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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spanish School Introduces Prostitution As A Course

Below is
how Daily Mail reported it.
A Spanish firm
offering a professional course in
prostitution which it says 'guarantees a job
offer on graduation,' has survived its first
legal challenge to be closed down.

For €100, students are taught the history
of the world's oldest profession, how to
use erotic toys and the most popular
positions contained within the Kama Sutra.

The school began advertising the course in
May, but within weeks the Valencian
regional government filed a case with
prosecutors, alleging that the school
promoted prostitution, which is illegal in

But yesterday prosecutors said there was
not any evidence that a criminal offence
had been committed because
advertisements for students did not
promote prostitution, constitute fraud and
were not aimed at minors, reported The

The venture has attracted much criticism in
the predominantly Catholic country, with
many saying it is the wrong way to tempt
cash-strapped Spaniards back into work.

But the Valencian firm, which flooded the
city's university campus with promotional
flyers, says it will make the trade safer.

It will also ensure budding sex-workers will
not fall foul of the law, with in depth
descriptions of the industry's laws and
how to work around them.

Brandon, who has run the one-week
course for eight years, said: 'They will
know what they are getting in to.

'Prostitution is a career that many people
live off from day to day, whether they are
single or have a partner.'

He added that 95 people, from the age of
19 to 45, had signed up to the diploma -
which takes up two hours each day.

And, once they graduate, they receive their
first job offer - to become a teacher in the
'school' where they can help in practical

What they learn in the series of theory and
practical classes will enable them to 'earn a
lot of money, very easily and quickly',
according to the ABC newspaper.

Esther Lopez Barcelo, a United Left MP in
Valencia, said the party was considering
appealing the ruling.

Sex is a multibillion-pound industry in
Spain, with colourfully lit brothels staffed
mainly by poor immigrant women from
Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe
lining highways throughout the country.

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