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Friday, March 30, 2012

Tweet Of The Day: Tuface... Lol

2face's only 'favourite' tweet is about his other two babymamas. He purposely liked the tweet? It is unclear why He favourited that tweet.

Ice Prince Wants To Date Me But I Don't Trust Him - Mo'Chedda

"He (Ice Prince) is my friend. A very good friend of mine. He is always proclaiming his love for me but I don't believe him. But he ismy very good friend.
He is a beautiful rapper. I love the texture of his voice.
"His wordplay is amazing and his use of words shows he is widely read. He is intelligent. Listening to him, you just know that intellectually, he is sound. As a rapper, I really, really, really, really like Ice Prince".
The petite singer said in an interview when asked about her relationship with the Oleku crooner.

Rapper Rick Ross Wins Legal Battle Over Stage Name

Rapper Rick Ross has won the right to keep his stage name following a long-running legal battle with former crime king Ricky Ross.
The former cocaine trafficker, who became infamous for running a drug empire in Los Angeles in the 1980s, filed suit against the rapper in 2010, alleging he infringed a trademark by changing his name from William Leonard Roberts II to Rick Ross.
The suit was dismissed in November, 2010 after a judge at California's U.S. District Court ruled that Ricky Ross' illegal activity made it impossible to determine if he had "valid trademark for his name".
The ex-convict appealed the decision and dragged the "Aston Martin Music" hitmaker back to court, but the case was thrown out of the L.A. County Superior Court on Thursday, according to .

I ‘ll Do Whatever It Takes To Make My Marriage Work – Actress Ini Edo

Ini Edo is smart, beautiful and without a doubt, talented. One of Nollywood’s bests, Ini came to limelight in 2000, and has over 50 movies to her credit. The confident actress in this exclusive interview with AJIBADE ALABI, opened up on her marriage to US-based Philip Ehinagwina,her charity foundation and her thriving acting career.

You seem to have done a good job managing your career and marriage at the same time that none does not interfere with the other?

(Laughs) You think so?

Yes and everybody also thinks so…

Tell us the secret?
Well, it is not easy at all especially since my husband is based abroad. I was actually supposed to leave for the United States last month (February) but I got so preoccupied that I had to call my husband and ask if he could come over.
Eventually, I had to plead with him before he agreed that I should come at a later date. It is not easy but he is very understanding and he appreciates my job a lot. He knows I work very hard, so we have a good understanding and we communicate often.

Many people would be surprised, especially your critics, that Ini Edo’s marriage is waxing strong. What has been your staying power?

I have actually been able to hold on to my marriage. It depends on how you set your priorities and not get carried away by the whole fame thing. You should know where to be at the appropriate time and where not to be at all. I just create a balance between my career and my personal life.
Like I said earlier my husband is based in the United States of America, but we see each other all the time. He just left Nigeria in January, and I should be with him in the US soon we shuttle. It is either he comes to Nigeria or I go over to the US.

How does he react to controversies about you?

He knows that I am not a bad person, he knows me well enough not to bother about the stories, all he does is call me up to find out what is happening.(laughs) Talking about the scandals, my husband knows me more than any other person.
Sometimes, when they say things about me and we are together at such moments, he would look at me and say; are you the sameperson that people are talking about? He knows what I can do.

Are you in anyway thinking of quitting acting, so as to create time for your home?

I don’t think I will quit acting. I might divert to other areas that has to do with movies. My being involved in the entertainment world has not really affected my home, so there is nothing like calling it quits.

It is now three years since you got married…
(Cut in) oh, so you have been counting the years? Na wa for you o…

I am not the only one counting; Ini, people out there, especially your fans are counting.
It is three years and so what?

When should we expect Ini Junior or PhilipJunior?

Well it is all about planning and having the right timing for it. My husband and I have discussed it.
We have an understanding that the timing is not right for now. I do not also want to say we are deciding on the right time for it, because nobody has the right to do so but God. Let me just say it will be very soon.

How many kids are you planning to have?

Let us leave that for now.

Grandma Wants Justin Bieber To Apologize For Phone Prank

Dilcie Fleming had a rough few weeks, ever since March 7, when Justin Bieber sent out a tweet to his millions of followers, asking them to call him at a Dallas-area number with the last digit removed.
Fleming’s home phone matched one of the possible “complete” numbers, and she was immediately flooded with calls from hopefulBeliebers.
“I didn’t know what was going on. I answered the phone only because I thoughtmaybe it was a family member,” Fleming told MSNBC on Thursday. “I hung up and my phone rang again, and it went on and on!”
While she isn’t really familiar with Bieber’s work, she’s seen him in her daughter’s magazines.
Fleming says, “I’m sure he’s a very nice young man, but this must be a joke that just didn’t turn out like they thought it would.”
While she has no plans to sue Bieber, she would like him to say he’s sorry.
“All I would to have is an apology from him, and possibly concert tickets for two great-granddaughters,” says Fleming.

Nicki Minaj's 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' Leaked Online

Nicki Minaj's sophomore album has leaked online a full week before its official release date...
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded isn't due to hit stores until April 12 but it showed up online on wednesday.
Starships, the lead single from Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded has already been certified platinum.
Nicki Minaj has yet to respond to the leak.

Movie Marketers Banned Tchidi Chikere Over Adultery Scandal

Unknown to many,the popular ban handed out to about 10 Nollywood practitioners five years ago by the Film and Video Marketers Association Idumota Lagos had moral connotations.
While actresses like Omotola Jalade Ekeinde,Genevieve Nnaji,top actors Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD), Kenneth Okonkwo and others were banned for charging excessive artiste fees at that time,only one director cum producer was on the list.

That was Tchidi Chikere.

Sources at Idumota Video Marketers Association told us last week following the story of a crash in the Mbaise Imo State born actor’s marriage,that the great Awka Assemblyof the marketers,banned Tchidi alongside other top players on the allegation that he was too close to some married actresses and that it was bringing Nollywood into disrepute.
Our source said that Tchidi’s ban was the only one not explained to the public at the time due to its peculiar circumstances.
This story is however coming over five years later following the crash of Tchidi’s marriage to his beautiful wife,Sophia.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Plan Special Day For Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are planning a big celebration to mark their fifth wedding anniversary.
The couple exchanged vows on a beach in the Bahamas in 2008, and Cannon and Carey have renewed them every year.
But this April 30 is going to be extra special because it'll be the pair's first anniversary as parents to twins Moroccan and Monroe, who turn one on the same day.
Cannon tells Life & Style magazine, "It's a family day. We'll celebrate with them during the day and just the two of us at night... We get married every year; it's our thing. I just have to keep doing it to make sure it's real!"
And the TV personality/entrepreneur admits family time is so much more precious these days after he battled the autoimmune disease lupus nephritis earlier this year.
He adds, "It goes to show you how much things can change. In tough times, you lean on family."

Tabloid Report: Rihanna Is PREGNANT!!!

We can't co-sign on the rumor yet. But if she is pregnant . . . who is her babys father???

OMG! This Man Want To Kill Himself For Nothing

Person wey never see better food chop dey go carry weight... No be suicide mission be dat?

My Wife Is Using Night Vigil To Commit Adultery

Mr. Daniel Folorunsho, a 43-year-old Lagosian, on Thursday told a Grade ‘A’ Customary court in Ojo, Lagos State, that his wife was engaging in adultery, under the guise of attending church vigil.
Daniel, a resident of Oke-Afo on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway is seeking the dissolution of his 10-year-old marriage to his wife, Yemi, over her infidelity.
Testifying during the hearing, Daniel said onFebruary 25, he went early to Festac town to see his brother, only to see his wife emerging from a road in the vicinity with a man .
He said that he was shocked to see her as she had claimed to be heading for a vigil and he knew her church to be along the Oke-Afo axis, not some 40-kilometres away in Festac town, Lagos.
Daniel told the court that he immediately crossed over and stopped Yemi and her partner, but she said she had gone for the vigil in the Festac district of her church and introduced the man as the District Pastor .
He said that after the incident, his wife continued to leave home frequently - under the pretext of attending night vigil - until March 13, when he acted on a tip-off from aneighbour and caught her with the same man.
He disclosed that on the said day, he went tothe area where his wife’s church was located only to discover her in an inner room with the same man she had earlier introduced to him as a District Pastor .
Daniel said that his wife was adjusting herself when he came in and he almost hit the pastor but ended up just giving him a stern warning to stay away from his wife. He added that he could no longer stand her adulterous behaviour.
On her part, Yemi, a cloth seller, denied the allegations saying he was only looking for a way to get another wife . She alleged that her husband had beaten her several times for not providing him with some of the money she was making from her trading.
After listening to the estranged husband and wife, the president of the court, Alhaji Toyin Said, adjourned the case to April 3, forjudgement.

Nollywood Actor Kenneth Okonkwo Kidnapped In Enugu

Imagine the reaction we got when we heardthe news that Kenneth Okonkwo, the actor we love so much has been kidnapped in Enugu. We didn’t believe it even when we saw the picture.

It was minutes later when we found out that we were been played and the picture is from an upcoming movie titled “ Secrets of the Soul”. Well, we hope you were not as shocked as we were.

Soulmate Renews Deal With Female Singers, Mo Cheddah & Kels For N32 Million

Famous hair cream manufacturers,Soulmate has concluded plans to renew its deal with talented female hip hop singer,Modupe Ola popularly known as Mo’cheddah and her counterpart rapper Kel as the face of their products for the next one year.

This will definitely bring to an end speculations that the female rapper,Kel might be dropped for another female singer,when the company officially announces them in April.

An inside source told us that the deal is worth 100,000 US dollars each(approximately N16 million each) and the duo are extremely happy about it.

Congrats girls !

Hip-Hop Cum Highlife Singer,Flavour And His Many Women

Sensational,hip hop cum highlife singer Chinedu Okoli popularly called Flavour is one dude who has not been romantically linked with any babe ever since he stepped into the industry,except recently when the news of the affair between him and female hip hop cum R n B singer,Tiwa Salvage spread in the industry.

Soon after that,it was reported that this light skin sexy singer has proposed to another babe,an American based singer Chioma Ukaegbu,otherwise known as Beverly Heels.

It was equally informed that Flavour and Chioma are already expecting their first child.

Outside this,people are inundating us with thestory that the Oyi crooner indeed has close relationship with many women,unlike the initial general believe that he led a one girl onedude lifestyle.

Going by the information gathered from sources,Flavour has been known by his close pals as a man of many women.He was said to have arrived Lagos from Enugu in company of a babe called Nkechi,when he was about kicking-off his music career.

It was reliably informed that Flavour and Nkechi were inseparable and became live-in-lovers at Mc Loph’s apartment,during the time when he worked with Obaino Records for the production of his debut single,N’Abania,before the sexy singer found his feet and moved on to higher levels.

Once,N’Abania became a hit single,people stopped seeing Flavour and Nkechi together.He was then alleged to have moved to Veritiles’ Studio,Yaba and got hooked with another light skin babe who hails from South South.

The relationship between Flavour and this pretty babe was said not to have gone beyond the corridors of Veritiles Studio,as Flavour dumped her and moved on with his life.

As gathered from the reliable source,he stormed a studio at Ojodu area of Lagos where he recorded another hit song entitled,Adanma with a new babe.
It was disclosed that his relationship with this Anambra State born beautiful damsel was so close that he proposed marriage to her two years back.It was equally gathered that Flavour was always singing it to the ears of his late brother,friend and mentor MC Loph that he will proceed with his own marriage arrangement immediately after MC Loph’s wedding.

All their friends had concluded that Flavour would walk down the aisle with this babe untilit was rumoured that he was found proposingto another girl on February 14.

Pictures: Bracket Acquires N25M Worth Of Cars

The Yori-Yori crooners increased the number of automobiles in their garage over the weekend with the acquisition of two brand new Range Rover Sports and a G-class. The two Range Rover Sports which will carry the special plate number ‘Peace Ambassador’ will be used by Vast and Smashrespectively, while the G-class is for their promoter, Ape Planet.

Meanwhile, Bracket is currently on a music tour of the United States of America.

Rihanna Dismisses Nosy Reporter For Asking Stupid Question About Ashton Kutcher

During a press conference in London for the new movie ‘Battleship,’ a rude reporter had the nerve to imply that Rihanna was unhappy in her personal life.

The reporter asked if “Ashton Kutcher” would be making the trip to London for the movie’s premiere.

After a brief pause to collect her thoughts,

Rihanna replied, “Wow, how disappointing was that question.
“I’m happy and I’m single, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

Meanwhile, Rihanna has never confirmed the rumors that she was dating Ashton Kutcher.

Picture: Proposed Nigeria's Female Coach...Sexiness Required To Cub Violence

Wow! This picture took so many men into the world of laughter. The question that eventually settled on minds is 'will introduction of female coaches in leagues cub violence and vices?'. It is really a serious thing to talk about. Leave your comments.

Tweet of the day: Footballer Rio Ferdinand Loves D'Banj ''Oliver Twist''

Abagana Thrown Into Confusion As Man Allegedly Kills Indigene

The ancient town of Abagana, headquarters of Njikoka Local Government council of Anambra State, was yesterday thrown into a state of turmoil, as hundreds of angry youths protested against the alleged brutal killing of an indigene of the town, One Ifeanyi, by an unnamed Calabar man.

It was learnt that the angry youths, who apparently wanted to avenge the death of their brother, had barricaded the Njikoka Local Government headquarters’ section of the old Awka-Onitsha Road, harassing motorists and disrupting traffic for several hours, as they tried to identify a prospective Calabar man being conveyed in a vehicle, for the purpose of a retaliatory attack.

It was the timely intervention of the police that brought the crisis under control, just as the protesting youths stood in groups, assessing the development.

There were different accounts of what led to the alleged killing of One Ifeanyi, an Abagana indigene, by a suspected Calabar man, who was reported to be a professional well digger.

A source, who spoke to National Mirror on the issue, said the deceased was stabbed to death by the assailant at a shop located in Ezicheke village, Abagana, when he tried to prevail on the suspected Calabar man to pay the money for the drinks he consumed at the said shop.

Another version of the story was that the said Ifeanyi was the landlord of the suspect, before they got involved in an altercation, which culminated in the killing, which has now thrown Abagana into a state of crisis.

National Mirror learnt that the man after drinking at a local shop refused to pay for his drink, a development that allegedly triggered off an argument between him and Ifeanyi, who was allegedly stabbed to death in the ensuing altercation.

Spokesman of the Anambra State Police Command, Mr. Emeka Chukwuemeka, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, yesterday threw more light on the incident, saying that the situation was now under control, while the suspect allegedly involved in the murder of the Abagana man is now in their custody.

Meanwhile, when National Mirror visited Abagana, security was tight as a contingent of armed police officers, was stationed strategically to abort any attempt by hoodlums to capitalise on the incident and cause further crisis in the town.

Nollywood Actor Chidi Mokeme Set To Wed

Knowingly or unknowingly to him, Chidi Mokeme has been labelled a senior bachelor. This is on account of his refusal to get marrieddespite being romantically linked with several ladies within and outside Nollywood.

For some time now, speculations has been hovering round on when the talented thespian will walk down the aisles, but we canexclusively report that he has finally decided to take a bold step.

The model,designer,entrepreneur,and humanitarian has finally picked April 27,2012 for his wedding.

The source squealed to us that Chidi met the new babe months back and since then, the romance has been waxing stronger and stronger.

We gathered that the charming angel whose name is still under wraps is the happiest woman in the world for now !'

According to sources, the only thing that might make Chidi shift his wedding date forward is that his babymama,Adia Ukoyen is getting married on the same day,April 27,2012.

The date might have to be shifted because both parents want their son to attend each other’s wedding.

Congrats Chidi!

Megan Fox Pregnant With First Child?

Actress Megan Fox is pregnant with her first child, according to a report.
The Transformers beauty, 25, wed her longtime boyfriend Brian Austin Green in June, 2010 and became stepmother to the 38-year-old actor's son Kassius, who turns 10 on Friday.
However, editors at Star magazine allege Fox is now expecting a baby of her own.
A source tells the publication, "They just found out and are incredibly excited. It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members... Kassius can't wait to be a big brother."
Representatives for Fox and Green had yet to respond to requests for a comment as WENN went to press.
If the baby report is true, it won't be a surprise for Fox's fans - she recently admitted she can't wait to start a family with Green, telling Cosmopolitan magazine, "I wantat least two, probably three (kids). I've always been maternal."

Kris Humphries Wants $7 Million In Kim Kardashian Divorce

E! News is reporting that NBA player Kris
Humphries has turned down Kim
Kardashian's divorce settlement, and
instead is demanding he gets $7 million
from the reality star - or he will sell his side of the story regarding their brief marriage.

A source tells E!, "Kris is dragging it out. Kim is ready to move on, but Kris is hoping that stretching it out will get him even more money."

The marriage only lasted 72 days, and was
profiled in-depth in Keeping up with the
Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take
New York. There was also the wedding
special that followed every second of their

By our calculations, Humphries wants to be paid $97,222.22 for every day he was
married to Kim - or $4,050.92 an hour. Not
a bad salary at all!

Nollywood Actress Stephanie Okereke Choose April Wedding Date

The date is April 21st, 2012. There's an exclusive guest list and the actress has already started calling and asking the guests where their IV's should be sent. Congrats to them!

Tonto Dikeh And Gbenga Akinnagbe Cover Complete Fashion Magazine


Pic Of The Day: True Love Or Madness


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nollywood Star Actress Sister Infects Boyfriend With Gonorrhea!

Another red hot scandal is currently rotating in Nollywood.
Unfortunately, it involves the sister of an actress who has been rolling up and down in bad press lately.
From the South South, with alphabets N and I rocking and racing in her name and surname, many can’t forget in a hurry her recent war with a colleague and friend which led to her being evicted from the friends’s Lekki,Lagos home.
Her sister whose name begins with alphabet I used to date a top actor who at a time was theAGN president.
The bulky actor, from the Eastern part of the country, however, took to his heels after the lady infected him with gonorrhea,thus endingthe relationship.
The actor’s name begins with the fifth alphabet and he still hasn’t recovered from thepains and shame, even many months after.
The actress whose works are currently ruling at cinema and on home videos is gap-tooth and good looking.
Like her sister, she is equally wild and wicked on bed.

Rihanna Signs To Be The New Judge On X-Factor!

From, we just got word from a person very close to Rihanna that Rih has just signed to be the newest judge On Fox' X-Factor.
According to our snitch, it's not clear what happened with the negotiations with Britney Spears, which every news agency in the world is right now saying has the job - but they fell apart.
The insider told, "[Rihanna] wanted to be on X-Factor, but we all thought that [Britney Spears] had it . . . when [Rihanna] found out that they wanted her instead, she jumped at [the opportunity."
We're told that Rihanna's very capable management over at RocNation made it happen. Oh, and Rih is making big money hosting the show, we're told she will get between $15 and $20M a year in cash and perks.

We Derive Joy From Torturing Our Male Victims – Female Robber Speaks Out

Nneka Orji, the head of a female robbery gang arrested by operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos has confessed that she and her girls derived joy from torturing their male victims because they were once victims of robbery attacks perpetrated by guys.

“I am not an armed robber because we did not operate with gun. Ours was more of brain works. We obtained by false pretence, otherwise called 419,” 27-year-old Nneka said.

Speaking on their mode of operation, the lady who hails from Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State, said: “I had been a victim of the crime for which we were arrested. I was tortured and nearly raped. But for the leg kick I gave to one of the criminals who attempted to rape me after the gang had duped me of mylife savings, I would have been raped.

“If I mention the amount, you would not believe me. I have fallen victim to many wicked men. Some who said they wanted tomarry me later became gold diggers and abandoned me after milking me dry. These wicked acts made me to hate men, especiallythe criminally-minded ones.

“However, God gave me a reliable fiancé. Hisname is Mr. Okey Holland from Nnewi. He travelled to Holand on a business trip and we hope to do our traditional marriage and a society wedding the moment he returns from Holland.

“For now, I reside with my uncle, one Mr. Ikechukwu Ndu of No. 14, College Road, Ogba. He knows that I am into 419 business.

“I was arrested for armed robbery when wedid not rob with arms. In fact, what we did was not armed robbery. It was a common 419 deal. Why it looked like armed robbery was that our victim, a lady, jumped out of our operational vehicle, shouting ole! ole!! (robber! robber!!), which attracted an irate mob and the police at Alausa (Lagos). We were arrested and handed over to SARS.

“The officer in charge of SARS, SP Abba Kyari, even instructed the investigating police officer, Coporal Ediga Augustine, not to put us in confirmed armed robbery cell until he had finished the investigation. Our business is to defraud people. We are not armed robbers.”

Asked what role he played in the gang, she said: “My role is very clear. I played the role of a catcher. I speak the word to the victim and if it catches him or her, others will start working on him or her.
“For instance, if a victim enters our cab, my role is to open up a discussion by speaking the word, like telling him or her that we had dollars in the vehicle or that a foreigner or an Alhaji wanted his dog to sleep with me but I ended stealing plenty of dollars from him before I escaped. I would tell the passenger that the problem was how to change it or where to take it to.

“If the passenger is foolish and expressed interest, we would start working on him or her. But if he or she did not show interest, we would drop him. I was also a victim before I joined them.”

Asked how they were able to torture men without guns, she said they used to push stubborn men out of their vehicle while in motion, making them to sustain serious injuries.

“At times, we would pull their manhood withour hands until they felt serious pains and made forced promise to the gang not to involve the police,” she added.

According to an insider in SARS office in Lagos, Nneka and her four other accomplices will be charged to court soon for robbery. But Nneka is begging them not to do so, she’s insisting that they are “common criminals” and should be treated and tried as such.

Confusion In Ibusa As Man Impregnates Mother And Step Sister – Family Kicked Out From Community

THE sleepy community of Ibusa, near Asaba, the capital of Delta State was thrown into confusion and palpable tension with the news that a 26-year-old man, Ugochukwu has impregnated his mother and step-sister.

We gathered that Ugochukwu, also popularly called Peter by people in the area allegedly left his mother identified as Cecilia while he was 12 years old to look for the proverbial golden fleece in Lagos.

It was learnt that Peter learnt the tricks of wooing women while working in a hotel in Lagos.
It was also gathered that sometime ago, Ugochukwu’s father died after a brief illnessand his mother, Cecilia subsequently remarried a Yoruba man in Lagos.

Sources said Ugochukwu had over time become the most sought-after man and darling of the many women who flock around the hotel where he works.
He got admitted to the Lagos polytechnic, where he reportedly met and started dating one Mary, who turned out to be his step sister, being the girl his mother had for the Yoruba man she got married to in Lagos).

Their relationship blossomed and on graduation, they thought of formal introduction to both families.
Meanwhile, Ugochukwu’s mother had reportedly dumped the Yoruba man after three children and had jumped into the commercial sex business, where she is oftenseen around Allen Avenue in Lagos solicitingfor customers.

Family sources said that Ugochukwu had always told people that his parents died long ago and he has been in the struggle alone, a situation he claimed led him to drinking, smoking as well as womanising. On one eventful night, Ugchukwu had reportedly gone out with a friend to a hang-out, where they got themselves drunk and retired to a hotel to pass the night.

It was there he picked his mother and had sex with her without a condom.
Meanwhile, Ugochukwu and Mary continuedwith their introduction plans and trip to the village, prompting her (Mary) and Cecilia (their mother) to return home in preparationfor the event.

Alas, when Ugochukwu was introduced by Mary as her husband-to-be, all hell broke loose as it was discovered that the two are siblings, an occurrence regarded by family members as a taboo and abominable.

The Moment investigation learnt that while the family is yet to fully recover from the shock, Cecilia, their mother opened up on her relationship with her son and that that she was even pregnant for him.

A family member identified as Martins confirmed the incident, adding that the elders have asked the trio to move out of the community.

Residents who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity condemned the act, describing it as an abomination and unheard-off.

Culled: The Moment

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Have Benefited From My Father’s Name – Nollywood Actor Yul Edochie

The name Edochie easily calls to mind the veteran actor, Pete Edochie, popular for his role as Okonkwo in the NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’. His abilityto get into character, charismatic personalityand cool, controlled manner of speech that exudes confidence are only some of the qualities shared by his son.

But unlike his father whose quiet and introverted demeanor is obvious even fromthe screen, Yul Edochie displays a rather unmistakable friendly disposition towards all. This is just one endearing personality of this young actor that you cannot help but fall in love with.

Chip off the old block?
Named after the Hollywood actor, Yul Brynner of the 1956 movie, ‘The King and I’, Edochie’s career path had been pretty much shaped from childhood. This shapening also sprung from a deep respect for his actor father and a desire to be like him.
“I always wanted to be an actor. Having someone like my father already to look at, I always wanted to be like him, to be better than him as well. When you have someone like that as your father, you can’t fail. It’s going to be disastrous for you to fail. So, I always had it in mind that I wanted to be like this dude but at the same time, I need towork hard to get to have the kind of name that he has,” he reveals.
And work hard he did. With an already established name, it would seem like a piece of cake for the native of Anambra State to take the Nigerian acting industry by storm. This, however, was not the case for the young actor who did not want anything dropped in his lap. Hence, rather than take advantage of his father’s name, he decided to begin from the scratch.
“I have a big name, I have a big father but when I got out of school I knew I had to start from doing little roles that we call ‘Waka-pass’. I had to do all that and gradually, I made a lot of mistakes but I was learning. You know, you couldn’t really see all my mistakes because I was doing little roles, so I was building my career from there,” he recalls.
Building an acting career from the scratch and especially with a name like his was no easy task as Edochie would later find out. It did not only mean hard work, dedication and perseverance but also meant dealing with people’s cynicism.
“Everybody wanted to see if I could actuallydo this, if I was a good actor, if I could do it as good as my dad,” Edochie says. “I’d like to be modest – I’m proving myself so far. Basically, what the name did for me was, it gave me recognition, like people could easilysay ‘That’s the man’s son’ but it ended there.In this business, you have to be good to keep moving.”

Carving a niche
Thus, the Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Port Harcourt sought to step away from his father’s shadow and carve a niche for himself in acting. He dedicated his time to auditions and was never afraid to stand firm for what he believed in. His dedication paid off when he landed his big break in 2007 with the movies ‘Sleek Lady’ and ‘Wind of Glory’. Both movies, he insists, “were the big ones that brought me out.”
And since then, there has been no stopping him. The last of six children is fast becominga force to reckon with in Nollywood and is no longer just known as “that man’s son”. Yet, resting on his oars is not something he has given any thought to. He maintains that acting is the one thing he knows how to do best and will not give it up in a hurry.
“I love getting into character. I love being dedicated to what I do, to acting – because whatever I do, I don’t just do it. I’d rather beas dedicated as possible, get myself out of who I am to get into someone else or be someone else for a period of time. That’s just what I love most about acting, being someone else, having to dedicate – not just go on stage, shoot it and get out.”

But very much like the saying, ‘Every rose has its thorn’; Edochie admits that acting is not all fun. One of the downsides of acting, he says, is, “the fact that you’re not in control of what goes on, you’re just in control of what you do.”
He explains, “Because the way I was trained,if I’m acting, my business is to come on set, act and get out. If every other thing is goingwrong, it’s not your business, you just have to focus on what you do. If the makeup is not going on well, if you want to talk about it, complain to the director. So, what I don’t really like about being an actor is you’re confined to just what you do.”
This, however, does not discourage the actor who lists Ramsey Nouah, Richard MofeDamijo, Mike Ezuronye, and Jim Iyke as someof the actors he is inspired by. Rather than be deterred, the actor is spurred on by thesedownsides along with the everyday challenges of the job.
As he admits, “What does it for me is the fact that I have to meet new challenges. The good thing about acting is it’s always a challenge. You know, it’s not like you’re doing a regular job. Acting is different especially when you really want to do it anddo it well. You want to give it a 110 percent.
I see every role as a challenge, that’s actuallywhat spurs me, that’s what drives me. I meet new challenges everyday and with each new day I get better at what I do.”

Moving forward
For this young actor, dwelling on the past and looking to be popular have certainly notcrossed his mind. Foremost on his agenda isconcentrating on developing his skills. As he reflects, “I try not to regret whatever I do because I see myself improving every day.
I try to see a lot of movies, both local and foreign movies, I try to study a lot of people, I work on myself a lot. If I do a movie today and I do another six months after, it’s not the same. That one is going to be better.”
Also on Edochie’s agenda is movie directing. “I want to direct in years from now – maybe when I’m done acting because nobody lasts forever, there’ll always be some new guy who will come up and all of that – because I want to teach people, I love teaching people things. When I’m acting, I try to limit myself to just what I’m meant to do but deep down I would love to teach because you watch a lot of things go wrong while acting but you can’t do anything because you’re just an actor. So I would love to direct.”
I want to have a school where I’ll be able to teach people how things should be done, teach people what it means to get into character, to be an actor or to play a role well.”
Nurturing young talents is something the actor is also keenly interested in. “I would love to have a foundation where I can raise kids who don’t have the wherewithal to bring themselves up. Yeah, I would love to take the kids and train them. I’m also working towards that. I want to do a talent show some other time where I’ll be a judge. I just want to teach people.”

Two Female Students Caught Sniffing Cocaine In School

The rate at which many female students in Nigeria's institutions of higher leaning are engaging in nefarious activities these days is quite alarming. Parents really need to put more eyes on their daughters.

Riot At Federal Polytechnic Oko Anambra , After Masquerade Kills Two Students

Two students were yesterday feared dead after masquerades in Oko community allegedly attacked students of the Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra state in their hostels outside the campus.

However, students of the school, Monday morning took to the streets to protest the alleged killing. According to an eyewitness, the masquerades attacked the students in their off-campus hostels also called ‘lodges’ located in the community.The source who pleaded anonymity said, two students died in the attack while many others were injured.

Confirming the incident in a telephone interview, the Rector of institution, Professor Godwin Onu said there was a clash between students and youths after themasquerades’ attack but stated that no death has been reported so far.

He disclosed that the School Management and the leaders of the community are leaving no stone unturned in order to calm the situation, adding that Mobile policemen from Awka and soldiers from Onitsha have been deployed to the area to maintain law and order.

According to him, “seven students sustainedvarying degrees of injury and they have been treated and discharged.”
On the alleged setting ablaze, the home of former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, the Rector described it as untrue. “I spoke with the Igwe of this community now and he said nothing of such happened”.

What Is Wrong With This Nollywood Actress?

Na wa for this dressing oh! the fact that her husband broke up with her is not enough reason for actress Jeniffer Eliogu to dress this badly to a function. Could this be a sign of desperation?

Rihanna: Getting Naked Helped Boost My Confidence

"The more I got naked, the more comfortable I felt," Rihanna, 24, tells Britain's Women's Fitness magazine. "I just had to face my fear. You always find something wrong, you always find something you’re uncomfortable with, and one thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it."

Following some early-on insecurity, the pop star explains, "After a while, it was like, 'What’s the worst that can happen?' I just started being a little more daring with it. It was just knowing my body … is what it is under clothes or outside of clothes."

Although shedding her attire on a regular basis has had a beneficial outcome for the image she's trying to convey, Rihanna admits, "My way probably won't work for most people."

Kim Kardashian Planning To Press Charges Against Flour Bomber

Kim is having second thoughts about pursuing legal action against the prankster who showered her in flour on the red carpet on Thursday.

The socialite was left red-faced and covered in white powder after a bag of flour was dumped on her while she was chatting to reporters at a glamorous West Hollywood event.

After the incident, Kardashian admitted she had no plans to sue her as-yet-unidentified attacker as she has a number of ongoing legal battles, including disputes over a weight-loss drug and a hair-removal product she endorses.

She quipped, "Don't I have one too many lawsuits going on right now? Do you think I really need to add another one?" But now the reality TV star is seriously reconsidering pressing charges.

She tells, "I said earlier no I wasn't (going to lodge a complaint). I am just going to think about it, because I don't want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that. "I was laughing it off earlier and, you know, I think that is the only thing I knew how to do at the time. But I just think it is such a shame that someone like that... would ruin an event, or attempt to ruin an event... "Now that I think about it and had some time to digest it, I think, 'What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?' It's scary. And what's even scarier is this woman acted as if she was a part of the press. She just came out of nowhere!... I'm gonna definitely deal with it because it is not acceptable."

Kim was promoting her new perfume, True Reflection, at the charity launch to benefit the women's organization Dress For Success.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Is DIVORCING Lamar Odom

According to HOLLYWOODLIFE report, Kris Kardashian has ordered Khloe to break up withLamar - so that it could increase the ratings on her show.
And the website is saying that Khloe and Lamar's marriage is virtually over. Here's

An excerpt of their report...
A close friend revealed: “Kris is constantly telling Khloe that marital conflicts equals ratings! Kris has convinced Khloe that if it weren’t for Lamar, she would not have her own reality show and thatif she wants another season she needs to embellish the conflicts in the marriage because that’s what viewers want.”
But the 56 year-old seems unaware of the damage she is actually doing to her daughter’s marriage as her NBA star husband’s career begins to suffer due to his role in the reality TV drama.
”Kris is blind to the fact that Khloe and Lamar’s relationship is suffering because of reality TV,” the source revealed, “Lamar is a pretty laid back person but he has had enough. He feels like a puppetand he has already told Khloe that he is not going to create drama on the show for ratings, in fact, hewants out completely.”

Beauty Queen Disqualified From Pageant For Being Born A Boy

The problem is, she was born a boy. Her name is Jenna Talackova and she was kicked out of the Miss Universe Canada competition after organizers found out she'd been born a boy. Jenna represented Canada at the Miss International Queen, a beauty pageant for transsexuals, before competing in the Miss Universe Canada and had already successfully reached the finals in the pageant before she was banned from continuing.
The pageant organizers described Jenna as a 'real girl' but sad they disqualified her because the rules state that each contestant must be a 'naturally born female.'
23 year old Jenna began hormone therapy at 14 and underwent sexual reassignment surgery at 19.

Pictures: 26 Years Old Uniben Graduate Marries 63 Years Old American Grandma

This 26 years old graduate of University of Benin Daniel Ukoko tied the knot with Cynthia, an American who is old enough to be his mother at the Warri South Local Government registry. Ain't this a nice one? Hahhaha see what naija youths are turning into now.

Nollywood Actress Nse Ikpe Etim Shocking Revelations! I Have No Plans For Marriage

It is assumed that when a lady is not married, the possibility of keeping dates with men withfat wallets is more than 50 per cent. Especially if she is a celebrity and wants to maintain thathigh standard of life. If she is beautiful, that increases her number of dates more so, if none of the men in her life is ready to walk her down the aisle. At least, she would enjoy their expensive gifts, money and favour.

But this is not the case with talented and down-to-earth actress, Nse Ikpe- Etim.
The talented thespian seems to have joined long list of female celebrities that are scared of getting married because of the high rate ofdivorce in the showbiz industry.

In a recent interview, the beautiful and sexy actress drops bombshell. She says she’s not ready for relationship talk less of marriage.

I'm not in a relationship.
I'm not one of those that think life starts andends at the altar. I have no plans for marriage. Is that why you were born? I was born to affect lives positively or negatively, the part I chose might include marriage and it might not. When we get that straight, we will accept everybody.

When asked, how do you deal with scandals;she said They are what they are called; scandals. And I don't have to deal with them. A rumour is a rumour, a scandal is a scandal and it doesn't affect me. And I don't care about it as long as someone hasn't died from it.