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Friday, August 31, 2012

Newly Married Couples Sends Best-Man To Prison Over Wedding Suit

A newly married woman, Mrs. Ify Anyanwu
has arrested and charged to a Lagos court
by her husband’s best-man, Chris Abasuonu
for assaulting herwhen she demanded the
suit he wore as her husband’s bestman
during their wedding.

The 31 Year Old Chris was charged before
Apapa Magistrate’s court where he was
remanded in prison custody. Trouble
started between the couple and Chris on
their wedding day. We learnt that Chris
started demanding N11,000 from Ify’s
husband, saying that was the amount he
spent on sewing his suit for the wedding.

When the woman heard it, she felt
embarrassed and shocked over Chris’
attitude just as the couple was settling
down after the wedding.She reportedly
gave him the money and asked him to
return the suit since he had collected the
money. Though Chris said he collected the
money, he did not return the suit.

According to Ify, after the wedding, Chris
started telling neighbours that her husband
borrowed money for their wedding. She
said Chris later started demanding from
them the money he used to sew the suit on
their wedding day, threatening to
embarrass them publicly.

“We raised the money and gave him and
asked him to return the suit,” she said.She
said after waiting in vain for him to return
it, she went to his house at 74, Yaya
Crescent, Olodi Apapa, Lagos to collect it. Ify
said when she knocked and entered his
room and told him her mission, he locked
her inside his room and held her neck and
pushed her to the wall.

She said she started shouting for help
before their neighbours intervened.In his
defence, Chris said he had an agreement
with Ify’s husband that he will pay him the
money after the wedding.

He said he only demanded his money
before the wife got angry and came to his
house to demand for the suit.

The action of Chris landed him in court
where he is facing a three-count charge of
assault, false imprisonment and stealing.
The offences he committed are contrary to
Sections 166, 171 and 285 of the Criminal
Code Law of Lagos State of Nigeria
2011.After he pleaded not guilty, the
Magistrate, Mrs. A. K. Shonubi, granted him
bail in the sum of N30,000 with one surety
in like sum.

The matter was adjourned till 25 September,
2012, while Chris was remanded in prison
custody until he meets his bail condition.

Mother Kills,Cooks And Eats Her Two Sons Aged 1 & 5

A Thai mother has been accused of killing,
cooking and eating her sons because she
thought they were pigs, the Bangkok Post
reports. Hallucinations may have played a
role in the tragic crime.

Police received a complaint last week that
the woman, a member of the Musur hilltribe
in Thailand’s ,Mae Ai, allegedly “butchered”
her two sons, ages 1 and 5, and proceeded
to cook and eat them.

According to the Bangkok Post, law
enforcement officials allegedly found the
woman asleep with several body parts
strewn around her. Later, they reportedly
learned she had been treated for mental
illness since 2007.

A previous report from the Bangkok Post
said that the woman stopped taking her
medicine one or two months ago. A hospital
report said the woman suffered from
hallucinations and thought someone was
coming to hurt her.

The news is the latest in a string of reported
cases of cannibalism this year. Police busted
a cult in Papua New Guinea in July for
allegedly eating victims’ brains and penises.
In April, authorities in northeastern Brazil
arrested three people for allegedly killing
women and making pastries with their

Earlier this year, hallucinations caused by
bath salts were thought to be behind an
infamous face-eating attack in Miami,
Florida. However, a toxicology report later
showed that only marijuana was present in
the attacker’s system.

Kim Kardashian Planning Another Wedding?

Kim Kardashian sparked
rumors of a possible wedding to good
pal Kanye West when she tweeted this
pic of herself wearing a wedding dress
along with the caption “Late night
fitting #pucci.”

Kanye West, 35, also sparked rumors when he
commissioned a design for an
engagement ring last month.

Kardashian, who is still married to her
last victim, Kris Humphries, often
demands exorbitantly priced
engagement rings from suckers within
weeks of ensnaring them in her traps.

This is typical behavior of women with
borderline personalities.

Parents, please educate your sons about
women like Kim so they don’t fall into
their trap.

As you know, female narcissists move
fairly quickly when they spot a suitable

Men who are unfortunate enough to fall
for a female narcissist find themselves
in committed relationships within days.

The female narcissist expects a proposal
for marriage within weeks, and the
poor guy feels rushed but he tolerates
her demands because he believes he’s
in love.

This sick cycle is repeated often by
broads like Kim Kardashian.

According to an article on Psychology
Today’s website titled How To Spot a

¤Women who score high on tests of
narcissism consistently dress more
provocatively than their more modest
counterparts; male narcissists resort to
displays of wit and braggadocio.

¤Female narcissists engage in more
disagreeable verbal behaviors, arguing
and cursing more—and using more
sexual language.

¤Female narcissists are promiscuous
and always searching for a better deal.

¤Female narcissists can abruptly lose
their charm if challenged or threatened
by their targets.

¤They often exhibit two-face behavior
They get angry when rejected,
overreacting to small slights and
punishing those who do not support
their grandiose image of themselves.

¤Female narcissists get away with
these behaviors because they are so
beautiful and charming.

FASHION: A Must-Have Item For The Man Who Has Everything

There’s a new must-have item for men
that is quickly selling out everywhere.
The plain brown paper bag is no longer
just a sack to carry your man’s lunch.

The paper bag has been given a stylish
facelift courtesy of designer Jil Sander
Vasari. The Vasari “clutch” for men is
made from coated brown paper,
stitched seams and metal vents stamped
with the Vasari logo to give the brown
paper bag a trendy new look.

The paper bag clutch is already sold out
at The Jil Sander store in SoHo, New
York. It isn’t available online either (I
checked Sure, you could
save yourself $290 by making your
own brown paper bag clutch, but it
won’t be a designer brown paper bag.

According to the NY Daily News, the
black leather version retails for $630. W
Magazine gushed that it’s “perfectly in
sync with the fashion house’s
minimalist roots. Forget recycling — this
bag is a keeper.”

PETA Criticize Rihanna Over Her 'Creepy' Snakeskin Boots

Rihanna has been branded "creepy" and a
"freak" by animal rights campaigners after
she took to the streets of London on
Thursday wearing a pair of snakeskin

The We Found Love hit-maker, who is on a
promotional visit to the U.K., was
photographed outside the Rose nightclub in
central London sporting a pair of thigh-high
black-and-white boots apparently made
from reptile hide.

However, her fashion choice has angered
officials at People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals (PETA), who have spoken out to
brand Rihanna's footwear "callous".

In a reference to the singer's recent tearful
appearance on Oprah Winfrey's talk show,
during which she wept as she recalled her
doomed romance with R&B star Chris
Brown, a PETA spokesman says, "Rihanna
may not have a clue that snakes killed for
boots are often nailed to a tree and skinned
alive. Of course, they can't go on Oprah to
cry about it."

"Wearing reptile skin is creepy and callous,
and it makes her look even more out of
touch. She and Lady Gaga seem so
desperate to be freaks instead of
recognized for their talents that you have to
wonder if they realize that they are being
laughed at."

Photos: Lover Leaks Female Bank Manager's Naked Pictures

Some women have really gone Madt!
This lady is a manager in one of the
financial institutions. According to what
i hear, she is married but
had a relationship with one of her male
staff and went ahead to start another
one with another male staff.

The first guy got to know and after a
brief quarrel, they separated and he
decided to expose her. The pictures you
will be seeing shortly are the result of
their fight.

See the pictures below (strictly for
adults only)....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Was Not Happy With My Son As An Artiste – Flavour Nabania

If Flavour Nabania had listened to his
mother, he would have missed out being
the multimillionaire music star that he is
today, the reason is because his mum, who
recently disclosed on the Tv Reality show
called Supermom, that she never wanted
him to be an artiste, played against his

His mother, Mrs Onyinyechukwu Jane
Okorie never wanted her first child to go
into music. Rather, she had always dreamt
and hoped that he would become a medical
doctor since he was doing really well in his

But her son, whose real name is Chinedu
Izuchukwu Okorie, had other ambitions.
Speaking on her initial opposition to
Flavour’s musical dreams on this weekend’s
episode of the Supermom Celebrity Edition,
she says,
“Those days, nobody wanted their child to
become a musician because they used to
drink and they were wayward people. I did
not want that for my child. More so, even if
he wanted to do music, I said it should not
be outside the church but I didn’t reckon
with what God had in store for him.” She
had genuine reasons for her reservations
for musicians.

It was an era when home-grown musicians
were hard done by the economic situation
of the country. It was an era also when
these entertainers were no different from
the hoi-polloi. Flavour’s mum was a lowly-
paid clerk in the Anambra State Board of
Internal Revenue and she was encumbered
with training and fending for five children.

Most times, as she reveals on the show, she
had to go to Onitsha -which was almost two
hours away -every morning to return at

Things were so bad she devised the food
code 101 (one in the morning, nothing in
the afternoon and one in the evening) and
in worse scenarios, it would be code 010. ‘It
was hard for her as a civil servant to take
care of five of us’ Flavour reveals. She
laboured to make sure her kids turn out

Thus, when her first child started toeing the
path of music, she was understandably
miffed. Indeed, Flavour’s position in the
family thrust many responsibilities on the
reed-thin young man and the family’s
economy was in tatters so much that he
had to start selling ‘ice water’ on the streets
of Enugu where he is hero-worshipped
today. These struggles did not break the
resolve of Flavour to make it big in music.

What kept him going however was the fear
of failure and what his mother would say if
he didn’t succeed.
“I saw my mum as my biggest challenge
and I was ready to prove her wrong,” he
adds. Thankfully, he has paid his dues and
the dividends are now rolling in. Riding on
the huge success that has trailed his second
album, Uplifted, which contains hit tracks
like Ashawo and Adamma, Flavour is one of
the breakout stars of the last five years, and
constantly referenced as the revivalist of a
dying genre, highlife.

Today, Mrs Okorie is proud of her son and
the height of success he has attained
already. Even if she isn’t referred to as
‘mama Doctor’, she is fulfilled to be called
Mama Flavour. “Now, if any of my children
wants to go for music, I would give them
my full support,” the proud mother says.

Gay Lecturer Dr. Gambo Abdul, Arrested For Harassing Male Student At The Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

A lecturer in the Department of Public
administration at the Ahmadu Bello
University Zaria, Dr Gambo Abdul, has been
arrested for allegedly harassing a male
student Abubakar Abdulkareem into being
his gay partner.

It was gathered that the student had
severally rebuffed the advances of the
lecturer who wanted him to be his gay
partner but became agitated when the
lecturer threatened failure if he refused to

It was gathered that following the threat
from the lecturer who is from Minna,
Abubakar reported the case to his parents.

Consequently, the family of the student
decided to investigate further and found
out that the claim of their ward was true.

It was also gathered that the student was
instructed to play along last weekend when
the said lecturer invited him to a hotel
located at Eastern Bye Pass in Minna.

lecturer made advances and was
apprehended and taken to Chanchaga police

Abubakar told pressmen that his ordeal in
the hand of the lecturer started over two
years ago when he was doing his Diploma
programme at the University before he
gained admission for his degree

He said that the said Lecturer was his
caretaker which was why he was close to
him but decided to stay away from him
when he started to make illicit advances
towards him.

When contacted the police Public relation
Officer, Pius Edobo confirmed the incident,
adding that the case would be charged to

''I Love Sex On The Beach'' - Lady Gaga

Since becoming a superstar, Lady Gaga still
has the same wants and needs she had
before fame, including enjoying sexy
romps on the beach.

Gaga is one of the most famous pop stars
on the planet, but she still manages to blow
off steam when she's off stage. Her close
friends help her go crazy but make sure no
one is around to see it happen.

She told Vogue magazine, "I'm a complete
free spirit, so, even though you don't see it,
I still find time to have sex at night on the
beach when no one's around. Or roll into a
bar and get f**ked up, and dance with my
top off.

"It's just that no one ever sees that, because
I have great real friends who never let me
do it when I would get caught."

Gaga graces the September cover of Vogue,
and on Wednesday the pop star tweeted,

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Getting Married This Weekend?

According to French website
The latest rumored date is Saturday, August
11 -- holding true to reports back in April
that the couple would wed in either August
or September -- but conflicting reports from
the area say that despite "wedding activity"
at the couple's 35-room vineyard Chateau
Miraval in the south of France; as reported
by France 3's Cote d'Azur regional news
sources; it won't be happening this

Just days ago reported that
Angelina's cousin, Martin Poucher, shared
some minor details about the affair, namely
that only about 20 guests would be in
attendance, including the couple's six

"[The wedding] will be a fun ceremony and
party that the kids can be a part of," an
insider told People magazine back in April.

The Moneyball star proposed to Jolie in April,
presenting her with a custom-designed ring
that cost a reported $500,000.

So will the wedding happen this weekend?
Probably not, according to Var
That French website says the wedding is
happening next weekend, on August 18th.

50 Cent Calls Kim Kardashian “Trash”; Says Kanye West Has Bad Judgment

Rapper 50 Cent dissed music producer
Kanye West in an interview in the
current issue of XXL magazine. When
asked what he thought of Kanye’s new
track titled “Bad Bitch,” Fiddy

“I mean… if that man feel like she
perfect, then she’s perfect. He could
mean it and you’ll end up singing the
words to it because he’s Kanye. You
know how it is? One man’s trash is
another man’s treasure.”

Saying Kanye was a bad judge of
character, 50 added: “[Is there a perfect
chick?] I’m not sure. The smartest guys I
know have lost being a bad judge of
character in that area.”

Friday, August 10, 2012

Actor Jim Iyke Wins Pan African Actor Of The Year

Nollywood star actor, Jim Iyke has won
the Pan African African Actor of the Year
award at the Cameroon Entertainment
Awards held recently.

From what we gathered, the
award was determined by online voting,
and it was announced at the award
ceremony, which took place at the
Cramton Auditorium of Howard
University, in Washington DC, United

Among those Jim Iyke defeated to clinch
the award include John Dumelo, Omotola
Jalade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Majid
Michel and Stella Damasus.

Jim Iyke is quite popular in Cameroon.
He has starred in two movies with
Solange Ojong, an actress from
Cameroon – Pink Poison, and Land of
Shadows. He also recently shot a movie
of his own, Blood or Wine, in Cameroon.

Why Team Nigeria Failed At London Olympics – Minister Of Sports

Let's hear
what the Minister of Sports and
Chairman, National Sports Commission,
Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, has to say!
Full text of his speech yesterday
Thursday August 9 at the Nigeria House
in Stratford, London

About two weeks ago, we arrived
London for the 2012 Olympics with
a contingent of 51 sportsmen and
women competing in 8 sports
namely, athletics, weightlifting,
taekwondo, boxing, wrestling, table
tennis, canoeing and basketball. We
were competing in the last two for
the first time ever.

Even though we did not expect to
win the competition, we had
arrived hoping to make a decent
showing. We even had reasons to
believe we could surpass some of
our recent achievements at this
level of competing. Why not?
We had arrived London riding on the
wave of a short but intensive
preparation of our athletes in different
parts of the world where they did not
only have the benefits of high quality
facilities and technical support but also
had the opportunity to match up
against some of the best athletes from
other parts of the world, and on some
occasions, beating them.

Many commentators agreed that while
not ideal, we have had one of our best
preparations coming into this
competition in recent years. This,
coupled with a system that put athletes’
welfare at the heart of planning and an
atmosphere devoid of rancor and
acrimony, we believed would guarantee
us a couple of medals.

However, here we are, only a few days
to the end of the competition. Team
Nigeria is still not on the medals table. I
must say this is as disappointing for my
team and myself as it is for all Nigerians
everywhere. But even as painful as this
disappointment is, we must have the
courage to see it for what it is. This,
therefore, is a scientific diagnosis of our
condition; a clear testimony to how far
our sports have fallen behind.

We shall therefore not attempt any
excuses or indulge in any unproductive
blame game. Rather than see this as a
failure, we must see it as an opportunity
to rebuild. When other countries have
found themselves in this kind of
situation in the past, they have used the
galvanizing power of disappointment to
get down to work. At Atlanta 1996
Olympics, Team Great Britain won only
one gold medal. Returning home, the
right questions were asked, and the
necessary actions were taken. Four
years later in Sydney, they returned
with 11 gold out of 28 medals. In
Beijing four years ago, they returned
with 19 gold medals out of 47, placing
them in the fourth position. Today,
Team GB is sitting pretty in the third
position of the medals table surpassing
their own expectation. Today, they are
able to look back and say they have
moved from “zeroes to heroes.” This is
our chance. We can also do it. We must
see this crisis as the necessary
disequilibrium required for serious
actions and drastic change. We will not
allow this opportunity to pass.

Having being appointed Minister and
Chairman, National Sports Commission
only two months to the Olympics, I have
had to learn very quickly. And I have
not received a better lesson than in the
last two weeks of the London 2012
Olympics. I have learnt three key lessons
from this Olympics:

1. Olympics medal is about hard cash. It
is not a coincidence that the medals
table appears to reflect the level of
economic development of the countries.
But having the resources is one thing,
making the right strategic investment is
another. Team Great Britain largely owes
its dramatic success to what is
described as “unprecedented financial
investment” totaling up to more than
740 million GBP over 15 years. The
current annual spending on sports
stands at 100 million GBP. However, only
40% of this comes from the treasury,
while the remaining 60% is lottery fund.
Conversely, Australia finished fourth in
Sydney with 16 gold medals. In London,
Australia has fallen outside the top 10
with 6 gold medals. Australians have
blamed reduced funding for elite
athletes and a lack of facilities at the
grassroots levels.

2. Every medal is clearly projected and
carefully planned for both in financial
and technical terms over a sustained
period of time. Only years of intensive,
unrelenting training and preparation
can win medals. There is no short cut.
Medals are won by people who have
worked hardest not by those who have
prayed hard. We can only win medals
by building systems that are capable of
producing medalists and champions not
by selecting athletes that we hope can
win medals.

3. Olympics are a lifetime commitment.
The champion is in the child. Ye Shiwen,
the 16 year old Chinese girl that shocked
the swimming world by setting a new
world record in individual medley was
only 12 when her country hosted the
Olympics. Lizzie Armistead who won the
Team GB’s first medal in this Olympics
with Silver in cycling got her first bicycle
at the age of 4.
The immediate challenge for us is how
to translate these lessons into concrete
actions in the days ahead. The process
of rebuilding will start with the National
Sports Festival in Lagos later this year.
We shall use this event to flag-off our
preparation for the 2014
Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and
thereafter the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.
Some of our top priorities in the days
ahead are therefore as follows:
1. Identifying five sports that give us
competitive opportunities.
2. Restructuring the Federations of
these Sports to make them more
democratic, accountable and efficient.
3. Developing a Sports Calendar that will
ensure year-round sports activities both
within and outside the schools.
4. Strategic engagement with the
private sector with the aim to improve
funding for sports.
5. Strengthen our coaching and training
capabilities by developing strategic
partnership with national and
international bodies.

I thank all of you here for your support
and understanding. We will keep this
conversation going, in our belief that
you in the media are our major strategic
ally in the great task ahead. I want to
say thank you to all my athletes and
their coaches. They have all tried their
best. Even though they have not won
medals, many of them got to the quarter
finals, the semifinals and finals of their
various events and even setting new
national, Africa and Commonwealth
records in the process. But this is the
Olympics, where micro-seconds have
made the difference between gold
medals and no medals. You are all our
heroes and we can only hope to build
on your achievements.

I thank the Federal Government and the
people of Nigeria everywhere for their
wonderful support and understanding
during this difficult time. The task ahead
has been made grimly clear. Therefore,
lets get down to work.

By Bolaji Abdullahi
(Minister of Sports and Chairman,
National Sports Commission)

Peter Okoye Of (P Square) And Lola Omotayo Expecting Second Child

it's now officially announced.
Peter and Lola Omotayo are expecting
another child. They already have a son,
Cameron, who will turn 4 next month.
Big big congrats to them!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kanye West Wants You To Know…

According to the New York Daily News,
music producer Kanye West previewed
his next album for lucky patrons at PH-D
Rooftop Lounge in New York City over
the weekend. One of the songs
previewed by the 35-year-old rapper
was titled “Perfect Bitch”. Needless to
say the tune is getting tons of press.

In case you thought “Perfect Bitch” was
about Kanye’s former beard, Amber
Rose, Kim Kardashian ordered Kanye to
let his Twitter followers know that
“Perfect Bitch” is about her. Kanye
complied with the request.


On “Perfect Bitch,” he raps about
finding the perfect woman, with a
number of references to Kardashian
and Rose. The song reportedly uses
the same melody from “Carmina
Burana,” a 1937 composition by
German musician Carl Orff. Nas and
Diddy also sampled the song on their
1999 hit “Hate Me Now.”

In addition to Cruel Summer, due
September 4, Yeezy has been in the
studio working on the follow-up to
2010’s critically-acclaimed My
Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Woman Beats Househelp To Death For Stealing N50 In Lagos

identified as Iya Anu, a mother of four,
who stays at 8, Amosu Street, Ijegun,
Lagos, has been accused of allegedly
beating her foster son, Seubow, to
death for stealing N50.

Iya Anu, it was reported, usually
inflicted injuries on Seubow, her
husband’s nephew and her children
whenever they erred. Trouble started
when 16-year-old Seubow misplaced a
N1, 000 note given to him for an errand
on Saturday, neighbors said. This had
really annoyed Iya Anu who then
starved the teenager throughout
Saturday. However, when Seubow could
no longer bear the hunger, he sneaked
out of the house at night to buy Gala.

When Iya Anu found out about this, she
became furious and accused him of
stealing her N50, giving the teenager
the beating of his life.

According to a neighbour who
identified herself simply as Balikis, she
said the accused must have used a hot
object to torture the boy as his body
was full of burns. Balikis said, “Iya Anu
began to beat him on Saturday night.

The beating continued till about 9am on
Sunday when her husband and the
other children had left for church… She
battered him till he gave up the ghost
about noon. When she realised that the
boy had lost consciousness, she cried
for help but it was already late. At a
point, she wanted to run away but she
was promptly rounded up.”

Another neighbour , Modinatu, said Iya
Anu, had in June battered the boy
resulting in her being invited to the
Isheri-Oshun Police Division for
questioning. She said, “Seubow joined
them in December 2011 and this
woman has made life so unbearable for
him just the way she does to her
children too. In June, the boy was
battered to the extent that she was
quizzed by the police… Also, she has, in
the name of discipline, used a knife to
injure her first daughter, Anu, on her
shoulders over issues bordering on

Wizkid Insults Dbanj On Twitter

The popular singer Wizkid allegedly
insulted Dbanj on twitter recently, the
offensive tweet can be seen in the
image above.

It still has not been confirmed if Wizkid
tweeted this deliberately or if his
account was hacked.

Lady Gaga Reveals The Title Of Her Next Album With New Tattoo

Lady Gaga shared the title of her upcoming
album on Friday via her Twitter page with
an image of her new tattoo.

The fresh ink reads "ARTPOP," which is seen
backwards in the mirror image that Mother
Monster tweeted with the message, "new
ink new album."

The title, which she has asked the media to
correctly spell out by using all capital letters,
is an acronym for "Artistic Revolution
Through the Potential Of Pop."
"[M]ake sure when writing about my new
album/project ARTPOP that you CAPITALIZE
the title, *its all in the details* good morning
twitter!" she wrote.

The pop singer debuted her latest track,
"Princess Die," during a concert in Australia
in June; and she had originally announced
that she would be sharing the new title in
September. There's no date yet for
"ARTPOP's" release, but it's expected late
this year or in early 2013.

Beyonce Posts Jay-Z Nail Art; Causes Stir

The question on everyone’s mind is… are
they Beyonce’s nails or not?
Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s face served as decor to
a slender pair of hands. Beyonce posted the
dazzling nails on her blog but we don’t
know if it was Beyonce paying homage to
her husband or if it was a fan paying
homage to Jay and Beyonce!

What do you think of the nails?

A New Study Reveals How To Tell Who Is Straight And Who Is Gay

Since the beginning of time, man has
attempted to figure out how to tell if a
woman or man is attracted to the same
sex. If you listen to the gays, you would
think that babies are born gay. But the
truth is that humans and animals simply
adapt psychosocially to our
environments. In other words, we like
what we like — whether what we like is
a man, woman, child, or horse.

A new study reveals a sure-fire way to
tell if someone is gay or straight: it’s all
in the eyes.

According to Ritch Savin-Williams, a
developmental psychologist at Cornell
University, the pupils (the black circle in
the center of our eyes) dilates when the
subject looks at what he or she is
attracted to. Savin-Williams says dilating
pupils are an indication of sexual

So when a gay man, who says he’s
straight, looks at a female — he might
as well be looking at a blank wall; his
pupils won’t dilate. But if he looks at
another man, his pupils will increase
slightly in size, which is an indication of
sexual arousal.

This principle also applies to
heterosexuals who look at each other.

So the next time you’re in a club and
you spy a chick who tickles your fancy,
find a well-lighted spot in the club and
look deep into her eyes before you
spend wads of cash on drinks for her
and her girlfriends.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beyonce Reveals August Surprise

Last week Beyonce put her stans on notice to be ready for a new movement starting August 19th.

Now we know what she was talking about.... In a video uploaded on Beyonce's Tumblr page Beyonce encourages her fans to make a a difference on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day, by doing one thing for another human being.

"Nothing is too small," she says, "It begins with each of us."

PICTURES – Man Marries Three Wives In Church In One Day In Zaire

While Nigerians pastors are blessing and
ordaining theives in the Church, buying
fleets of cars, jets and building empires,
Zairean pastors are doing as well , blessing
as many as three women to one man. The
good thing is that they all quote from same

What do you think of this man that Marries
three wives in one day?

2Face Expecting Baby No 7, As Annie Macaulay Is Pregnant

Gist coming from the grapevine has it that
wife of Africa’s music superstar, 2Face
Idibia, Annie Macaulay is pregnant.

who claimed to be in the know revealed to that Annie is presently
undergoing a nine month course.

An industry source, who also claimed to be
in the know of the beautiful former The
Next Movie Star contestant, said that the
mother of one has developed more growth
at some strategic areas of her body, which
is associated with expectant mothers.

The Ifiki, Akwa-Ibom State-born role
interpreter has now cut down on her
activities on popular social media site,
Twitter for some time now. We learnt that
Annie is planning to keep the news close to
her chest as she does not want any
unnecessary media attention over her
present state.

You will recall that on Tuesday, May 1, 2012,
Annie and 2Face had a secret marriage in
Lagos only attended by some selected
family and friends. This happened shortly
after the African Queen crooner performed
at his album launch concert at Eko Hotel and
Suites in Lagos on April 30, 2012, which was
only few hours before their secret wedding.

On February 14, 2012, 2Face finally
proposed to Annie after one of his
babymamas, Pero Adeniyi was then
pregnant with his sixth child. Annie
presently has a daughter named Isabella for

Rihanna And Oprah Winfrey Hangs Out In Barbados

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey took a trip
down to Barbados to hang out with island
native Rihanna, but it wasn't just to catch
up and soak in some sun (although we're
not knocking those things off the list).

"Look who popped up in my Hometown
BARBADOS #topnotch," Ri-Ri posted on her
Instagram with a photo of herself driving

It turns out that Oprah made the visit for an
upcoming interview special that will air on
OWN, and also posted Instagram photos of
her time there, including one of the duo
looking as vibrant as ever while heading
out of One Sandy Lane Villa, "@rihanna and
I finishing up interview . What a refreshing
surprise she is!"

The one-on-one interview for Oprah's Next
Chapter, which will reminisce on the singer's
journey to becoming a superstar will air on
August 19.

D'banj Before Before

Above is Dbanj back in the day as a
student of LASU before he found fame.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keagan won Big Brother Africa Stargame

This is the first time that South Africa will
pick the star prize in the seven editions of
the reality show.

Keagan, who hails from Cape Town, beat
other highly favoured contestants/
representatives of some other African
countries such as Prezzo, Lady May, Talia,
Wati and Kyle to clinch the star prize of

Nigeria did not make a headway in this
year’s contest as two of its three
representatives, Chris and Ola, pulled out in
the early stages.

The third and most popular Nigerian
representative, Goldie, was evicted a few
weeks ago.

Nigeria has won the reality show thrice,
through Uti Nwachukwu, Karen Igho and
Kaneng Pam.

Friday, August 3, 2012

P-Square Buries Mum

Pop Twin stars P-square yesterday laid their
mother Josephine Okoye to rest at her Ifite-
Dunu house, Akwa Village in Anambra State.

The burial ceremony was preceded by a
church service at St. Gabriel Catholic Church
after a lying-in-state which took place at
Umunachi, Umudioka Village, Anambra

The twins’ father was also present at the
burial. May she continue to rest in peace,

Picture: Tuface Hangs Out With Kids

Big daddy. That is Isabel, Annie’s
daughter. And the boys are Sunmbo’s kids.