jay Z and his wife BEYONCE are
having what one insider calls as the
"biggest fight of their marriage."

And it's all over Kim Kardashian!!!
Well it has to do with the 40th
LONGTIME best friend TyTy. Jay and
a number of friends had been
planning for MONTHS to throw TyTy
a huge 40th bash in London,

And everything was all set . . . until
KIM KARDASHIAN came into the
picture. You see, Kim asked Kanye
West to TAKE HER to the event -
which was to be attended by some
WORLD - and Kanye agreed. That
was a PROBLEM for Beyonce.

A snitch tells,
"Beyonce didn't want to go when
she learned that Kim [Kardashian]
would be there. She asked [Jay Z] to
uninvite [Kim]. But [Jay] was like,
'That's Kanye's guest, and I can't
uninvite her.'"

So Beyonce did the
insider continued, "Jay was upset
and hurt. That's his best friend in
the world, TyTy [and his family]
vacation with [Jay and Bey] . . . and
he's the godfather to Blue. . . [Jay Z]
thought it was disrespectful for
[Beyonce] to not attend just
because of [Kim]."

Now y'all KNOW that we usually
ride with Beyonce. But we're with
JIGGA on this one . . . But look at the
MESS that Kim is causing already . . .

T.I. Advices Jay Z On Parenting

Sure T.I. has been to jail a bunch of times,
but if you can base your opinion off his
reality show, he's a pretty great dad so why
not offer advice to Jay Z about raising Blue

T.I. advises Jay,

“Little girls are going to judge men they
meet in the future based off how their
father treated them.”

“You’ve got to be her first love, her first
everything so when she run into nonsense
in the street then she’ll know, ‘Nah, my
daddy would never do it like that, so this
isn’t even worth my time or attention.’”

“Another piece of advice is enjoy the
moments. Enjoy the moments because once
they’re gone, they’re gone.”

Police Arrest British Man With 6 Roasted Human Babies Used For Black Magic Ritual

A British citizen has been arrested in
Bangkok after six foetuses were found
stuffed into travel bags. Hok Kuen Chow, 28,
a Briton born in Hong Kong of Taiwanese
parents, was held in the city’s Yaowarat
area after police received a tip-off.

He is suspected of trying to smuggle the
foetuses – from two to seven months –
back to Taiwan to sell to wealthy customers

Chow has reportedly admitted buying the
bodies, which had been roasted dry and
painted in gold leaf, for 200,000 baht

Back in Taiwan he could have sold them for
six times that amount to rich clients who
believe the foetuses will bring them good
fortune. ‘The bodies are between the ages
of two and seven months,’ said Wiwat
Kumchumnan, of the police’s children and
women protection unit.

‘Chow said he planned to sell the foetuses to
clients who believe they will make them
lucky and rich. ‘Some were found covered
in gold leaf.’

Police said the bodies also had a variety of
religious decoration and tattoos on them.
It was not clear yesterday where the
bodies, which had been stored in six travel
bags, came from or who had handed them
over to Chow.

It is possible they had undergone the grisly
Thai practice ‘Kuman Thong’, in which
unwanted babies are surgically removed
from their mother’s womb before being
subjected to a ceremonial ritual.

Instead of being buried, the bodies are
roasted dry and covered with a lacquer
before being painted with gold leaf.

Chow, who was arrested on suspicion of
being in possession of human remains, was
staying at a hotel in a backpacker area in
Bangkok when he was detained.

Police had received a tip-off that foetus
corpses were being offered to wealthy
clients through a website advertising black
magic services. Black magic rituals are still
practised in Thailand, where street-side
fortune tellers offer ceremonies to reverse
bad luck.

Chow faces one year in prison and a 2,000
baht (£40) fine if he is found guilty.

In November 2010, health inspectors found
2,000 foetuses on a building site by a
monastery in Bangkok which had been
illegally aborted.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
yesterday confirmed it was on stand-by
following the arrest.

A spokesman said: ‘We can confirm the
arrest of a British national in Bangkok on
May 18. ‘We stand ready to provide
consular assistance.’

What a bizarre, cruel and unbelievable
religious practice. You can’t make this shit
up! Teh Stupid is alive and well in Taiwan.

– Mail Online

Patience Ozokwor’s 2nd Son Set To Wed

Good times are hear for the Ozokwors.
News coming in from reliable sources
confirmed that Nollywood Actress Patience
Ozokwor’s favorite son Nduka, will be
getting married to his long-time girlfriend
this month.
Her first son will also be expecting a baby
with his wife, Ada.
We eagerly await both ceremonies and wish
to congratulate her in advance.

Kanye West Had To 'Get Used To' Big Kardashian Family

Kanye West may seem like he's already
one of the Kardashians, but turns out it
took him a minute to warm up to them.

According to her sister Khloé, Kim's beau
initially experienced some shell shock
when hanging with reality TV's first

"He said, 'I'm an only child; there's, like, so
many of you,' " Khloé recalled in a chat
with Ryan Seacrest on Friday (May 18).
Fans will get to see Kanye warming up to
the Kardashian crew themselves when E!'s
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" returns
for another season on Sunday. But Khloé
told Seacrest her husband, Lamar Odom,
had similar trouble getting used to her
very large family.

"I remember Lamar, at first it took him a
minute to get used to us, but now Lamar
loves it," she said. "With Kanye I was like,
'Why are you hiding in our pantry in my
mom's kitchen?' And he's like, 'There's just
so many of you guys, and you guys are all
so loud and friendly and talk." And I'm like,
'Get used to it buddy, because I like it.' It's
just a lot at one time."

Being an only child like Yeezy is added to
his initial discomfort, but he isn't the lone
only child the Kardashians have welcomed.

"[My boyfriend] Scott [Disick] and Lamar
are only children too," Kourtney shared. "I
think we attract only children. I don't think
[Kanye] knows what's going on [when he
hangs out with us]. Like, what we're
talking about, are we being serious? Is this
a joke?"

The initial shock of the Kardashians seems
to have worn off, though. spotted Kanye hanging
out with Kim and her family at Kourtney's
May 12 baby shower. In one snapshot, a
smiling Kanye sits next to Kim, who's
playing with her nephew and Kourtney's
son, Mason.

Khloé's hubby, Lamar, has also apparently
bonded with Yeezy. The pro baller even
seems to have his sights set on the music
industry. "Lamar raps to [Kanye] all the
time. Kim is like, 'You're going to freak this
guy out,' " Khloé said. "But it's funny."

Lil Wayne Attacks Fan

According to TMZ Weezy and his skater crew
beat down a fan who tried to sneak a
picture on his cell phone.

Alfredo Marino tells TMZ on May 3 he
spotted Lil Wayne and his posse
skateboarding. Marino says he is a HUGE fan
of Wayne's so he went up to Weezy to ask
for a photo -- but was shut down.

Marino retreated to his car, where he tried
sneaking a pic ... Marino claims Wayne
walked over with his crew and began
threatening him, saying, "Don’t you know all
it takes is a word and these motherf**kers
are going to f**k you up?"

Marino claims he was clocked from behind
with a skateboard -- which knocked him
down and left him bleeding from the head.
Marino says he suffered a concussion and

Marino's lawyer, Craig Chisvin, tells TMZ, "My
client will enforce all of his rights under the
law and all individuals responsible for this
outrageous incident will be blamed for the
damages that my client has suffered and
continues to suffer."

Lady Gaga To Launch Her Own Social Networking Site ''LITTLE MONSTERS''

Lady Gaga is already the queen of social
media, almost 25 million Twitter followers.
So it just goes to reason that once she's
conquered that medium she would go on
to create her own social networking site.
Little Monsters, a site built around Gaga's
fanbase, is in invite-only beta testing
mode right now.

According to Mashable, an early look at the
site shows some similarity to the popular
Pinterest mobile app that allows users to
drop pins on locations and things they like.

It also uses elements of the Reddit site by
allowing fans to rate cool content that they
like. Little Monsters will focus on fans
sharing and creating photos and videos
and allowing users to hype content that
they are into. The site is the first one
launched by Backplane, a tech startup co-
founded by Gaga's manager, Troy Carter.

"Backplane is about bringing together
communities and Gaga's community just
so happens to be the community we're
using to learn about proper functionality,"
CEO Matt Michelsen said about the
company that will focus on building online
communities. "We think we can really
change the world."

Backplane is partially funded by Gaga and
the company plans to launch Little
Monsters out of beta at an undetermined
time and spin off more sites this year. It
hopes to leverage Gaga's massive online
following to draw users to the new sites.

To date, in addition to her massive Twitter
base, Gaga has 330,000 followers on
Google+, more than 50 million Facebook
fans and more than one billion views on
YouTube .

‘Things Fall Apart’ Named One Of The ‘50 Most Influential Books Of The Last 50 Years’

Chinua Achebe’s 1958 classic novel,
‘Things Fall Apart’ has been named one
of the ‘50 Most Influential Books of the
last 50 years', by a group called
SuperScholar. The top 50 most
influential books of the last 50 years
when you continue...
1. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
(1958), as the most widely read book in
contemporary African literature, focuses
on the clash of colonialism, Christianity,
and native African culture.
2. Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide
to the Galaxy (1979) reinvented the
science fiction genre, making it at once
sociologically incisive as well as funny.
3. Robert Atkins’ Dr Atkins’s New Diet
Revolution (1992, last edition 2002)
launched the low-carbohydrate diet
revolution, variants of which continue
to be seen in numerous other diet
4. Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion
(2006), drawing on his background as
an evolutionary theorist to elevate
science at the expense of religion,
propelled the neo-atheist movement.
5. Allan Bloom’s The Closing of the
American Mind (1987) set the tone for
the questioning of political correctness
and the reassertion of a “canon” of
Western civilization.
6. Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code
(2003), an entertaining thriller, has been
enormously influential in getting people
to think that Jesus is not who Christians
say he is and that Christianity is all a
7. Dee Brown’s Bury My Heart at
Wounded Knee (1970) transformed the
way we view native Americans as they
lost their land, lives, and dignity to
expanding white social and military
8. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962)
more than any other book helped
launch the environmental movement.
9. Noam Chomsky’s Syntactic Structures
(1957), laying out his ideas of
transformational grammar,
revolutionized the field of linguistics
and at the same time dethroned
behaviorism in psychology.
10. Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of
Highly Successful People (1989) set the
standard for books on leadership and
effectiveness in business.
11. Michael Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box
(1996), though roundly rejected by the
scientific community, epitomizes the
challenge of so-called intelligent design
to evolutionary theory and has
spawned an enormous literature, both
pro and con.
12. Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and
Steel (1997), in employing evolutionary
determinism as a lens for understanding
human history, reignited grand history
making in the spirit Spengler and
13. Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose
(1980) examines, in the context of a
mystery at a medieval monastery, the
key themes of premodernity, modernity
and postmodernity.
14. Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for
Meaning (1962) provides a particularly
effective answer to totalitarian attempts
to crush the human spirit, showing how
humanity can overcome horror and
futility through finding meaning and
15. Betty Friedan’s The Feminine
Mystique (1963), in giving expression to
the discontent women felt in being
confined to the role of homemaker,
helped galvanize the women’s
16. Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and
Freedom (1962) argued that capitalism
constitutes a necessary condition for
political liberties and thus paved the
way for the conservative economics of
the Reagan years.
17. Daniel Goleman’s Emotional
Intelligence (1995) showed clearly how
skills in dealing with and reading
emotions can be even more important
than the cognitive skills that are usually
cited as the official reason for career
18. Jane Goodall’s In the Shadow of Man
(1971), in relating her experiences with
chimpanzees in the wild, underscored
the deep connection between humans
and the rest of the animal world.
19. John Gray’s Men Are from Mars,
Women Are from Venus (1992), in
highlighting and elevating the
differences between men and women
in their relationships, challenged the
contention that gender differences are
socially constructed.
20. Alex Haley’s Roots (1976), by
personalizing the tragic history of
American slavery through the story of
Kunta Kinte, provided a poignant
challenge to racism in America.
21. Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of
Time (1988, updated and expanded
1998), by one of the age’s great
physicists, attempts to answer the big
questions of existence, not least how
the universe got here.
22. Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (1961)
etched into public consciousness a deep
skepticism of bureaucracies, which in
the book are portrayed as self-serving
and soul-destroying.
23. Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of
Scientific Revolutions (1962, last edition
1978) changed our view of science
from a fully rational enterprise to one
fraught with bias and irrational
24. Harold Kushner’s When Bad Things
Happen to Good People (1981)
transformed people’s view of God,
exonerating God of evil by making him
less than all-powerful.
25. Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
(1960) served as prelude to the civil
rights advances of the 1960s by
portraying race relations from a fresh
vantage—the vantage of an innocent
child untainted by surrounding racism
and bigotry.
26. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One
Hundred Years of Solitude (1967), as an
example magical realism, epitomizes the
renaissance in Latin American literature.
27. Alasdair McIntyre’s After Virtue
(1981, last edition 2007) is one of the
20th century’s most important works of
moral philosophy, critiquing the
rationalism and irrationalism that
pervade modern moral discourse.
28. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved
(1987) provides a profound and
moving reflection on the impact of
American slavery.
29. Abdul Rahman Munif’s Cities of Salt
(1984-89) is a quintet of novels in
Arabic focusing on the psychological,
sociological, and economic impact on
the Middle East of oil.
30. Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed>
(1965), attacking car industry’s lax
safety standards, not only improved the
safety of cars but also mainstreamed
consumer protection (we take such
protections for granted now).
31. National Commission on Terrorist
Attacks’ The 9/11 Commission Report
(2004), though not the final statement
on the 9/11 disaster, encapsulated the
broader threat of terrorism in the new
32. Roger Penrose’s The Emperor’s New
Mind (1988) provides a sweeping view
of 20thcentury’s scientific advances
while at the same time challenging the
reductionism prevalent among many
33. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (1957)
has become a key inspiration for
conservative economics in challenging
entitlements and promoting unimpeded
34. John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice
(1971, last edition 1999) is the most
significant effort to date to resolve the
problem of distributive justice and has
formed the backdrop for public policy
35. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series
(seven volumes, 1997-2007), loved by
children, panned by many literary
critics, has nonetheless set the standard
for contemporary children’s literature.
36. Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses
(1988), which led Iran’s Ayatollah
Khomeini to issue a death edict (fatwa)
against Rushdie, underscored the clash
between Islamic fundamentalism and
Western civilization.
37. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos (1980), based
on his wildly popular PBS series by the
same name, inspired widespread
interest in science while promoting the
idea that nothing beyond the cosmos
38. Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation
(2001) details the massive impact that
the U.S. fast food industry has had on
people’s diets not just in the U.S. but also
across the globe.
39. Amartya Sen’s Resources, Values and
Development (1984, last edition 1997)
develops an approach to economics
that, instead of focusing on utility
maximization, attempts to alleviate
human suffering by redressing the
poverty that results from economic
40. B. F. Skinner’s Beyond Freedom and
Dignity (1971) attacked free will and
moral autonomy in an effort to justify
the use of scientific (behavioral)
methods in improving society.
41. Aleksander Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag
Archipelago (in three volumes, 1974-78)
relentlessly exposed the totalitarian
oppression of the former Soviet Union
and, more than any other book, was
responsible for its government’s
subsequent dissolution.
42. Hernando de Soto’s The Mystery of
Capitalism (2000) argues that the
absence of legal infrastructure,
especially as it relates to property, is the
key reason that capitalism fails when it
does fail.
43. Benjamin Spock’s The Common
Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
(1946, last edition 2004) sold 50 million
copies and revolutionized how
Americans raise their children.
44. Nassim Taleb’s The Black Swan
(2007, last edition 2010) provides the
most trenchant critique to date of the
financial and monetary backdrop to the
current economic crisis.
45. Mao Tse-tung’s The Little Red Book,
aka Quotations From Chairman Mao
(1966) was required reading
throughout China and epitomized his
political and social philosophy.
46. Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven
Life (2002), though addressed to the
American evangelical culture, has
crossed boundaries and even led to
Warren giving the invocation at
President Obama’s inauguration.
47. James D. Watson’s The Double Helix
(1969), in presenting a personal account
of his discovery, with Francis Crick, of
the structure of DNA, not only recounted
one of the 20thcentury’s greatest
scientific discoveries but also showed
how science, as a human enterprise,
really works.
48. E. O. Wilson’s Sociobiology (1975)
challenged the idea that cultural
evolution can be decoupled from
biological evolution, thus engendering
the fields of evolutionary psychology
and evolutionary ethics.
49. Malcolm X’s The Autobiography of
Malcolm X (1965), written posthumously
by Alex Haley from interviews, portrays
a complex activist for human rights at a
complex time in American history.
50. Muhammad Yunus’ Banker to the
Poor (1999, last edition 2007) lays out
how “micro-lending” made it possible to
provide credit to the poor, thereby
offering a viable way to significantly
diminish world poverty.

Meet Davido’s Girlfriend….Nish Kards. Over Sexy Dey Worry Am

Wow! According to maestromedia, here is
Davido’s girlfriend, Nish Kards who appears
in the picture above with him. She is a
Ghanaian (mixed race).

Man Beats His Girlfriend To Death Over Infidelity

PORT HARCOURT — A man, identified as
Obinna Eze, weekend, in Port Harcourt,
Rivers State, beat his girlfriend to death.
State Commissioner of Police, Mr.
Mohammed Indabawa, who confirmed the
development to Vanguard, said the suspect
had since been arrested.

He said the matter would be transferred to
the Criminal Investigation Department, CID,
for further action.
He regretted that the incident came weeks
after a similar case in Diobu area of Port
Harcourt, where a man allegedly killed his
girl and buried her in his one room
apartment. The Police had to exhume the

The state Police boss appealed for timely
information from residents of the state to
assist the Police to effectively combat crime.
He said the corpse of the girl, who was
allegedly killed by Obinna, had been
deposited at a morgue in Port Harcourt.

Indabawa said: “One Obinna Eze killed his
girlfriend, one Idara, in the early hours of
Saturday by beating her to death at his
residence. The suspect has been arrested
and detained in Borokiri, and the deceased
conveyed to BMH mortuary. The matter has
been referred to the Criminal Investigations
Department, CID.”

Pictures: 2 Nigerian Men Caught Wearing Pampers Filled With Cocaine

The crazy quest for greener pasture by
some Nigerians is pushing many of
them to do dirty stuffs, adopting
unimaginable tactics. The two Nigerian
men in the picture above were arrested
at the Murtala Muhammed International
Airport in Lagos on drug suspicion.
When searched, to the surprise of NDLEA
operatives, each of them had a diaper
full of drugs.
They were said to be begin for
forgiveness, attributing their action to
poverty and all sorts. What do you make
of this show of shame? Old men
wearing diaper because of greed?

"I Quit Smoking" - Actress Tonto Dikeh

Top Nollywood actress tonto dikeh has
announced she is no longer smoking
Tonto who has been condemned many
times in the past for her heavy smoking
habit announced to her followers earlier
today .
"I ve good news 4those who wizh mii
well**hehehehheheehehehe,itz a silly gud
newz but ya'll goin 2love diz**#Poko#
I QUIT SMOKING**#Puppyface#" , Tonto

Lagos State Govt. Shuts Down Lord Chosen Church And Mosques Over Noise Pollution

The Lagos State Environmental Protection
Agency, LASEPA, one of the agencies under
the Lagos State is said to have shut down
the Lord Chosen Charismatic Church led by
Pastor Lazarus Mouka over noise pollution

The close down came at the hour the Lagos
State government announced that noise
pollution within the State arenas should be
totally reduced.

Information reaching is
that, two other churches and two mosques
across Lagos, Southwest of Nigeria were
also shut down over same offence.

'I’ve Done Over Twenty Songs With Kanye West Already' - D'banj

Dbanj wants you to know that he has
been working with Kanye West on new
materials for his upcoming album.
Apparently, his split from former label
mate, Don Jazzy aint slowing down his
quest to break into the global music
scene. He told punch bowl tv that he's
worked on over 20 songs with his boss
Kanye West. 20+ songs?? Well, we can't
"I wouldn't of wished for a better
person to introduce me. I met Kanye in
Dubai and since then it's been great.
He's so involved in my music, we've
done so many so songs together and I
don't know which of them are going to
come out,
that's how we work. I've done over
twenty songs with him all ready. I don't
know how many of them will make the
album. I know that he likes what he's
heard and he likes how original that I
am and he doesn't want to change
anything about me which is my prayer
and my fans prayer back home."

I AM SEX STARVED –Actress Cossy Orjiakor Cries Out

You all know that controversial
Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor have
been off the movie scenes for a long
time now, but she has find a way to
keep herself relevant through the media
with her different sexy stunts.

The endowed actress has replaced her
scarce movie roles with different
controversies in order to remain fresh
in the minds of her fans and
critics. Cossy recently talked about her
controversial life and possibly the
reason for it when she voiced her mind
out for all to hear and possibly help her.

To all those who have issues with her
way of life here is what she has to say
to them: "It is weird when people say I
am drunk or looked stoned... Truth is, I
am so sex starved that sometimes when
I snap, what I feel inside just have a
way of showing outside ," she revealed.

Suspected Suicide Bomber Caught With Grenades At Ministerial Briefing In Abuja

A man has been arrested with three
hand grenades and some rounds of
ammunition, at the Radio House, venue
of the Ministerial briefing by the
Ministry of Sports on their performance
in the last one year.

The man, identified as, John Akpabu,
was arrested with 37 rounds of live
ammunition and three hand grenades
and other explosives at the national
press centre, of the Radio house in
Abuja at about 12:30 midday on

Confirming the arrest, Akindele James,
the security officer in charge of the
Radio House building stated that “we
arrested him with black bags containing
three hand grenades and 37 live
munitions. We snatched the bag from
him at the gate as he was entering the
compound at the gate” he said.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney
General of the Federation, Mohammed
Bello Adoke, Minister of Aviation, Stella
Oduah, and Minister of Youth
Development and Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi
are the ministers listed to present their
scorecards at the radio house.

The annual briefing which involves a
daily briefing by all the federal
ministries on their performance,
commenced a fortnight ago.

It is coordinated by the Federal Ministry
of Information, as part of the
preparations for Democracy Day.

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 7: khloe's Paternity Drama Continues

The baby daddy saga continues! Who is
Khloe’s real father? This is still a big question
as Keeping up with the Kardashians season
7 picks up right where Khloe & Lamar
season 2 left off. “If she f*cked other
people go on Maury I don’t care,” Khloe
expressed after being confronted once
again. But mommy dearest wouldn’t back
down and seemed to be the main one
stirring up trouble throughout the episode.
Other drama included Bruce who felt like
the family was neglecting him and an
annoyed Kourtney who felt like Kim and
Khloe weren't doing their part with DASH.
The episode started off with a small
gathering at the Jenner house including
Khloe who came in from Dallas, Kim, Kris,
Scott and Baby Mason. During the dinner
Kourtney opens up about panty issues and
body changes due to her second
pregnancy, leading Scott to chime in with
thoughts about not getting any action in
the bedroom.

After everyone heads home Kris walks
upstairs and notices that Bruce was home
the entire time, and when he finds out that
he missed everything, he goes off. “I’ll go
where I’m wanted with the dogs.”

Throughout the episode the bickering
continues between these two, and Bruce
even sets up shop at Khloe’s California home
for a couple of days to prove that no one
would miss him. And the funny thing is that
nobody did.

Meanwhile Kris is letting her guilty
conscience get the best of her and comes
up with a plan on how she can get Khloe to
take a paternity test. She speaks with a
doctor who tells her that he would need to
gather DNA from her, Khloe and three
siblings, and from there the plotting began.

Kris calls a family meeting to tell Kourtney
and Kim what needs to be done. Kim is in
agreement with Kris’ plan, but Kourtney
resists and says that she will only agree if
it’s fine with Khloe. After finally getting the
consent of the girls, Kris tells Rob her plan
while looking for his new place before he
heads to London to explore the fashion
world. Rob mentions how ridiculous he
thinks the whole thing is, but eventually
agrees to take the DNA test. From there Kris
arranges for the doctor to come over to the
Jenner mansion.

In the meantime Kourtney decides to take
full control of the DASH LA store by
searching for a location and doing the
buying on her own. This eventually leads to
a catfight between her and Kim. Kris gives
her input and tells Kourt that she is a control
freak and needs to include her sisters in the
process. But, before she makes an attempt
to do so Kim realizes what she has been
doing, and these two go at it.

So, does any of the drama get resolved?
Bruce decides to take full control and makes
the family give him attention. So, he
confiscates Kendall and Kylie’s phones and
takes the two and Kris for ice cream. He
appreciates the time and is glad he took the
initiative, because during the "old fashion"
outing he learns that Kylie needs help with

As for Khloe’s paternity test Kris struggles
with telling Khloe why she wants her to take
the DNA test, and decides to write a heartfelt
letter. At first Khloe refuses to read the letter
and the two get into a heated argument, but
after Kris leaves the room in tears she
decides to take a read. Khloe gets a little
mushy over the letter but still doesn't
budge. She tells Kris that she knows who
her dad and stepdad is and does not want
to take the test. And Kris finally backs down.

With the DASH store Kourtney realizes that
she is being a complete control freak and
reminisces on how fun it was working with
her sisters. So she decides to invite Khloe
and Kim to check out one of the locations
for the store. The girls all love the location
and it’s XOXO from there.

And that's pretty much it until next week.
The season premiere brought some drama,
but not as much as we've seen in prior
seasons. I guess it's because there is no
wedding this time around. There were no
appearances by Kanye, but hopefully he will
come in and add that extra spice.

As for the paternity test thing, I am so over
it. Can we please move on? I love Khloe and
respect her decision, but I think it's best that
she takes the test so that she can have
some closure.

JAMB Reduces Cutoff Mark To 180 For Universities And 160 For Poly

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation
Board has pegged the 2012/2013 cut-
off mark at 180 for universities and 160
for polytechnics and colleges of
education. Before now, the cut-off mark
was 200.

Pregnant Woman killed, 2 Injured During Chelsea Celebration

During the Chelsea victory celebration
on Saturday in Lagos, at least one
person was reportedly killed while two
others sustained severe injuries. It was
learnt that the deceased, an unidentified
pregnant lady, was killed in the Ikotun
area of the state by gunmen who took
advantage of the jubilation to rob
innocent residents.

A resident who craved anonymity said,
“The entire area was rowdy after the
match and some gunmen, who stormed
the area, went into the shop of one
pregnant lady and robbed her. They
shot her before fleeing. She was rushed
to a nearby hospital but died soon

Also, another football fan in the Somolu
area of Lagos was stabbed in the eye
because he was unable to pay up his
bet to a Chelsea fan. An eyewitness, Mr.
Adewunmi Brown, said the violence was
envisaged because of the manner with
which Chelsea fans celebrated during
their victory over Barcelona FC on April
24, 2012.

“Before the match began, I already
knew there would be trouble because
the last time Chelsea won, there was
pandemonium. So, on Saturday, I was at
a pub on Kadupe Street. After Chelsea
won, two guys began arguing about
money and before we knew it, one
stabbed the other in the eye. I quickly
ran away into my compound and locked
the gate...,” he said.

Nigerians, please, learn to do this thing
in moderation!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Timaya's Girlfriend Delivers Baby Girl

Popular dance hall act, Timaya is the
Latest Father in Town. He tweeted the
above picture of his daughter that just
came to the world... Congrats Timaya!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

INEC Chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega Escapes Death

Professor Attahiru Jega, Chairman of
INEC on Saturday escaped death when
some youths attacked him at the palace
of the Emir of Kazaure, Alhaji Najib
Hussaini Adamu, in Jigawa State.

Jega was said to be in the town to
attend the wedding of the daughter of
the Emir. It was gathered that trouble
started around 12:30pm when the INEC
boss was coming out of the palace and
the youths identified him "as one of
those deceiving them in Abuja".

Sources told me that the
attack on Jega was led by a young girl
as youths in the area began to hurl
stones at his convoy. Several cars in the
convoy were said to have been
damaged and their glasses smashed.

Sources said the situation would have
been worse but for the intervention of
security agents.

The youths sang war songs alleging
betrayal on Jega’s path. “You cheated
us, you cheated the North, you declared
falsed result...”, some of them said.

Transgender Beauty Queen Eliminated From Miss Universe Canada

Jenna Talackova's bid to be the
first transgender Miss Universe was
stumped Saturday in the final stage of the
Canadian contest.

The blond Vancouver-born 23-year-old
scored a place in the final 12, but missed a
chance to compete in the final five,
ultimately losing to 26-year-old Sahar Biniaz
who claimed the Miss Universe Canada
crown, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Not completely disappointed however,
Talackova claimed one of four Miss
Congeniality title awards on Saturday night.
But the holistic nutrition student's loss was
not in vain, according to Talackova's lawyer
Gloria Allred, who said she won a "herstoric"
civil rights victory when the decision to
prohibit her in the competition was

Talackova, originally named Walter, was
barred from competing in March because
she was born male and underwent a sex
change four years ago.

Pageant owner Donald Trump later allowed
Talackova to compete provided she met the
"legal gender recognition requirements of
Canada, and the standards established by
other international competitions."

Confusion as to how Trump's overturning
of the gender recognition standard will be
implemented in his beauty pageants
worldwide remains, with Miss Universe
publicity director Brenda Mendoza revealing
that individual franchises have the
discretion to determine how the policy is
carried out in their countries.

The international Miss Universe competition
will culminate in December of this year.

Man shoots Bricklayer Over Attempted Rape Of Daughter

The Lagos State Police have confirmed
the arrest of one Asiribo Baba, 40, for
allegedly shooting a bricklayer who
attempted to rape his 14 year old

Police Inspector Femi Martins stated that
Baba allegedly shot a bricklayer
identified as Ifeanyi Arinze, 29, who
was moulding blocks at a building site in
Agbara, Lagos.

He said investigations showed that
Arinze climbed the fence of Baba’s
residence in Agbara to pluck oranges in
the compound when he saw Baba’s 14-
year-old daughter, who was sleeping

“After he plucked the oranges, he went
to the girl, sleeping on a mat, and
touched her breast but the girl

“Arinze covered the girl’s mouth with
his hand but her younger sister, who
was playing outside, came and called
people,” he said.

The inspector added that Baba, who
heard the screaming of her daughter,
came out with a gun, ran after Arinze
and shot him in the leg as he was about
to jump over the fence.

He said other workers at the building
site reported the case immediately to
the police while Arinze was taken to the

Will Smith Slaps Journalist Attempting To Kiss Him

Will Smith was caught off guard Friday
during a Russian premiere of Men In Black
III by a male reporter who attempted to kiss
Smith while walking the red carpet for the

The reporter from a Ukrainian television
station was attempting a pre-screening
interview when he grabbed the actor and
tried to plant a kiss on his lips. The video
tape indicates that Smith lost his composure
and gave the reporter a light slap saying,
"Hey man, yo man, what the hell is your
problem, buddy?"

Moving along the carpet, in his next
interview, Smith said, "Hey sorry, he tried to
kiss me on the mouth. Joker. He's lucky I
didn't sucker punch him!" Smith then looked
at his concerned publicist who was with
him at the time and told him “It's all good. “

According to, the Ukrainian
reporter has made a name for himself
trying to kiss celebrities he interviews.

Soccer Star, Jay Jay Okocha Arrests Customer For Drinking And Not Paying

Ex-soccer star Austin Jay Jay Okocha is not
the type of a businessman to be messed
around with.

A customer visited his night club(Club
10,situated on Saka Tinubu Street,Victoria
Island,Lagos) to enjoy himself.And after
allegedly drinking and refusing to
pay,Okocha handed him over to the police
who did not only detain him,but have
since dragged him to court.

The 27-year-old man,Henry Orjinta,was
arraigned before an Igbosere Magistrate
Court,Lagos.And his offence,according to
the court,is this: That you,Orjinta,at about
4am at club 10,Saka Tinubu
Street,Victoria Island,within the Lagos
Magisterial District,did collect drinks
worth N245,700 under the pretence that
you would pay after consumption and
thereby commited an offence punishable
under section 313(a), criminal Laws of
Lagos State of Nigeria,2011.

Orjinta maintained that he wasn’t guilty on
the day the matter came up in court and
was granted bail by Magistrate Oshodi
Makanju.He allegedly committed the
offence on Sunday,April 22,at the hangout
which the former Super Eagles captain
runs with his gorgeous wife,Nkechi.

According to source,the accused had
stormed Club 10 with some of his friends
on the above date and ordered for beer
for himself and his
friends.However,around 4am when the
bar tender approached him for payment
the story changed,leading to the drama
that is now unfolding at the Igbosere
Magistrate Court.

Why Should A Woman Dress This Badly?

What on earth made her dress like this
to a public function? Micaela Schaefer
you no try at all! My worry, however, is
the fact that how ladies who love to
copy bad stuffs from these
people might already be in a hurry to
copy this one too... Naija ladies, please
stay off this thing!!

Picture: Actress Uche Jombo And Her New Husband

Uche Jombo and
American-based boy hubby, Kenney
Rodriguez in New York. The couple are
presently enjoying their

See What Chelsea Match Did To A Husband And Wife

If only this husband and wife will
continue to unite like this on other
critical issues that will be beneficial to
their lives and those of their
children... Na wa for this kind thing o!

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Married His Longtime Girlfriend

Facebook founder and CEO Mark
Zuckerberg is now a married man. The
28 yr old multi-billionaire wed his
longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, 27, at
a small ceremony at his home in Palo
Alto, California, yesterday Saturday May
19th. The couple met at Harvard and
have been together for more than nine

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Genevieve Nnaji Twitter Account Verified

The super star actress's Twitter account
was verified yesterday (blue circle
beside her name), joining the very few
Nigerians whose accounts have been
verified on the social networking
platform. Others are D'Banj, Asa, Nneka,
Oluchi and Osaze Odemwingie.

To have your account verified means to
have your account authenticated, after
that, no one will be able to impersonate
you on Twitter.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

J. Lo's Toy Boy, Casper Smart Says Their Romance 'Just Spontaneously Happened'

The new couple stepped out together at the
premiere of Lopez's new movie What to
Expect When You're Expecting in Los
Angeles on Monday night and Smart opened
up to reporters about their romance.

He tells E! Online,

"She's a beautiful woman.
She's a good person like anyone else... we're
all just people... (We are) enjoying... life right
now... It was really professional for a very
long time before anything even happened.
It just really spontaneously happened. The
chemistry was there. You can't fight it."

Smart also hints about his future with
Lopez, who has twins with her former
partner Anthony, adding,

"I for sure want
kids in the future. In the future... yes, when
I'm ready and when the time is right."

''I Strongly Support Gay Marriage''- Jay Z

In an interview with CNN after announcing
the launch of his Made in America concert
festival, Jay-Z expressed his disdain over
discrimination of any kind.

"I’ve always thought of it as something
that was still, um, holding the country back,"
Jay Z said.

"What people do in their own homes is their
business and you can choose to love
whoever you love. That's their business. It
is no different than discriminating against
blacks. It's discrimination plain and simple."

When asked about President Barack Obama
support of gay marriage
, if this stance would hurt
support of the President among the black

Jay-Z said it doesn't matter.
"It's really not about votes. It's about
people… I think it's the right thing to do."

How I Was Robbed In An Airplane; Passenger Recounts Midair Bitter Experience

I had travelled from Lagos to Port-Harcourt
on Saturday, March, 10 2012, by 7.45a.m, in
one of Nigeria’s airlines (name withheld by
Daily Sun). The flight was smooth. When we
touched down, an elderly man was
complaining that his hand luggage had
been swapped with another bag. I just
laughed inside me, thinking that the man
was not smart. I left the airport for the
ceremony I went to attend in the Garden

I never knew it would be my turn to lament.
As I opened my bag to bring out a bundle
of N200 naira notes during the ceremony, I
discovered that it had vanished. Evaporated
into the thin air. The thing looked like
cinema. I emptied my bag, searched and
searched but the bundle of money was
gone. It then dawned on me that the same
fate that befell the man I disdained in the
aircraft had befallen me. Thankfully, I had
my ATM card, which I used to withdraw

I returned to Lagos the next day with the
same airline, and after the plane had gained
stability in the air, I asked to speak to the
most senior air host. I gave my complaints,
telling him it was informal, but just for his

They (two other crew members came to the
back of the plane, beside the restroom)
listened attentively to my story and
sympathized deeply with me. But they gave
me a rude shock when they said such
happening was no longer new. According to
them, it happens from Lagos to Port
Harcourt, Lagos to Abuja, Lagos to Dubai,
Lagos to UK and Lagos to USA. Bags have
been missing in the past, with more than
half a million naira gone; dollars have
disappeared along international routes.

They further explained that once a traveller
passes through screening at the airport,
everything in the bag is known and the
cartel will put one of their agents on board
to carry out the ‘business.’ I asked them to
make a move to stop the evil, but they just
laughed and said the cartel was powerful.
I suppose people should not carry money in
a bag when travelling by air. If you must
carry cash or other valuables, maintain eye
contact throughout the duration of the
flight (no sleeping, or napping, no dulling).

Once, the plane taxis to a stop, grab your
luggage at once, else someone will block
your view while you are seated and the
other agent will carry out the ‘business.’
My wife is still lamenting that the missing
money could have made some difference in
the kitchen. Please alert air travellers to be
vigilant about their valuables. We are really
living in perilous times.

*The name of the reader who sent in this
piece has been deliberately withheld.


Ladies What Kind Of Mad Dressing Is This?

Many ladies of today just love to over
do things. Why should a sane person
dress like this?

Newlywed Bride Found Stabbed To Death In Her Wedding Dress

A newlywed bride has been found stabbed
to death in her wedding dress in the
bathtub of her home. Police said they
believe Estrella Carrera, 25, was a victim of
domestic violence after she was discovered
at her home in the Burbank area of Chicago.

Her family said she got married on Friday to
the father of her youngest child. She had
two children aged two and eight.
Two cousins said Carrera didn’t tell many
people about the wedding, and simply
called on the day to invite them to the party.

Her cousin Jaime Lopez said: “This just
happened out of nowhere. It was so fast I
couldn’t even make to the celebration.”
Sandy Lopez, another cousin, said she
seemed happy on the phone, but for some
reason “she didn’t want to tell me she had
gotten married.”

According to her family the victim, who
worked as a Spanish language translator,
had an on-again, off-again relationship for
about three years with the man she

She was last seen about 2am on Saturday as
the festivities for the wedding wound
down. She was supposed to pick up her
children from her father on Saturday
afternoon but never made contact.

When her family checked her home there
was no answer and her car was gone. Police
discovered her body on Sunday afternoon.
She had been stabbed multiple times and
was found in an empty bath. She had
applied for a wedding license on May 2.

Four Drunken Policemen Kill Two People At A Nightclub In Apapa

Two people were reportedly killed at a
nightclub known as Monalido in Apapa,
Lagos, on Friday May 11th after four
allegedly drunk and armed policemen in
the club opened fire for unknown

According to club’s workers, the police
team made up of two corporals and two
inspectors had escorted an unidentified
rich man to the nightclub and were
reportedly shooting sporadically in the
air on the premises.

Some of the fun seekers ran for cover
but unfortunately, bullets hit two of
them who died instantly. It was learnt
that two members of the police team,
who were attached to the State Special
Anti-Robbery Squad, had been arrested
by the officer in charge of SARS, Mr.
Abba Kyari, and handed over to the
Apapa Police Division under whose
jurisdiction the crime occurred. (Punch)

Cameroonian Artistes Gang-Up Against P-square, MTN

Going by the reports reaching from a source in
Cameroon, some Cameroonian artistes
have concluded plan to stage a protest at a
concert P-Square would be performing at
later this month.

According to an e-mail sent to us,
members of Syndicat Camerounais De
Musicien (SYCAMU), a body of the
country's artistes, are protesting against
the huge amount of performance fees
paid foreign artistes who perform in
Cameroon while they (local artistes) get
peanuts as performance fees.

Their grievances is mainly against MTN,
which organises most of the big concerts
in Cameroon.

According to the e-mail, the artistes' body,
through its president, Romeo Dika want a
change in the way its members are treated
by show organisers.

They claim that MTN pays about 200 or
300 million CFA to foreign artistes while
about 30 to 50 million CFA is paid to local
Cameroonian artistes.

They have now concluded plans and
strategies to stage a protest on May 18th
when P-Square would be performing at a
concert in the country.

The Only Job I Know Is How To Defraud People –'Custom Officer'

Anyone who comes across Ramoni Raji,
on his grey-coloured Nigeria Customs
Service uniform and the rank of Deputy
Superintendent on his shoulders, would
pass him for a real custom officer.

Unfortunately, the reverse is the case
for the 60-year-old man whose stock-in-
trade is to swindle prospective buyers
of auctioned goods from the customs.
His dirty deals blew open after
operatives of SARS in Lagos got wind of
his nefarious activities after he
swindled a middle-aged woman, Mrs.
Kikelomo Godson of the sum of N7m
when she attempted to procure some
seized goods from the customs.

SARS operatives used a man who set
him up and they ended up in their net.
The suspect told Crime Alert during an
interview that he took to fraud since
1978 owing to his inability to get
engaged in a better means of livelihood.

He said “I have been a fraudster for
over 34 years and this is the only job I
know how to do. Before I went into
fraud, I tried some other jobs but they
weren’t providing enough money that
will fend for me my family . I started
using this Custom uniform last year
when I and one Chief Doati decided to
form a syndicate that could defraud
prospective buyers of auctioned goods.

You know lots of people are competing
to buy Customs auctioned goods
because they are very cheap.
“So, I and Chief Doati thought it wise to
swindle prospective buyers. First, I
bought a uniform from Customs
Training School, Ikeja, and I sewed it at a
tailoring shop in my area in Ipaja. Chief
Doati’s job was to get our victims. He
will tell them that he has connections in
the Nigeria Customs Service that could
help facilitate the easy buying of
auctioned goods. Then, he would link
them to me .

“All I needed to do was to take them to a
warehouse in any of the Ports and also
at the Federal Operations Unit in Ikeja. I
will then show them goods and if they
indicate interest, I would give them
prices for the goods and ask them to
pay part of the money so that I can start
processing the papers for them in
Abuja. My victims usually pay me as fast
as they could because I normally tell
them that there are other people biding
for the goods . I get the money from
them and then disappear into thin air.

That would be the last they would hear
from me.”
When asked the number of his
unsuspecting victims, the suspect kept
mute refusing to divulge names of
people he has duped, but he agreed to
have swindled Mrs. Godson of her
money but added that he took only
N3m from her . “She came to me last
August at Apapa Warf and asked if I
could help her buy auctioned goods
from the Customs. I told her that the
Customs wanted to sell two trailer loads
of rice that was impounded from an

“But last week, I got a call from one of
my scouts who usually get customer for
me and he said some people were
looking for textile materials seized by
the customs and asked if I can help
them get it for them. So I agreed to meet
with him. I didn’t know it was a set up. I
met with the party and told them to pay
N5m for the goods and they gave me a
First Bank Cheque for N5m. I was
arrested by the police who were
waiting for me at the banking

Meanwhile, Mrs. Godson who spoke with
Crime Alert on the phone over the
incident said she has been hospitalized
since the incident occurred. She also
said she borrowed some of the money
Raji took from her.
“They opened their gate for him and he
walked around the premises like a
genuine officer. After getting the prices,
I then contacted one of my business
partners in Port-Harcourt to lend me N4
million so that I would pay for the
goods pending when Raji would
process the papers. And the man
brought the money for me. I even went
to pick the man from the airport with
him and he gave a cheque of N4 m.

After he got the money, he disappeared.
He stopped picking my calls and I made
several efforts to see him but I couldn’t.
I fell sick over the lose and the man who
provided the money for the business
have been on my neck ever since .”

From what we gathered
from sources, Mr. Raji will appear in
court soon.

Funke Akindele's Husband Revealed**She Becomes Second Wife

It is surely no news to many that top
Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele is set to
tie the knots on May 26 this year, but what
is surely going to be news is the identity
of the lucky man she is getting married to.

According to a report by Bononline, the
man that has stolen the heart of Jenifa, as
she later became to be known, is one
Alhaji Kehinde oloyede Almaroof
otherwise known as Kenny Doo.

Kenny Doo is reported to be a
businessman and a politician from Oshodi
area of Lagos State. He is in his 30's. His
mother is the Iya Oloja of Oshodi market.
He was said to have run for the
chairmanship race of Oshodi local
government and also House of
Representative seat in the past which he

The worrying part of the story is that
Kenny Doo is already a married man. With
this, Funke becomes his second wife.

Another husband snatching in the
waiting? Time will tell.