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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Donald Trump Blames Kate Middleton For Topless Photos

Donald Trump has to yet find someone or
something he can't criticize, especially if it
is a woman he has not slept with yet. In a
series of Tweets addressing the Kate
Middleton topless photos controversy,
Donald says that Kate is great, but that she
should not be "sunbathing nude," and only
had herself to blame. Uh huh. He also says
the photographer did nothing wrong and
that of course someone is going to take the
chance to make a lot of money for those
photos. Donald is probably just wishing
that he could get someone interested
enough to take his photos topless. He might
even be willing to go full frontal if he could
be promised worldwide coverage. He
would love to show off his downstairs
comb over if you know what I mean.

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