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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Florida Man Caught Having Sex With His Donkey

A Florida man was arrested the other day
after a farm worker called police to say that
he saw Carlos Romero (above) naked next
to Carlos' donkey and appeared to be
having sex with it. Carlos told the police he
was not having sex with the donkey but
that he gets aroused when around animals
and did get naked and has masturbated
five or six times with the donkey. Carlos
also told the police that people in Florida
are backwards because they frown on
"zoophillia." Is that even a word? Carlos
said that he paid $500 for his donkey and
he would like him back. I bet he would. The
sad thing is even if the police find a home
for this donkey which they are doing, this
guy will just get another.

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