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Monday, September 3, 2012

Rihanna Goes Mad, Fighting With Bouncers In A Nightclub

Drunk Rihanna sparked fresh fears over
her party lifestyle yesterday after clashing
with bouncers in a nightclub.

The hard-drinking pop queen was hauled
away by doormen after jumping on a table
and wrecking it — sending glass flying.

Rihanna, 24, was allowed to stay at the
trendy London nightspot only after pals
spoke out on her behalf — but left at 4am,
for ANOTHER party.

Earlier the raging Rihanna had screamed:
“Don’t you know who I am?” as doormen
grabbed her following her drunken fall.

Bouncers moved in after the beauty,
wearing thigh-high snakeskin boots,
jumped on the private table, which broke
apart and sent her crashing to the floor.

Bottles of champagne and glasses shattered
as she fell, drawing gasps from onlookers.

Security hauled the singer away from the
table in front of 300 revellers and a scuffle
kicked off.

Rihanna — seen downing champagne and
cocktails — yelled at the bouncers while
friends shouted at them to leave her alone.
One pal said: “They were trying to eject her
when her girlfriends starting screaming,
‘That’s Rihanna, you idiots!’
“Ri was telling the bouncers to get off and
there was a scuffle. I don’t think they
recognised her.
“Finally, before they got to the exit doors,
they realised their mistake and the club
manager ordered free drinks for the table.
And a new table, of course.”

The early-hours incident at central London’s
Rose Club sparked fresh fears that the
Umbrella star’s partying is spiralling out of

Rihanna, in the UK to work on her fashion
collection, has been seen out and about
regularly in the capital in the past week.

Last May she admitted missing a flight
because she was drunk. She was earlier
seen necking drinks in a club.

She woke up so tipsy at a hotel that she
failed to catch her plane home to LA
because she wanted to stay in bed.
The star tweeted: “U know life is great
when u wake up at 9am DRUNK!!!!!”

That month she was also hospitalised for
“exhaustion” after all-out partying and a
hectic work schedule.
One music industry insider said: “Her boozy
behaviour’s raising eyebrows. Everyone
likes a drink, but her more than most.”

Rihanna stayed at the Rose till 4am, then
posed on a scooter before heading to
another party at a friend’s house, where
she remained until 6am.

Last night her spokesman said: “There’s no
comment regarding this.”

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