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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Woman Beats Househelp To Death For Stealing N50 In Lagos

identified as Iya Anu, a mother of four,
who stays at 8, Amosu Street, Ijegun,
Lagos, has been accused of allegedly
beating her foster son, Seubow, to
death for stealing N50.

Iya Anu, it was reported, usually
inflicted injuries on Seubow, her
husband’s nephew and her children
whenever they erred. Trouble started
when 16-year-old Seubow misplaced a
N1, 000 note given to him for an errand
on Saturday, neighbors said. This had
really annoyed Iya Anu who then
starved the teenager throughout
Saturday. However, when Seubow could
no longer bear the hunger, he sneaked
out of the house at night to buy Gala.

When Iya Anu found out about this, she
became furious and accused him of
stealing her N50, giving the teenager
the beating of his life.

According to a neighbour who
identified herself simply as Balikis, she
said the accused must have used a hot
object to torture the boy as his body
was full of burns. Balikis said, “Iya Anu
began to beat him on Saturday night.

The beating continued till about 9am on
Sunday when her husband and the
other children had left for church… She
battered him till he gave up the ghost
about noon. When she realised that the
boy had lost consciousness, she cried
for help but it was already late. At a
point, she wanted to run away but she
was promptly rounded up.”

Another neighbour , Modinatu, said Iya
Anu, had in June battered the boy
resulting in her being invited to the
Isheri-Oshun Police Division for
questioning. She said, “Seubow joined
them in December 2011 and this
woman has made life so unbearable for
him just the way she does to her
children too. In June, the boy was
battered to the extent that she was
quizzed by the police… Also, she has, in
the name of discipline, used a knife to
injure her first daughter, Anu, on her
shoulders over issues bordering on

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