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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why I Sent My Wife Packing' - Rev Chris Okotie

Since ending his four year marriage to
Stephanie Henshaw in June this year,
Pastor Chris Okotie has never really
opened up about what led to his
decision to end his marriage. There has
been a lot of speculations in the media
and he finally decided to react to some
of it. He gave an exclusive interview to
City People magazine through a minister
in his church, Rev Grace Funmi Paul, a
member of House Hold of God for the
past 25 years. It's a long interview but
I'm just going to pick some parts I think
might interest you all. See it below...

Rev Grace Paul: A blind person
knows that my pastor loved his
wife, Stephanie, passionately. This
year before the separation, he had
taken her out of the country at least
three times to different places like
Dubai, US and so on. He loved her,
so did the congregation but the
bible says that two cannot walk
together except they agree. In the
establishment of the kingdom of
God, the rules change because the
rules are made by God and not by
man. So, it didn't have to do with
what pastor wanted to do, because
left to him, his love will keep him
struggling and going at it but if God
gives him instruction he has to
follow it through.

City People: If I get you correctly, it was
Jesus instructions for Pastor Chris to
part ways with Stephanie?

Rev Grace: Let me give you a precedent.
In the bible, there's a queen called
Queen Vershti of Persia. The king invited
his wife and said - come woman, I want
to show you off to my people and the
woman had an attitude. She had pride
issues. It was at that point she said to
the king "Excuse me, I am making up,
how can you be humiliating me by
telling me to come and sit down so that
people can be looking at me." So she
refused and the people of the kingdom
rose up against her, and they said the
king must let her go, and that was how
Esther came in. That is the principle of
The Kingdom. In the two cases of my
pastor's former wives, it was an
abdication of roles. One was a physical
abdication, and the other was a spiritual
abdication. In the matters of the
Kingdom of God, when you abdicate
your position, your position will be
taken over, because the calling my
pastor has, he is not called to work

CP: In Stephanie's case, was it a case of
spiritual or physical abdication?

Rev Grace: Her case was spiritual
abdication, but either ways it amounts
to the same thing, because the scripture
states clearly that if unbelieving departs,
let him depart, you are not bound.

CP: Any efforts to patch things up?

Rev Grace: Spiritual things can not be
patched up. When there are two people
who are not the same kind, it is not a
matter of patching up.

CP: So is the congregation happy that
the pastor is single again and is there
any plans to replace Stephanie?

Rev Grace: The congregation is not in
the position to replace Stephanie. My
pastor is a full grown man, and he
knows what he's doing. In the case of
our pastor's first wife, she insisted that
where she wanted to do her church
work was in the US. As for Stephanie, I
cannot be intruding. As much as I am
authorised to do what I am doing, I
can't disrespect my pastor and
Stephanie. If I begin to give you some
details, they would amount to
disrespect. My pastor has insisted that
they want to keep it private.

CP: Pastor Chris once said that the
instruction to marry Stephanie was
from God

Rev Grace: If you know my pastor, he is
a passionate person. They had a long
time relationship before they got
married. My pastor is particularly careful
about beautiful women because he
knows that the devil desires them. So
when a beautiful woman has issues in
church, he ministers to them, and
because he does that, people jump to
the conclusion that he sleeps with them,
which is not true. Just like Queen Ure,
pastor has never had an affair with her,
will never have an affair with her
because they are not of the same kind

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