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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Omotola Speaks About Her New Reality Show '' Real Me''

‘It’s just about me. A lot of young people
from Africa want to know how a celebrity,
a married woman with children live her
day to day life.

A lot of people think maybe I don’t stay at
home at all. All the busy questions you ask
me in the interviews. So we are putting all
of those in a visual format so then you can
see for yourself and just have fun with it.
It is basically what I do every day. There is
no scripting, none at all. I told them that if I
find out they tempered with some of the
content, I will be very mad at them because
they have cheated me. Everything is very
raw and my production crew believes in
me. So I believe everything is going to be

The ‘Real Me' will premiere this month and
it will be aired in 31 countries in Africa
including Nigeria, the UK (Sky TV ) and
selected TV stations in the US.

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