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Friday, August 31, 2012

Kim Kardashian Planning Another Wedding?

Kim Kardashian sparked
rumors of a possible wedding to good
pal Kanye West when she tweeted this
pic of herself wearing a wedding dress
along with the caption “Late night
fitting #pucci.”

Kanye West, 35, also sparked rumors when he
commissioned a design for an
engagement ring last month.

Kardashian, who is still married to her
last victim, Kris Humphries, often
demands exorbitantly priced
engagement rings from suckers within
weeks of ensnaring them in her traps.

This is typical behavior of women with
borderline personalities.

Parents, please educate your sons about
women like Kim so they don’t fall into
their trap.

As you know, female narcissists move
fairly quickly when they spot a suitable

Men who are unfortunate enough to fall
for a female narcissist find themselves
in committed relationships within days.

The female narcissist expects a proposal
for marriage within weeks, and the
poor guy feels rushed but he tolerates
her demands because he believes he’s
in love.

This sick cycle is repeated often by
broads like Kim Kardashian.

According to an article on Psychology
Today’s website titled How To Spot a

¤Women who score high on tests of
narcissism consistently dress more
provocatively than their more modest
counterparts; male narcissists resort to
displays of wit and braggadocio.

¤Female narcissists engage in more
disagreeable verbal behaviors, arguing
and cursing more—and using more
sexual language.

¤Female narcissists are promiscuous
and always searching for a better deal.

¤Female narcissists can abruptly lose
their charm if challenged or threatened
by their targets.

¤They often exhibit two-face behavior
They get angry when rejected,
overreacting to small slights and
punishing those who do not support
their grandiose image of themselves.

¤Female narcissists get away with
these behaviors because they are so
beautiful and charming.

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