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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Month After: STV Presenter, Yvonne Vixen Threatens Oriental Hotel With War Over Missing Car

Yvonne Vixen, who is a reporter with
popular Lagos TV station, Silverbird
Television (STV) is yet to get over her car
that was reported missing at the premises
of Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos on Saturday,
July 28, 2012 .

Yvonne took her war against the hotel to
social networking site 'Twitter when she
tweeted series of tweets regarding the
missing car.

She tweeted; "I'm ready for WAR. U can't
take what belongs to me and expect me
to stay Quiet for too long... They don't
want to be civil, then I'll go STREET!

"Anyone who knows them should tell
'em sh*t is about to get CRAY. I'm fed up!
How the hell should ppl feel safe in an
establishment of that magnitude. U still
my property 2day, what will happen
next time? Get raped in d parking lot?
*steal I meant.

"Trouble sleep yanga wake am... u don't
mess with a wounded lioness. D
hospitality business is meant 2 ensure
safety& comfort. Hello!! What's wrong
with dis picture???

"I didn't knw THEY had d jumanji option
on their list of hospitality services. "Press
1 if u want ur belongings to disappear"

"No, but seriously! If you were me right
now, what would u do? Jeeez! Jesus save
me from blowing the lid off this ish!

"We should create our own version of the
Justice League... Eliminate all the Suckaz
of the World!!!! #wooooooosah! Ok
vixen.. down girl!! ... Done venting."

The management of the hotel could not be
reached as at press time to comment on
the issue.

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