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Friday, September 7, 2012

Jay Z Wants Blue Ivy To Be ‘Respectful’, Not Tough

Rap mogul Jay Z impresses people who
are otherwise insulated from the
violent, misogynistic imagery that his
music evokes. A Caucasian writer for
The NY Times was so moved by Jigga’s
Dope boy swag that she barely
mentioned his controlling nature, as
evidenced by the fact that he ordered
her lunch for her. “Apparently I look like
the fish-sandwich type,” she writes.

What man orders lunch for a woman
he’s just met, and they are not on a
date? Alarm bells should have been

The controlling narcissist in Jay Z has
already derailed his wife Beyonce’s
career. And now infant daughter Blue
Ivy’s life is already mapped out for her.
Hopefully the kid will measure up to his
lofty standards.

“She doesn’t have to be tough. She has
to love herself,” says Jay Z, 42. “She has
to know who she is, she has to be
respectful, and be a moral person.”

“It’s so weird watching rappers
becoming elder statesmen,” the NY
Times writer gushes. Nowhere in her
article does she mention a 42-year-old
“elder statesmen” who can’t pull his
pants up.

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