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Friday, September 7, 2012

Man Introduces 12 Yrs Old Daughter To Marijuana Business

Yao Agbetepey, believed to be in his 40s,
was on Monday put before an Accra Circuit
Court after police nabbed his eight year-
old daughter, trying to sell Indian Hemp
popularly known as wee.

The accused person was nabbed after the
frightened little girl was caught trying to
sell the substance to a police officer and
mentioned her father as the one who sent
her to do so.

Agbetepey was put before an Accra Circuit
Court where he was charged with
possession of narcotic drugs and pleaded
not guilty to the offence.

He has been remanded in police custody
on the orders of the trial judge Francis
Obiri and is to re-appear on September 24.

Narrating events leading to the arrest, the
state attor-ney handling the case, Alia N.
Adu-Amankwah told the court that on May
9, personnel of the Narcotics Unit of the
CID Headquarters embarked on all anti-
narcotic operation to rid the city of drug

According to her, the team in the course of
their operations went to Odorkor official
Town and came across the accused
person's daughter who attempted to sell
dried leaves suspected to be 'wee' to one
of the police personnel.

She said the officer took the girl to the
accused person and searched his room
where 27 compressed parcels of leaves
suspected to be wee were discovered.
Furthermore, the state-attorney noted that
when asked about who owned the
exhibits, Agbetepey said they belonged to
him and told police in his cautioned
statement that they were for personal use.

She said Agbetepey also admitted that he
sometimes sold some to friends when he
had more than he could consume.

The prosecuting attorney said the accused
person was consequently arrested and the
exhibits forwarded to a police forensic
laboratory for testing.

Results which were made available to the
state proved it tested positive for Indian

She said the accused person was
arraigned after police concluded

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