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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Port Harcourt Big Girl Caught With Drugs Inside Her Pant

This Nigerian mother of three kids had a
thriving clothes business but she
wanted more. Grace Beji Black-Duke, 47,
was not ready to wait or bid time. She
wanted quick wealth. Now, she has been
caught red handed by the NDLEA with
drugs in her panties.

Black-Duke, no doubt, did well in her
trading profession. Some years after she
left school, she met her husband with
whom she had three kids.

But her marriage would not pass the test
of time. Black-Duke soon took custody
of the products of the marriage; three
lovely kids. Over time, she took to selling
ladies’ clothes in Port Harcourt, where
she own a big boutique.

Apparently torn between giving her
three kids the best that life can provide
and going to jail or intensify her cloths-
selling business, Black-Duke opted for
drugs. With the lure of $3, 000 only if
she would deliver a consignment to a
cartel in Malaysia, Black-Duke agreed to
courier the banned drugs.

She was told she would courier
methamphetamine to Malaysia. Oblivious
of what methamphetamine was, Black-
Duke’s sponsors assured her that the
drug was of lesser importance as
cocaine and heroin.

Initially, her sponsors informed her that
she would have to swallow the drugs,
but she admittedly refused to swallow it
for fear of it bursting in her tummy.
Instead she hid the drugs in her under-
pants, hoping she would not be frisked
down her torso.

On the day she was to fly, Black-Duke
arrived at the Murtala Muhammed
International Airport, Lagos with the
drugs well hidden. Moments later,
passengers scheduled for Egypt Airline
en route Kualar Lumpur, Malaysia were
called for routine screening.

Black-Duke was soon found to be laden
with some banned drugs. 1kg of
methamphetamine was discovered in
her underpants. She was whisked to the
observation room of the National Drug
Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
She soon confessed to her crime and is
currently assisting anti-narcotics agents
with information regarding her
sponsors and other collaborators.

Black-Duke, who blamed her love for
quick money for her current travails,
claimed she could no longer rely on the
proceeds from her boutique to cater for
herself and three kids.
“I agreed to smuggle the drugs because
they promised to pay me 3,000 dollars”.
I will blame myself because I needed
quick money.

Speaking on Black-Duke’s arrest,
Chairman of the NDLEA, Alhaji Ahmadu
Giade, said that every arrest and seizure
of drugs recorded by the agency takes
the country forward in the anti-drug
campaign, and vowed that his men
would not relent in bringing sanity back
into the country.
“Stakeholders should equally lend their
supporting hand because no agency or
country can win the battle alone”, Giade

Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA spokesman, told
National Mirror that Black-Duke’s excuses
for going into the trade were in-
consequential adding that she would be
charged to court upon completion of

Source: National Mirror

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