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Friday, September 7, 2012

"We (Celebs) Live Fake Lives For Publicity Purpose" -Rukky Sanda

Rukky Sanda is one name that is hot in
the film industry in Nigeria. Few years
ago, she reportedly went for a plastic
surgery on her face. Born Rukayat
Sanda, she has grown to be one of the
best friends to controversial actress,
Tonto Dikeh. In a short interview with
Nigeriafilms, this pretty actress at an
event where she had this exclusive but
short interview with us. She talked
about an article written by Nollywood
actress, Stella Damusus on the fake life
most Nigerian celebrities live in order to
impress at red carpet events.

Sometimes ago, Stella Damasus wrote
about how Nigerian celebs live a fake
life just to impress on red carpet, do
you think it was called for?

Well, I don’t think it should be mainly
about actors or actresses, I think it is
about people that are not generally

Even during movie premieres

I am sure she has her own opinion. But I
think everything people do is to make
publicity of their movies. It is a new
thing in Nollywood. I am sure she
doesn’t mean it in that context.

Did you read it the article?

No, but if she says this to me, I would
understand. Then I would know it is
coming from her, but you can’t really
believe everything you read. So, I
wouldn’t judge her from what I read but
what she says to me.

What are really up to now?

I am actually trying to make my new
movie, which stars some good actresses
in it, out for my fans to see.

Did you get into movie production
because your colleague delved into it?

I have been in to movie production
before most people started it. I think I
am one of the first actresses that went
into movie production. I produced my
first movie a year after joining
Nollywood in 2008. I have always been
a movie producer-actress. I a not doing
it because everyone is doing it. It is
something I have always done.


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