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Monday, September 17, 2012

Thieves Drives BMW Into Apple Store To Steal iPhone 5

Impatient thieves eager to get their
hands on the new iPhone 5 cell phones
rammed a BMW into a Temecula,
California Apple Store last week. Police
arrested 22-year-old Equonne R.

Howard, who they say was at the wheel
of the BMW when he smashed through
the Apple store’s iconic storefront

Once inside the store, Howard’s
accomplices jumped out and began
picking up iPads that were sent flying
when the car collided with display tables
at the front of the store.

Howard attempted to back out of the
store but his hasty departure was
impeded by the same tempered glass
windows he just drove through. The
damage to the pricey BMW included 2
flat tires and the license plate fell off the
car, which made it easier for the police
to track Howard down.

The keys to the BMW — which Howard
abandoned near the Apple store —
were still in his pocket. The damage to
his parent’s BMW will certainly exceed
the price of the stolen merchandise.

Howard pleaded not guilty Wednesday
to multiple felony charges.

There is no word on whether he got his
hands on the much-hyped iPhone 5.
Apple stocks soared close to $700 a
share following the launch of the iPhone
5s Friday.

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