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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lagos Chief Justice Frees 233 Kirikiri Prisoner Inmates

The Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Ayotunde Phillips, yesterday Tuesday September 18th granted freedom to 233 prisoners. 130 inmates from Kirikiri Maximum Prison and another 103 inmates from Kirikiri Medium Prison. Most of the 233 inmates released yesterday have been in prison for more than 12 awaiting trials.

The Chief Justice ordered their release after listening to some cases during a visit to the Kirikiri prisons yesterday as part of the activities marking the 2012/2013 Legal Year.

Basketmouth's New Look! Hot or not?

You like???

Donald Trump Blames Kate Middleton For Topless Photos

Donald Trump has to yet find someone or
something he can't criticize, especially if it
is a woman he has not slept with yet. In a
series of Tweets addressing the Kate
Middleton topless photos controversy,
Donald says that Kate is great, but that she
should not be "sunbathing nude," and only
had herself to blame. Uh huh. He also says
the photographer did nothing wrong and
that of course someone is going to take the
chance to make a lot of money for those
photos. Donald is probably just wishing
that he could get someone interested
enough to take his photos topless. He might
even be willing to go full frontal if he could
be promised worldwide coverage. He
would love to show off his downstairs
comb over if you know what I mean.

Florida Man Caught Having Sex With His Donkey

A Florida man was arrested the other day
after a farm worker called police to say that
he saw Carlos Romero (above) naked next
to Carlos' donkey and appeared to be
having sex with it. Carlos told the police he
was not having sex with the donkey but
that he gets aroused when around animals
and did get naked and has masturbated
five or six times with the donkey. Carlos
also told the police that people in Florida
are backwards because they frown on
"zoophillia." Is that even a word? Carlos
said that he paid $500 for his donkey and
he would like him back. I bet he would. The
sad thing is even if the police find a home
for this donkey which they are doing, this
guy will just get another.

Nollywood Actor Rasaki Olaniyi Arrested For Armed Robbery

A Nollywood actor, Rasaki Olaniyi, 45, was
on Tuesday arraigned before an Igbosere
Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, for allegedly
robbing, Abayomi Arinde, of N2.6 million.
Olaniyi of No. 7, Aduke Salako St., Agbado,
Lagos, was arraigned on four-count charges
of robbery, stealing, conspiracy and

The accused pleaded not guilty to the
Prosecutor Sunday Aggoi said that the
accused had on Sept. 5 at Oriental Hotel,
Victoria Island, robbed Arinde of N500, 000,
$10,000, three gold jewelries valued at
N150, 000.

Aggoi said that the accused also unlawfully
locked up the complainant in one of the
hotel rooms after robbing him.

He said that the complainant was robbed of
cash and goods totaling N2.6 million.

The prosecutor said that the accused was
apprehended by the hotel securities
following alarm raised by the complainant. .

Aggoi said that the offences contravened
Sections 297, 296, 299, 270 and 378 of the
Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State, 2011.

The counsel to the accused, Mr Olusegun
Ajanaku, urged the court to grant bail to the

The Magistrate, Mr Jacob Adegun, granted
bail to the accused in the sum of N1million
with two sureties in like sum.

Adegun said that the sureties must reside in
Lagos State and be employees of the State

The case was adjourned to Oct. 5, for

Update: Friends Of Nollywood Actress, Ngozi Nwosu Rally To Raise Funds For Her Treatment Abroad

Last week we brought you the news of
Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu’s state
of ill health. Today, we can reveal to you
that her present condition is generating
concern among her friends which has
made them to pick the gauntlet and rally
around to help save her.

Since the story went viral last week,
some of her friends have tried to raise
funds in order for her to run the
necessary medical tests. Reports say
that she has a kidney related problem
but according to a source, the actress is
suffering from ‘kidney leakage.’

A source revealed that a sum of 50,000
Naira was given to Ngozi last week to
run the test in the hospital so as to
know the exact kidney that is affected.

Right now, her friends are
contemplating flying her to India for a
kidney transplant. Her friends have
started asking for donations to help
save the Imo State-born actress. The
account details have not yet been
confirmed and soon as it is, we will keep
you posted.

Beyonce And Jay Z Raises $4 Million For President Obama

Last night about 100 deep pocket
donors paid upwards of $40,000 per
ticket to party side-by-side with
President Barack Obama, singer
Beyonce and her aging rapper husband
Jay Z at his 40/40 sports club in New
York City.

Beyonce introduced President Obama to
the well-heeled guests, saying: “I can’t
tell you how proud we are to host
tonight’s event with President Obama.
We believe in his vision.”

The president warmly thanked Bey and
Jay, saying: “Thank you so much for
your friendship.” It must be nice to
have “friends” like Beyonce and Jay Z.

”Jay-Z now knows, you know, what my
life is like,” said the president of the
former Brooklyn crack dealer. “We both
have daughters. And our wives are
more popular than we are. So we’ve got
a little bond there. It’s hard, but it’s

But Mr. Obama saved the most praise
for Beyonce, calling the curvy boudoir
singer a “role model.”

“Beyoncé couldn’t be a better role model
for our daughters because she carries
herself with such class and poise and
has so much talent.”

Even though he considers Beyonce to
be a role model for his daughters, Mr.
Obama left the women in his life back
home in DC. “Michelle, Sasha and Malia
are mad at me because they aren’t
here,” the president joked.

The president’s star-studded fundraisers
have drawn criticism from Republicans
and others who see the elitist events as
divisive and grandiose.

But Obama dismisses the critics by
using a lottery system that enables low-
income supporters to rub elbows with
the wealthy at his fundraisers.

Several Twitter users uploaded their cell
phone camera pics of the much-hyped

Spanish School Introduces Prostitution As A Course

Below is
how Daily Mail reported it.
A Spanish firm
offering a professional course in
prostitution which it says 'guarantees a job
offer on graduation,' has survived its first
legal challenge to be closed down.

For €100, students are taught the history
of the world's oldest profession, how to
use erotic toys and the most popular
positions contained within the Kama Sutra.

The school began advertising the course in
May, but within weeks the Valencian
regional government filed a case with
prosecutors, alleging that the school
promoted prostitution, which is illegal in

But yesterday prosecutors said there was
not any evidence that a criminal offence
had been committed because
advertisements for students did not
promote prostitution, constitute fraud and
were not aimed at minors, reported The

The venture has attracted much criticism in
the predominantly Catholic country, with
many saying it is the wrong way to tempt
cash-strapped Spaniards back into work.

But the Valencian firm, which flooded the
city's university campus with promotional
flyers, says it will make the trade safer.

It will also ensure budding sex-workers will
not fall foul of the law, with in depth
descriptions of the industry's laws and
how to work around them.

Brandon, who has run the one-week
course for eight years, said: 'They will
know what they are getting in to.

'Prostitution is a career that many people
live off from day to day, whether they are
single or have a partner.'

He added that 95 people, from the age of
19 to 45, had signed up to the diploma -
which takes up two hours each day.

And, once they graduate, they receive their
first job offer - to become a teacher in the
'school' where they can help in practical

What they learn in the series of theory and
practical classes will enable them to 'earn a
lot of money, very easily and quickly',
according to the ABC newspaper.

Esther Lopez Barcelo, a United Left MP in
Valencia, said the party was considering
appealing the ruling.

Sex is a multibillion-pound industry in
Spain, with colourfully lit brothels staffed
mainly by poor immigrant women from
Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe
lining highways throughout the country.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lastma Officials Beat Bus Driver To Death(Photos)

I don’t live in Lagos so I cannot say for
sure what LASTMA really represents
beside their constitutional role of
ensuring sanity on Lagos roads by
enforcing traffic regulations. But recent
happenings seem to suggest they have
taken up an unconstitutional role of
assaulting traffic offenders and even
the innocent ones alike, collecting illegal
‘tolls’/fines like the Nigerian Police wont
to and turning themselves into some
sort of terror that must be dreaded. This
is not to ignore the fact that they have
not been performing their duties well as
there must always be one or two cases
of misconduct here and there.

Eye witness reports reaching us indicate
that LASTMA officials allegedly assaulted
a bus driver so badly at Town Planning,
Lagos a few hours ago. Due to the
severity of the beatings, the conductor
rushed the driver to Gbagada hospital
only for the driver to be confirmed
dead on arrival by medical personnel

Sympathizers who had already gathered
at the hospital premises almost
started a mini riot if not for the timely
intervention of men of the Nigerian
Police. As at the time of this filing this
report, sympathizers are reportedly
heading towards Alausa with placards
reading “LASTMA, come and carry your
dead body” among other slogans.

Excuse me please, but is this the same
LASTMA that Lagos state Governor just
last week, threatened to withdraw their
services from Lagos roads for a day so
that Lagosians will realize their
importance? Maybe he should o! We
don’t need ‘killers’ and ‘marauders’
masquerading as law enforcement
agents. Haba!

May the soul of the yet-to-be identified
driver rest in perfect peace. Enough of
all this nonsense!

Rihanna Is Forgiven By Farmer For Flashing Boobs While Shooting Video

Reports have it that the 62-year-old
farmer sent his congratulations to the
24-year-old for landing the MTV Video
Of The Year Award for the saucy track
‘We Found Love’.

“I will not judge her and I will never
condemn her,” he told The Sun.

Adding, “I found her to be a nice girl.”

Last year, the Roc Nation songstress
was thrown off the farmer’s land in
Northern Ireland when she took off her
top while filming visuals for ‘We Found

Despite the religious farmers’
congratulations to the star, he still said
that he found the video “focused too
much on sexuality”.

Update: The Woman Who Gave Birth To Horse Was Childless For 11 Years

Fresh facts emerged yesterday that the
woman who gave birth to a horse-like
creature during a prayer session at the
World Liberation Ministry, Evuoriaria
Community, off Benin-Sapele Road, Benin
City, Edo State on Tuesday, got married 11
years ago without a child.
The facts came to the fore as members of
the ministry, who witnessed the delivery of
the strange creature, gave details of who
the woman was and how she gave birth
inside the church’s auditorium on Tuesday.
An eyewitness, Mrs. Veronica Egiebor, a
nurse, disclosed that the woman was a
vegetable seller for more than 10 years,
adding that she sponsored her boyfriend
through his university education with the
profits she made from the business.
But when it was time for her and the
boyfriend to come together in marriage, the
boy’s mother allegedly turned the table
So, the relationship broke up.The man
reportedly got married to another person
and she also got married to another man
some years later.
Egiebor said the General Overseer of the
ministry, Evangelist Revd Silva Iyamu,
walked up to the woman during the prayer
session and asked if she was pregnant and
her answer was in the affirmative.
The woman said sometimes she would feel
that she was pregnant and at times, it
would seem as if she was not carrying any
“The evangelist told her she was not
carrying an ordinary baby. He said: ‘Do you
want to go to a doctor to flush out what
you are carrying because what you are
carrying is not a baby?’ The pastor paused
and asked her again: “Or do you want it to
happen here?’ Everybody shouted ‘yes.’”
Egiebor stated that Iyamu asked the woman
if she wanted to go to hospital for
evacuation and she said no. This, she said,
made the general overseer to begin the
spiritual exercise.
She added: “Then, the evangelist asked four
women to donate their wrappers to form a
fence around her. He asked the men to
move to the back of the auditorium. He told
the congregation that the matter was a
women’s affair.”
Egiebor stated that Iyamu poured anointing
oil on the woman, sprinkled her with sachet
water and directed the congregation to
pray fervently.
Before long, she said, the woman felt
uncomfortable and went into labour.Egiebor
said: “She held somebody’s leg with the
clothes as she pushed harder for the baby
to come out. Then, something dropped and
she fell. The thing fell, some people called it
a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a
long neck and the ears were long. It was
exactly like a horse, although it was in a
baby form.”
The turn of event, according to her, made
Iyamu to issue a strong warning to the
congregants to steer from the demonic
object.She maintained that many of the
congregants took to their heels as soon as
Iyamu gave the warning.
Personal Assistant to the General Overseer,
Prince John Ogbovoh, who said the branch
of the ministry where the incident occurred
was established about five months ago,
described the incident as spectacular.
He disclosed that the woman got married
about 11 years ago and has not had any
issue since then.He explained that the
woman had come to the ministry for prayer
of deliverance from her barrenness, adding
that his boss prayed with her and told her
that she carried a funny creature in her
Fielding question on why the woman was
at large, he responded: “I am sure the
woman is ashamed. God has done a good
job in her life and she is ashamed. But I am
sure she will come back. The dead creature
was left for a while for people to see.
“This morning (Wednesday), the people
ordered that they should throw the creature
away because it was becoming an
embarrassment. Evangelist Iyamu has
launched a manhunt for her.”A member of
the ministry, Ivie Imhanluobe, who said he
attended the prayer session, also recalled
that the woman sat on the front row.
According Imhanluobe: The pastor prayed
for her and she fell under the anointing. She
delivered a horse.
“We have seen ritual money turned to
tortoise in this church.”Another member of
the ministry, Maria Osawaye, said the
woman was covered in her own blood and
was weak after the delivery.
Evangelist Iyamu insisted that the woman
actually gave birth to the mysterious
creature in his church, saying whoever was
in doubt should verify the news.Iyamu
maintained: “This is not strange to us.
“We have been seeing miracles in this
ministry. When we were praying yesterday
(Tuesday), a word of knowledge came
about somebody who had an issue with
pregnancy. The vision was clear that
whenever she went for ultra-sound, the
doctors would confirm that she was
pregnant on some occasions and
sometimes said she was not pregnant.
“As the deliverance was going on, I noticed
that a woman was bleeding and I asked her
to come to the front. Some minutes later, we
heard people screaming.“I am not a medical
doctor and I may not know the appropriate
word to use.
“When she came out, everybody was
It was something we have not seen for a
long time. Later she collapsed. So, we had to
order everybody to go outside the
auditorium for ventilation before she was
revived. Some women who were around
cleaned her up.”
Answering question on the speculation that
the incident was not true and that it was a
ploy to increase members of his ministry,
Iyamu responded: “Every story has two
sides. To find out about any ministry, go to
that ministry. Signs and wonders are normal
things in this ministry.
“So, nobody can predict what God can do.
Whoever is in doubt should come with a
request.”Meanwhile, a Consultant
Gynaecologist, Dr. Jerry Uwaifo, has
described as a blatant lie the news of the
birth of the horse-like creature.
Uwaifo, who is the Medical Director of
Central Hospital, Benin City, maintained that
it was not medically possible for a woman
to be delivered of an animal.
He explained that there has always been a
genetic basis for giving birth.His words: “A
woman can give birth to a deformed child
but not animal.
“How come they didn’t bring her to a
reputable hospital so that it can be verified?
God does not perform a miracle in that way.
He will not allow a woman to deliver a
Uwaifo stated that the medical association
could not launch an independent
investigation into the bizarre incident
unless there was an invitation to do so,
adding that it must also be done with the
consent of the woman’s husband.

Nollywood Actor Jailed In Abuja For Having Sex With A Man

Nigeria's law against gay practice
claimed its first victim in the federal
capital territory, Abuja on Monday,

According to reports, 28-year old actor,
Bestwood Chukwuemeka was on
Monday sentenced to prison by a
Magistrate Court in Abuja for having
sexual intercourse with another man
through the anus.

At first he pleaded not guilty before
accepting the crime. In his words; "I am
guilty of the charge against me. I was
under the influence of alcohol and I
want the court to temper justice with
mercy," he pleaded.

The police prosecutor, Mohammed Umar,
had told the court that the convict
committed the offence in August when
the complainant was sleeping in his bed.
Homosexual acts, the prosecutor said,
was contrary to Section 284 of the Penal

After listening to both parties, the Senior
Magistrate tempered justice with mercy
and sentenced the actor to three months
imprisonment, but without an option of

University Of Ibadan’s Dean Of Arts Faculty Slumps And Dies In Market

The Dean of Faculty of Arts at the University
of Ibadan, Professor Kolawole Olu-Owolabi
aged 51 yesterday slumped and died at Mokola
Roundabout Ibadan.His body has been
deposited in the mortuary.

The death of Professor Olu-Owolabi will be
the third in two years in the same Faculty.
In Nigeria’s premier university, founded in

According to some reliable sources at the
university, the dean, who came out of his
car at Mokola with the aim of buying
something suddenly collapsed.However, the
people around called the police who
responded immediately and took him to an
unknown hospital where he was confirmed

Professor Olu-Owolabi who became dean
last year August 1, 2011 was former Head of
Department of Philosophy between October
2002 and 2004.He bagged B.A. in
Philosophy in 1983 and a PhD in Philosophy
1989, both degrees from the University of

He then returned to the Obafemi Awolowo
University where he obtained LLB in 2006
and proceeded to the Law School Abuja
between September 2006 to June 2007.He
equally bagged LLM in 2010 from OAU.Born
in Ikene Remo in Ogun State on May 30,
1961, Professor Olu-Owolabi hailed from
Igbogila, Yewa-North Local Government.He
is survived by wife and two children.

What Has This Lady Done To Her Boyfriend?

Before now, we've been hearing stories
of how women use "something" to
control their men in order to have such
men do whatever pleases them.... Could
this be one of such case or is it right for
a guy to wash his woman's under wear?

There's A Conspiracy To Bring Me Down; Davido Cries Out

Young fast-rising musician, Davido is
not happy with his critics. He believes
there is some sort of conspiracy by
somebody or a group of persons to
bring him down at all cost, especially
with regards to the assault case against

Below is how he reacted to the

"I want to assure all my beloved
fans and friends that, I am not
wanted by the police and no officer
in the Nigerian police gave an order
for my arrest. I went to the police
some weeks ago to give a
statement and cleared my name.

I did not beat up any taxi driver and
the lady that hired the taxi driver
and all those that are involved in
this matter have made statements
to the police and none of them
mentioned my name except the taxi
driver who claims that a large sum
of money was missing in his taxi, in
fact the lady in question stated that
she was not beaten by anyone and
that nobody assaulted the taxi

This is a case of blackmail, and I
have resolved not to succumb to
any blackmail for money. And to all
those that are involved in this
conspiracy to bring me down, I
want to remind you that God
Almighty himself got me to where I
am today in my music career and
you will not succeed in your
devilish efforts to bring me down. "

Female Student Raped And Killed By Her Boyfriend

People are indeed wicked! It is only a
stupid man that would kill a lady he
claimed to love all in a bid to cover his
dirty business?

Wunmi Adebayo is a Tai Solarin Student
who many reported was killed by armed
robbers some days back at her
boyfriend’s house in Ijebu Ode?

However, that is not the truth.

There is a new development in the
story; her boyfriend has confessed to
the Police that he actually murdered
Wunmi for some selfish reasons.

The guy didn’t just confess willingly.
According to a source, Wunmi’s parents
didn’t believe his story that she was
shot by armed robbers, so they had to
invoke her spirit.

This act is a common practice in some
parts of Nigeria, particularly where the
circumstances surrounding the death of
a person is suspicious. When this is
done, the killer is tormented by the spirit
of the deceased until he or she

Consequently, the guy confessed to the
police. According to him, he is an armed
robber unknown to his girlfriend,
Wunmi. She came to his house that day
and met him and his friends celebrating
with guns on the table.

She tried to run back, but they caught
her, beat her, and raped her before they
finally shot her. The boyfriend killed
Wunmi so she won’t tell anyone what
she saw.

Armed Robbers Invade Wedding Reception; Bride, Groom, Guests Robbed

Heavily armed gunmen numbering
about six invaded a wedding reception
in the Abule-Egba area of Lagos on
Saturday and shot one of the female
guest after dispossessing the other
guests present of their valuables.

We gathered that the armed
men, who stormed the venue with a
bus, also robbed the wedding rings of
the bride and groom.

The unfortunate incident occurred about
6:45pm when some of the invited
guests have started living the reception
venue. Men of the Nigeria Police didn't
arrive the event centre until the guys
finished their operation and drove off.

A source said the female guest was shot
because she tried to run away from the
scene when the armed robbers ordered
every body present to lay face down.

No arrest has been made as the Police
are claiming that the owners of the
event centre never reported to the
station that they have such business in
the area.

Why I Sent My Wife Packing' - Rev Chris Okotie

Since ending his four year marriage to
Stephanie Henshaw in June this year,
Pastor Chris Okotie has never really
opened up about what led to his
decision to end his marriage. There has
been a lot of speculations in the media
and he finally decided to react to some
of it. He gave an exclusive interview to
City People magazine through a minister
in his church, Rev Grace Funmi Paul, a
member of House Hold of God for the
past 25 years. It's a long interview but
I'm just going to pick some parts I think
might interest you all. See it below...

Rev Grace Paul: A blind person
knows that my pastor loved his
wife, Stephanie, passionately. This
year before the separation, he had
taken her out of the country at least
three times to different places like
Dubai, US and so on. He loved her,
so did the congregation but the
bible says that two cannot walk
together except they agree. In the
establishment of the kingdom of
God, the rules change because the
rules are made by God and not by
man. So, it didn't have to do with
what pastor wanted to do, because
left to him, his love will keep him
struggling and going at it but if God
gives him instruction he has to
follow it through.

City People: If I get you correctly, it was
Jesus instructions for Pastor Chris to
part ways with Stephanie?

Rev Grace: Let me give you a precedent.
In the bible, there's a queen called
Queen Vershti of Persia. The king invited
his wife and said - come woman, I want
to show you off to my people and the
woman had an attitude. She had pride
issues. It was at that point she said to
the king "Excuse me, I am making up,
how can you be humiliating me by
telling me to come and sit down so that
people can be looking at me." So she
refused and the people of the kingdom
rose up against her, and they said the
king must let her go, and that was how
Esther came in. That is the principle of
The Kingdom. In the two cases of my
pastor's former wives, it was an
abdication of roles. One was a physical
abdication, and the other was a spiritual
abdication. In the matters of the
Kingdom of God, when you abdicate
your position, your position will be
taken over, because the calling my
pastor has, he is not called to work

CP: In Stephanie's case, was it a case of
spiritual or physical abdication?

Rev Grace: Her case was spiritual
abdication, but either ways it amounts
to the same thing, because the scripture
states clearly that if unbelieving departs,
let him depart, you are not bound.

CP: Any efforts to patch things up?

Rev Grace: Spiritual things can not be
patched up. When there are two people
who are not the same kind, it is not a
matter of patching up.

CP: So is the congregation happy that
the pastor is single again and is there
any plans to replace Stephanie?

Rev Grace: The congregation is not in
the position to replace Stephanie. My
pastor is a full grown man, and he
knows what he's doing. In the case of
our pastor's first wife, she insisted that
where she wanted to do her church
work was in the US. As for Stephanie, I
cannot be intruding. As much as I am
authorised to do what I am doing, I
can't disrespect my pastor and
Stephanie. If I begin to give you some
details, they would amount to
disrespect. My pastor has insisted that
they want to keep it private.

CP: Pastor Chris once said that the
instruction to marry Stephanie was
from God

Rev Grace: If you know my pastor, he is
a passionate person. They had a long
time relationship before they got
married. My pastor is particularly careful
about beautiful women because he
knows that the devil desires them. So
when a beautiful woman has issues in
church, he ministers to them, and
because he does that, people jump to
the conclusion that he sleeps with them,
which is not true. Just like Queen Ure,
pastor has never had an affair with her,
will never have an affair with her
because they are not of the same kind

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thieves Drives BMW Into Apple Store To Steal iPhone 5

Impatient thieves eager to get their
hands on the new iPhone 5 cell phones
rammed a BMW into a Temecula,
California Apple Store last week. Police
arrested 22-year-old Equonne R.

Howard, who they say was at the wheel
of the BMW when he smashed through
the Apple store’s iconic storefront

Once inside the store, Howard’s
accomplices jumped out and began
picking up iPads that were sent flying
when the car collided with display tables
at the front of the store.

Howard attempted to back out of the
store but his hasty departure was
impeded by the same tempered glass
windows he just drove through. The
damage to the pricey BMW included 2
flat tires and the license plate fell off the
car, which made it easier for the police
to track Howard down.

The keys to the BMW — which Howard
abandoned near the Apple store —
were still in his pocket. The damage to
his parent’s BMW will certainly exceed
the price of the stolen merchandise.

Howard pleaded not guilty Wednesday
to multiple felony charges.

There is no word on whether he got his
hands on the much-hyped iPhone 5.
Apple stocks soared close to $700 a
share following the launch of the iPhone
5s Friday.

Usher Opens Up To Oprah About Child Custody Battle And Infidelity

Singer Usher Raymond and his mother,
Jonetta Patton, opened up to Oprah
Winfrey in Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s
Next Chapter. Oprah travelled to Usher’s
Alpharetta home, where Usher spoke
publicly for the first time about the
bitterly contested child custody dispute
with ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond.

The 33-year-old singer said he regrets
marrying his former wardrobe stylist,
and Oprah pressed him to respond to
rumors that he cheated on Tameka.
Usher also discussed his views on
parenting his two boys, Usher Raymond
IV, 4, and Naviyd, 3. Like most good
parents, Usher reinforces good
behavior with the reward system (treats
and field trips) and he discourages bad
behavior by putting his sons in time

Friday, September 14, 2012

Nollywood Actress Ngozi Nwosu Bedridden, Diagnosed With Kidney Problem

Popular Nollywood Actress Ngozi Nwosu is
currently sick and bed-ridden,the versalite
actress has been on the movie scene
professionally since 1985 till date.

The report from her present state of health
is not cheering at all . She is seriously sick
and needs the prayers of all well-meaning
Nigerians and her fans across the globe to
pull through.

The doctors in the private hospital she was
in last week says her kidneys are leaking.

She is being taken today to Gbagada
general hospital. She claims Amaka Igwe
promised to send her abroad so she has to
get her consultant’s report but Amaka Igwe
has denied this.

However she is refusing to go to any
hospital but her friends are insisting and
are making plans to carry her there. Right
now she is incoherent and barely talking
well. She lives alone in ketu with a new

We Wish her sound health and quick

French magazine Leaked Topless Pictures Of Kate Middleton

Britain’s royal family is in a tizzy this
morning after French magazine Closer
published topless pics of the Duchess of
Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

The pictures show Middleton sunbathing
topless on holiday with her husband, Prince
William. The latest controversy comes just a
month after the royal family had to deal
with Prince Harry’s wild night in Vegas
which featured him posing nude in his hotel
room with a blonde woman.

Closer, a celebrity gossip rag, ran a five-
page spread featuring images of a topless
Middleton relaxing topless with her prince
in Southern France.

Under the headline “Oh my God!”, the
photos show the Duchess removing her
bikini top. ”Harry started the fashion: these
days the Windsors take their clothes off,”
the French magazine joked in the photo

The royal family is said to be investigating
what legal actions, if any, they can take
against the French magazine.

Viewer Discretion: Woman Urinates On Actress For Allegedly Snatching Her Husband

An “upcoming” actress whose identity
is yet to be made known may have had
her budding career already in shambles
as she has taken up a role in a script
which is definitely too big for her to

The actress in question was said to have
allegedly snatched the husband of a
certain woman who, it was reported,
had been patiently waiting to teach her
the lesson of her life by publicly
disgracing her – and exactly that is
what the woman did to the actress!

The woman was said to have laid
ambush for her in one of her outings,
stripped her half naked and urinated on
her as a sign of warning to leave her
husband alone.

Meanwhile, information about the
incident, which was said to have taken
place in Port Harcourt, is still sketchy.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde In Legal Mess Over Debt Allegations

Renowned Nollywood actress, Omotola
Jalade-Ekeinde, has been reportedly
dragged to court by one individual
identified as Keshi Elvis, a legal
practitioner holding brief for Megafield
Solicitors, whose legal services the
celebrity was said to have engaged
through her company, Redhot Concepts
Limited, between 2010 and 2012.

According to Keshi, Omotola is owing
total of N1,150,000, for retainership
agreement and services rendered to
Omotola and her company within the
aforementioned period. The problem, he
claimed, started when Omotola failed to
honour the contractual agreement they
entered into in 2010.

He however said all attempts he made to
ensure that Omotola and her company
honour the agreement failed, a situation
which prompted his decision to seek
redress in court: “In February 2012, I
wrote Omotola where I terminated our
agreement, with a letter of demand. She
ignored me all this while,” he said.

Interestingly however, the actress is
said to have enlisted the services of
famous Lagos Lawyer and human rights
activist, Festus Keyamo, not to deny
owing the complainant money, but to –
among other things – counter that what
she owed is “N350,000, and not

Now the question is: How much could
Omotola possibly pay for the services of
Keyamo? Or could it be pro bono?

Source: Vanguard

How I Escaped From Ritualists- 20-year Old Undergraduate

A first year student of Health Technology at
the University of Benin Teaching Hospital
(UBTH), Miss Grace Ayetan (20), at the
weekend narrated her ordeal with ritualists
to The Nation in Benin, the Edo State capital.

Grace, who was accompanied by her
father, Mr. James Ayetan said: “I boarded a
bus from Ring-Road to school and there
were other passengers in the vehicle. At
Five Junction, the bus stopped and the
conductor went down to pour water into
the radiator. That is the last thing I
remembered. We all fell asleep. “When
another passenger, a woman, woke us up
later, the bus was in the bush.

“We started shouting, but the driver and
the conductor brought out a gun and told
us to be quiet.

“They took us to an underground house in
the forest and put us into different rooms.

They chained us and hung our bags
around our necks. We went without food
and water for days.

“After beheading a woman and her baby, a
fight ensued between the ritualists over
what to do with the rest of us. In the
process, a bunch of keys fell from one of

“The fight drew the attention of the guards
at the main entrance who took the parties
into a room to settle the dispute.

“That gave one of us the opportunity to
pick the keys and unlock the chains. That
was how we escaped.”

Grace said a good Samaritan took them out
of the forest and brought them to Benin.
She advised the public to be careful when
boarding commercial vehicles. Mr. Ayetan
urged security agents to curb the activities
of ritualists.

Obama’s Secret Son Appears (Photo)

Reports gotten from the Union has it
that the first family has turned more
than a few heads at this week’s
Democratic National Convention, where
the president, as he greets delegates
and waves to crowds of supporters, is
often accompanied not only by his wife
and two daughters, but also his rarely
seen 19-year-old son, Luther.

The shy, slightly overweight teenager,
who has lived his entire life with his
mother in central Illinois, seldom
appears in public with the president,
with whom he has reportedly shared a
somewhat distant and occasionally
strained relationship.

“When I saw that kid with President
Obama, I had no clue who he was,” said
Georgia delegate Kathy Tyson, stating
that the teen appeared to have difficulty
sustaining eye contact with others and
stood uncomfortably alongside his
father when he shook hands with
voters Thursday. “I guess he does kind
of look like the president, though a bit
shorter and stockier.”

Luther was born in 1993 to Andrea
Pletcher, then a 24-year-old diner
cashier whom Obama, a young law
professor at the time, met during a brief
trip to the state capital of Springfield.

While the president’s son is said to have
faced numerous obstacles during his
childhood, including academic troubles,
repeated emotional outbursts, and his
mother’s bouts with alcoholism, family
friends have stated that overall he was
a “good kid” who “genuinely meant

White House aides said the president
sends money to Pletcher each month for
Luther’s care. After he became a U.S.
senator and moved to Washington,
Obama reportedly visited his 11-year-
old son every other Saturday afternoon,
playing wiffle ball with him or taking
him out to a movie matinee and then
dinner at the local Applebee’s.

When he became president, however,
Obama’s contact with the boy reduced
markedly, though sources confirmed he
would still send Luther a birthday card
and speak with him on the phone every
month or so, often talking him through
his schoolwork or asking about his
son’s interests in music and online

According to reports, the two have
often struggled to find common ground,
owing largely to their sharply differing
levels of motivation and expectations
for academic and personal success.

“There was a rough patch during
Luther’s early and mid-teens when he
and his dad didn’t get along at all,” said
Pletcher, speaking from the $600-a-
month ground-level condominium she
shares with her son and live-in
boyfriend. “But Barry came to Luther’s
high school graduation last year, and
that was a big step forward for them.

And now that Luther’s rebellious phase
seems to be winding down, there’s
definitely a greater respect between
“I’ll tell you, though, Luther was a real
handful for a while there, with his ADD
and all,” Pletcher continued. “But he’s
doing okay now. And I’ve been with
[boyfriend] Ian [Williams] for the past
three years, so Luther’s had a male
figure he can look up to a little bit.”

In a sign of their improving relationship,
Obama is said to have congratulated his
son heartily upon learning Luther was
giving school another shot this fall,
enrolling part-time at Lincoln Land
Community College. Additionally, Obama
expressed optimism that his son could
have a “real bright future” in the field of
sales or, if he applied himself,

With Luther now slated to join the first
family on the campaign trail, staffers
confirmed the president has
encouraged them to entrust the
frequently expressionless teen, who
often dresses in all-black clothing, with
some minor tasks to help him learn
about responsibility.

“We’ve got Luther stuffing envelopes
and handing out pins to the delegates,
and he’s doing a great job,” senior
campaign aide Stephanie Cutter said. “It
takes a while for him to come out of his
shell, but once he opens up he’s a real
nice kid. Plus he’s just so great with
Sasha and Malia. They really love their

“Luther may not have his father’s
smarts or gift for rhetoric,” Cutter
added, “but he tries. And he’s got a
good heart—a real good heart.”

Despite comments that interactions
between the president and his son have
remained noticeably stiff and awkward,
Obama said he was excited that he and
Luther were spending quality time
together and “finally starting to get to
know each other.”

“I can’t say I was the perfect father by
any means,” said Obama, admitting
candidly that he “wasn’t always there
for Luther.” “While my son has battled
his share of problems, his mother really
did the best she could raising him, and I
think she did a fine job. Now Luther and
I are ready to move forward and make
up for lost time.” “I’m real proud of my
boy,” he added, putting his arm around
his son, who flinched ever so slightly at
the physical contact.

Robbers Raid Nollywood Actor Nkem Owoh’s(Osuofia) House In Enugu, Cart Away Jeep

In a rather unfortunate event, reports
have it that the Enugu residence of
Nollywood actor, Nkem Owoh, has been
raided by yet-to-be-identified hoodlums
who carted away his Mitsubishi Montero
Jeep with number plate BU 64 FST,
alongside other valuables.

The confirmation of the said incident
was done by Owoh himself who was
said to have been in Abuja at the time of
the incident.

The Nollywood actor popularly known
as Osuofia, also lost his Toshiba laptop
and camcorder to the intruders, who
broke into his house at Phase 6, Tran’s
Ekulu, Enugu.

The actor, who spoke to reporters on
phone, said: “I was in Abuja last week
Saturday when my neighbours called
that it was like my place was burgled,
that my gate appeared to be open.

“I asked them to check and they
reported back that out of the three
vehicles parked in the compound, the
Jeep was no longer there.

“I called my driver and asked him to
make a report to the police immediately,
which he did.”

Owoh, who has returned to Enugu as a
result of the incident, further revealed
that the robbers removed the burglary
roof in his window, through which they
were able to remove the laptop.

He said there are no suspects for now
but noted that the police had been

Serena Williams Is Off The Market Again! Dating Her Tennis Coach, Patrick Mouratoglou

Even though the old folks say you
should never mix business with
pleasure, the coaching change has done
wonders for Williams on and off the
court. The 5′-10″ star went on to win
Wimbledon, Olympic Gold, and the US
Open after hiring Mouratoglou.

Williams, who has been linked to rapper
Common, NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire
and former NFL wide receiver
Keyshawn Johnson, has a spotty history
with men.

Back in March, Williams swore off of
dating men altogether, saying she
would try celibacy for at least the next
10 years. But that didn’t last long.

Sadly, Williams is addicted to dopamine,
and as a result she is unable to
distinguish between dopamine-fueled
lust and real love — which means her
current relationship is doomed to

Film Maker Charles Novia Opens Up On Fight Between Omotola Jolade

‘I am very dangerous when I am cross,
Omotola. By the time I am through with
you, you will be shocked what will happen
to you and your career’.

The above statement is an extract from the
book written by the prolific film maker,
actor and director, Charles Novia.

Charles has poetically revealed the secret
behind his fight with Omotola Jolade-

‘Nollywood Till November’ the book, states
“As the recording of the movie continued
Omotola somehow started getting on a lot
of the crew and cast nerves.

Since this is a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ book and since
I am generally known to be outspoken, I
believe I have to reveal a bit of this, not in
any way to disparage her person but to be
candid in my opinion. Little unnecessary
skirmishes with one person or the other
became rampant.

It got to a head one day that my Production
Manager, who is usually easy-going and
friendly lost his temper and came to me. ‘Sir,

please this will be the last time I will ever
work with you if Omotola features in your
movie after this one!’ he complained.
I was taking everything in my stride and
trying to calm frayed nerves when a couple
of days to the end of the shoot, Omotola
practically drove me crazy. I am very calm
most of the time as a person and as a movie
director but that day I blew my top!

I remember screaming at her and she was
shocked at first but made the mistake of
putting up a defence. That was when I
basically warned her in a very deadly tone
to be mindful of me.

Most of my crew members were shocked to
see me in that mood. No one had ever seen
me like that. I remember Norbert Young,
Empress and Tari West calming me, while
Ramsey sat coolly in a corner fiddling with
his phone. Omotola seeing my mood, wisely
went to her car and sulked.‘Who told you to
leave my set?’ I bawled. ‘Get back here and
lets shoot!’

All this and many more filled the beautiful
pages of the veteran film-maker.

Photo Of Tonto Dikeh’s Late Mum

Some days ago, Actress Tonto Dikeh
tweeted about remembering her mum.
Fortunately for us, we found a photo of her
late mum.

You can see that Tonto Dikeh is
almost an exact copy of her late mum. May
her gentle soul Rest in Peace.

New Website Exposes Connection Between P Diddy And The Death Of Tupac Shakur

Rap legend Tupac Shakur died 16 years
ago today from injuries he suffered in a
hail of gunfire on the busy Las Vegas
strip. To commemorate the anniversary
of Shakur’s death, writer Chuck Phillips
launched a website today that will
focus on the unsolved deaths of Tupac
and the Notorious B.I.G.

Beginning today, Philips will use
Twitter to promote an exclusive 1,200
word news story, which will be
published on his new site and released
via Twitter, 140 characters at a time.

According to a press release issued to
media outlets, the first story will focus
on Sean “Diddy” Combs and his
relationship with late Harlem drug
dealer Eric “Von Zip” Martin.

Martin was a big time drug dealer who
died last month in New York. His star-
studded funeral was attended by celebs
such as Sean Combs, Jae Millz, Lil Kim,
and Cam’ron, reports.

According to Phillips, Von Zip was the
go-between for Sean Combs and the
Compton Southside Crips gang. Police
believe the man who killed Tupac was
Orlando Anderson, a member of the
Southside Crips, who was murdered in

According to police interviews and case
documents, Von Zip introduced Combs
to a man named “Keefe D.,” a Southside
Crips key figure, who allegedly admitted
to police that he helped orchestrate
Tupac’s murder.

Phillips, a former LA Times
investigative reporter, wrote an in-
depth report fingering Combs as the
mastermind behind Tupac’s untimely

Combs has vigorously denied any
connection to Tupac’s murder.

Ladies Fighting Naked. when Will This Stop (photo)

So many times we have seen so many pictures of Nigerian ladies kicking each other's boot with little or no clothes on. The summary of many is that, even though ladies do not have the energy to be swift to fighting, the fighting itself gets terrible and nasty as it starts and in a rare condition, doesn't end well. What do we then do to stop all these crazy fights?

At Last! 2Face Twitter Account Verified, Joins Omotola, D'Banj, Genevieve, Others

One of Africa's finest stars, Innocent Idibia better known as 2Face has finally joined the few Nigerians that have their account with popular social networking site, Twitter verified.

The twitter handle of this Africa Queen crooner '@2faceidibia' now carries the 'blue mark' sign associated with accounts with verified users.

2Face has now joined the likes of D'Banj, Ice Prince, Dencia, Asa, Omotola, Genevieve and few others.

Check Out What This Campus Girl Did To Herself (photo)

when a news pops up that ladies were raped maybe one should really look at the case well before feeling any pity for them.

Do you think this lady won't be taken advantage of like this? ..

Panic In Nigeria's Security Over Negative Movie On Prophet Muhammed

The Federal Government of Nigeria is
already taking measures to prevent
crises against a controversial movie said
to have painted Prophet Muhammed in
bad light.

Anger and violent riots have greeted the
amateur film said to portray Islam and
it's Prophet in bad light. The trailer of the
film was upload to an online video-
sharing website.

The action of Nigeria's government i s
sequel to the riots that broke out in
Egypt and Libya on Tuesday after some
Muslims attacked the consulates of the
United States in both countries.

Unfortunately, the US Ambassador to
Libya, Chris Steven, and three other
Americans were killed in the riots.
Both military and police formations in
major cities in the North had been
placed on high alert while security had
been beefed up around foreign

Deputy Force Public Relations Officer,
Frank Mba, on Wednesday said in
addition to placing all police formations
in the country on high alert, “the AIG in
charge of Intelligence and
Commissioners of Police in charge of the
various Police Special Squads such as the
Counter Terrorism Unit, Police Mobile
Force and Special Protection Unit have
been directed to ensure that their
personnel are strategically deployed to
prevent and nip all potential crisis in the

The statement quoted the IG as assuring
law abiding Nigerians of the readiness
and capacity of the police to provide
adequate security for them and their

It warned those it described as
“potential trouble-makers” to stay off
the streets as the nation’s security
agencies would bring the full weight of
the law to bear on them.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Actress Shan George In Sex Scandal With 21yrs Old Boy, Four Others

If report by BON is anything to go by,
then controversial Nollywood actress,
Shan George may be in big trouble with
former PMAN president, Tee Mac

This is because, according to what was
reported, Shan George, who recently
accused some married actresses of
sleeping around with men like dogs, is
being alleged of nursing a sizzling
romance with the Tee Mac's 21-year-old

As reported, Shan was alleged to have
slept with about four band members of
Tee Mac, who we learnt were young
guys, during the FIFA World Cup held in
South Africa in 2010. She reportedly
gave the excuse of cold weather as the
reason of having sex with the boys.

The report further claimed that Tee Mac
was fully aware of Shan's under 'G' runs
with this boys she slept with but he
chose to keep quite. But when Shan
made effort to have a taste of Tee Mac's
handsome son, Tee Mac reportedly
blocked her "dangerous" moves,
knowing the kind of person she is.

It was further reported that about two
months ago, Shan was suppose to make
a trip to the just concluded London
Olympics, where she was supposed to
be among some Nigerian celebs to meet
with Team Nigeria, but Tee Mac
influenced the light-skinned actress
being dropped when he probably
forsaw that Shan would use the
opportunity to concluded her mission
with his son, who was part of the trip.

It was further gathered that Tee Mac
also took a step further by warning
Shan George to stay off his son or face
his wrath.

Shan has had controversial relationships
with some younger lovers in the past
who are mostly in their 20's. Efforts to
get her reaction to this latest scandal
proved abortive.

Facebook Murder Again! Man Kills 16yrs Old Girl

The dangers of the Social Media is here
with us and everyone should be
security conscious when dealing with
people they met online.

A 30-year-old man facing charges of
raping a teenage girl two years ago is
said to have murdered the 16-year-old
last week so that she could not testify
against him in his upcoming sexual
assault trial, said police.

Franklin Davis, 30, of Irving, Texas,
confessed to shooting dead a black girl,
Shania Gray, after he was arrested on
Friday and police began questioning him
about the girl's death.

Davis allegedly raped and sexually
assaulted Gray in 2010 when she
babysat for his two children. In July
2011, he was charged with four counts
of sexual abuse and was released on
bail the following month.

The tragedy started when Davis set up a
fake Facebook profile pretending to be a
teenage boy in order to lure 16yrs Old
Gray into seeing him. Davis met up with
the schoolgirl, drove her to a remote
park and killed her, police said.

Using the fake profile, Davis sent the
schoolgirl messages saying they had
mutual friends and that he had a crush
on her. He told her he would stop by her
school to say hello on Thursday, Sherry
Ramsey, a close friend of the victim’s
family disclosed.

Around 4pm last Thursday, after
finishing her second day at a new high
school, the 16-year-old believed she was
meeting up with her new Facebook
friend. Instead, she was picked up by
Davis, who then drove her to the
secluded Campion Trails Park in Irving,
fatally shot her and dumped her body in
a nearby river, according to police.

It is not clear what made Gray get into
Davis’ car, whether she was held at
gunpoint or if Davis was wearing a
disguise, said Ramsey. Gray's family say
she would not have got into Davis' car

Gray’s family say they did not know of
any contact between their daughter and
Davis since he allegedly raped and
sexually assaulted her. Davis trial was
scheduled for October 29 and police
believe that he killed the 16-year-old so
that she could not testify against him. A
police investigation was launched after
Gray’s family reported the schoolgirl
missing on Friday morning.

Police retrieved the weapon, a 38 Calibre
pistol, from a nearby pond. Davis has
been charged with capital murder on
Sunday and is being held at Dallas
County Jail.

Woman Stripped Naked After She Was Caught Stealing (Photo)

Luck ran out on a female member of a
robbery gang on Thursday in the
federal capital territory, Abuja. She led a
team of four robbers in a car to steal
from a female passenger.

She was not so lucky to escape as
probing eyes watched their robbery
operation from a distance and
sympathisers swooped on them
rescuing the victim who was later
Identified as Obiageli.

The lady-robber was the only one
apprehended out of the five thieves as
she could not escape thinking phonetics
would save her while others ran away.
She was immediately mobbed and
stripped naked.

Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny
were loads of ATM cards, Passports of
various persons, her bag containing
many phones.

This incident happened at the Area 11
Traffic Light area of Abuja where their
car was held by traffic as they were
been chased.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Woman Gives Birth To Horse In Edo Church [Photo]

Worshippers of the World
Liberation Ministry located along old
Sapele-Benin express road on
Tuesday took to their heels during a
prophesy programme when a
female member delivered a horse.

The horse was however dead by
the time Journalists visited the
church. It was gathered that the
woman whose identity was not yet
known started screaming during
the prayer session and began to
bleed from the vagina before the
horse came out.

The General Overseer of the church,
Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still
amazed at what came out of the
He told Journalists that during prayers a
revelation came that there was a
woman with an issue and that
something was blocking her womb.

Silva said as prayers intensified, the
woman started screaming and bleeding
started when the object came out.

The cleric said he couldn’t confirm
whether the horse was dead or alive
because he didn’t go near it.
“I can’t describe the object. We have
seen people that vomited several things
during our service but not this type of
thing. God has been blessing our
ministry with prophesies and miracles,
“he said.

People rushed to the church to catch a
glimpse of the horse when news of the
delivery filtered into town.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

400l Medical Student Of Unizik Shot Dead

23 year old Chioma Obikel Nwosu was a
400l medical student of Nnamdi Azikiwe
University, Anambra State. She was shot
by unknown gunmen who stopped the
car she was traveling in on Friday
August 31st. Chioma was trying to
escape when she was shot. She later
died in the hospital.

Chioma will be buried this Thursday
September 13th in her hometown. May
her soul rest in peace...amen!

Davido Buys More Jewelry Worth Millions Of Naira

Singer Obiwon Obiora And Wife Welcome Baby Girl

Their little bundle of joy was born last week September 4th. Obiwon and Nkechi got married in September 2011 after dating for four years. Congrats to them!

Friday, September 7, 2012

I Month After: STV Presenter, Yvonne Vixen Threatens Oriental Hotel With War Over Missing Car

Yvonne Vixen, who is a reporter with
popular Lagos TV station, Silverbird
Television (STV) is yet to get over her car
that was reported missing at the premises
of Oriental Hotel, Lekki, Lagos on Saturday,
July 28, 2012 .

Yvonne took her war against the hotel to
social networking site 'Twitter when she
tweeted series of tweets regarding the
missing car.

She tweeted; "I'm ready for WAR. U can't
take what belongs to me and expect me
to stay Quiet for too long... They don't
want to be civil, then I'll go STREET!

"Anyone who knows them should tell
'em sh*t is about to get CRAY. I'm fed up!
How the hell should ppl feel safe in an
establishment of that magnitude. U still
my property 2day, what will happen
next time? Get raped in d parking lot?
*steal I meant.

"Trouble sleep yanga wake am... u don't
mess with a wounded lioness. D
hospitality business is meant 2 ensure
safety& comfort. Hello!! What's wrong
with dis picture???

"I didn't knw THEY had d jumanji option
on their list of hospitality services. "Press
1 if u want ur belongings to disappear"

"No, but seriously! If you were me right
now, what would u do? Jeeez! Jesus save
me from blowing the lid off this ish!

"We should create our own version of the
Justice League... Eliminate all the Suckaz
of the World!!!! #wooooooosah! Ok
vixen.. down girl!! ... Done venting."

The management of the hotel could not be
reached as at press time to comment on
the issue.

Khloé Kardashian To Be A Judge On The X Factor

Could The X Factor soon include the K

Khloé Kardashian is in the running to
become the host of the Fox talent show,
according to, which reports that
the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star,
28, is a frontrunner to take the former over
for ousted host (and Welsh TV star) Steve
Jones .

Unidentified sources say her chances of
being hired are high, according to the

"I'm a big fan of The X Factor," Kardashian
told E! Online last month, after reports
surfaced that she was among the finalists
who auditioned for the gig.

"I've always wanted to do hosting or talk
show hosting, so it's definitely something
that I would love to do and would be
honored to do," she added. "I love Simon

The X Factor returns for its second season
on Sept. 12 (8 p.m. ET), with new faces
Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on the
judges' panel.

Jay Z Wants Blue Ivy To Be ‘Respectful’, Not Tough

Rap mogul Jay Z impresses people who
are otherwise insulated from the
violent, misogynistic imagery that his
music evokes. A Caucasian writer for
The NY Times was so moved by Jigga’s
Dope boy swag that she barely
mentioned his controlling nature, as
evidenced by the fact that he ordered
her lunch for her. “Apparently I look like
the fish-sandwich type,” she writes.

What man orders lunch for a woman
he’s just met, and they are not on a
date? Alarm bells should have been

The controlling narcissist in Jay Z has
already derailed his wife Beyonce’s
career. And now infant daughter Blue
Ivy’s life is already mapped out for her.
Hopefully the kid will measure up to his
lofty standards.

“She doesn’t have to be tough. She has
to love herself,” says Jay Z, 42. “She has
to know who she is, she has to be
respectful, and be a moral person.”

“It’s so weird watching rappers
becoming elder statesmen,” the NY
Times writer gushes. Nowhere in her
article does she mention a 42-year-old
“elder statesmen” who can’t pull his
pants up.