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Monday, July 16, 2012

PICTURE: CNN Anderson Cooper And Gay Partner Set To Wed

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper is planning to
marry his long-term boyfriend, Ben Maisani,
by early September.

Daily Mail reports the 45-year-old famous
news anchor is hoping to wed his partner
by Labor Day. Just weeks ago Cooper came
forward publicly about his sexuality by
admitting he’s gay. He and Maisani have
been dating since 2009.

Maisani, 39, is French-born and lives with
Cooper in his converted fire station
townhouse. They were seen in New York’s
West Village Sunday showing affection for
one another. Both of them have a solid
commitment to one another they want to
seal with marriage.

When same-sex marriage became legal in
the state last year, Cooper was considering
coming out about his gay lifestyle then, the
National Enquirer originally reported.

When Anderson Cooper announced his
sexuality a short time ago he said, “The fact
is,, I’m gay, always have been, always will
be, and I couldn’t be more happy.”
Anderson and his boyfriend have had their
ups and downs when it came to work
schedules. Cooper cut back his travel for
work and Maisani adjusted his night
schedules working in a gay bar he owns —
Eastern Bloc — located in Manhattan’s East

Both men are said to live a low-key lifestyle.
No date has been set for their wedding, but
don’t be surprised if they wed by Labor Day

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