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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jay-Z set To Rap Duet With Coldplay In Paralympics' Closing Ceremony

American rap star Jay-Z is set to perform in
the closing ceremony of London Paralympic
Games 2012. Jay-Z, 42, will possibly be
putting up a duet with British rock band
Coldplay in the grand event, and entertain
an estimated audience of one billion

"Jay-Z and Chris Martin are close
friends so he helped to get the rapper on
board. They are putting together a
spectacular set list, one likely to include a
duet," the Daily Mirror quoted a source, as

Jay-Z, who headlined Radio 1's Hackney
Weekend earlier this summer, is the latest
big name to join the show, after last week
pop star Rihanna was learnt to be
performing in the Paralympics's closing

She is expected to sing the collaboration
track 'Princess Of China' with Coldplay as
part of the gig based on a theme of earth,
wind, water, fire and ice, the report said.
Rihanna, 24, is also expected to belt out her
hit music track, 'Umbrella', it added.

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