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Friday, September 14, 2012

Film Maker Charles Novia Opens Up On Fight Between Omotola Jolade

‘I am very dangerous when I am cross,
Omotola. By the time I am through with
you, you will be shocked what will happen
to you and your career’.

The above statement is an extract from the
book written by the prolific film maker,
actor and director, Charles Novia.

Charles has poetically revealed the secret
behind his fight with Omotola Jolade-

‘Nollywood Till November’ the book, states
“As the recording of the movie continued
Omotola somehow started getting on a lot
of the crew and cast nerves.

Since this is a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ book and since
I am generally known to be outspoken, I
believe I have to reveal a bit of this, not in
any way to disparage her person but to be
candid in my opinion. Little unnecessary
skirmishes with one person or the other
became rampant.

It got to a head one day that my Production
Manager, who is usually easy-going and
friendly lost his temper and came to me. ‘Sir,

please this will be the last time I will ever
work with you if Omotola features in your
movie after this one!’ he complained.
I was taking everything in my stride and
trying to calm frayed nerves when a couple
of days to the end of the shoot, Omotola
practically drove me crazy. I am very calm
most of the time as a person and as a movie
director but that day I blew my top!

I remember screaming at her and she was
shocked at first but made the mistake of
putting up a defence. That was when I
basically warned her in a very deadly tone
to be mindful of me.

Most of my crew members were shocked to
see me in that mood. No one had ever seen
me like that. I remember Norbert Young,
Empress and Tari West calming me, while
Ramsey sat coolly in a corner fiddling with
his phone. Omotola seeing my mood, wisely
went to her car and sulked.‘Who told you to
leave my set?’ I bawled. ‘Get back here and
lets shoot!’

All this and many more filled the beautiful
pages of the veteran film-maker.

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