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Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama’s Secret Son Appears (Photo)

Reports gotten from the Union has it
that the first family has turned more
than a few heads at this week’s
Democratic National Convention, where
the president, as he greets delegates
and waves to crowds of supporters, is
often accompanied not only by his wife
and two daughters, but also his rarely
seen 19-year-old son, Luther.

The shy, slightly overweight teenager,
who has lived his entire life with his
mother in central Illinois, seldom
appears in public with the president,
with whom he has reportedly shared a
somewhat distant and occasionally
strained relationship.

“When I saw that kid with President
Obama, I had no clue who he was,” said
Georgia delegate Kathy Tyson, stating
that the teen appeared to have difficulty
sustaining eye contact with others and
stood uncomfortably alongside his
father when he shook hands with
voters Thursday. “I guess he does kind
of look like the president, though a bit
shorter and stockier.”

Luther was born in 1993 to Andrea
Pletcher, then a 24-year-old diner
cashier whom Obama, a young law
professor at the time, met during a brief
trip to the state capital of Springfield.

While the president’s son is said to have
faced numerous obstacles during his
childhood, including academic troubles,
repeated emotional outbursts, and his
mother’s bouts with alcoholism, family
friends have stated that overall he was
a “good kid” who “genuinely meant

White House aides said the president
sends money to Pletcher each month for
Luther’s care. After he became a U.S.
senator and moved to Washington,
Obama reportedly visited his 11-year-
old son every other Saturday afternoon,
playing wiffle ball with him or taking
him out to a movie matinee and then
dinner at the local Applebee’s.

When he became president, however,
Obama’s contact with the boy reduced
markedly, though sources confirmed he
would still send Luther a birthday card
and speak with him on the phone every
month or so, often talking him through
his schoolwork or asking about his
son’s interests in music and online

According to reports, the two have
often struggled to find common ground,
owing largely to their sharply differing
levels of motivation and expectations
for academic and personal success.

“There was a rough patch during
Luther’s early and mid-teens when he
and his dad didn’t get along at all,” said
Pletcher, speaking from the $600-a-
month ground-level condominium she
shares with her son and live-in
boyfriend. “But Barry came to Luther’s
high school graduation last year, and
that was a big step forward for them.

And now that Luther’s rebellious phase
seems to be winding down, there’s
definitely a greater respect between
“I’ll tell you, though, Luther was a real
handful for a while there, with his ADD
and all,” Pletcher continued. “But he’s
doing okay now. And I’ve been with
[boyfriend] Ian [Williams] for the past
three years, so Luther’s had a male
figure he can look up to a little bit.”

In a sign of their improving relationship,
Obama is said to have congratulated his
son heartily upon learning Luther was
giving school another shot this fall,
enrolling part-time at Lincoln Land
Community College. Additionally, Obama
expressed optimism that his son could
have a “real bright future” in the field of
sales or, if he applied himself,

With Luther now slated to join the first
family on the campaign trail, staffers
confirmed the president has
encouraged them to entrust the
frequently expressionless teen, who
often dresses in all-black clothing, with
some minor tasks to help him learn
about responsibility.

“We’ve got Luther stuffing envelopes
and handing out pins to the delegates,
and he’s doing a great job,” senior
campaign aide Stephanie Cutter said. “It
takes a while for him to come out of his
shell, but once he opens up he’s a real
nice kid. Plus he’s just so great with
Sasha and Malia. They really love their

“Luther may not have his father’s
smarts or gift for rhetoric,” Cutter
added, “but he tries. And he’s got a
good heart—a real good heart.”

Despite comments that interactions
between the president and his son have
remained noticeably stiff and awkward,
Obama said he was excited that he and
Luther were spending quality time
together and “finally starting to get to
know each other.”

“I can’t say I was the perfect father by
any means,” said Obama, admitting
candidly that he “wasn’t always there
for Luther.” “While my son has battled
his share of problems, his mother really
did the best she could raising him, and I
think she did a fine job. Now Luther and
I are ready to move forward and make
up for lost time.” “I’m real proud of my
boy,” he added, putting his arm around
his son, who flinched ever so slightly at
the physical contact.

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