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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian Forces Kanye West To Buy A Cell Phone; Says He Can’t Wait For Her To Get Pregnant

Whatever impact the likes of Amber Rose
cannot make on Kanye West; Kim
Kardashian seems to be doing a better job
at it.

It’s a common knowledge that Kanye hates
to carry cell phones as the 35-year old rap
star “doesn’t like to be tied down by
technology.” But since falling in love with
Kim, kanye has given up his “jack-ass”
attitude and caved-in by getting a phone
that is “strictly for Kim.”

Kim is said to be frustrated that she couldn’t
reach him and had to call him through one
of his personal aides before he could speak
to him when they are not together.
“It frustrated Kim, she had to call him
through a bodyguard,” an inside source
told US Magazine.

Since stepping out together, the two
lovebirds seem to be fond of each other,
and the only thing stopping them from
taking their relationship to the next level is
Kim’s pending divorce with her ex-husband
Kris Humphries.
“They’re seriously talking marriage. And
yes, she would [accept his proposal]. Kanye
says he can’t wait to see her carrying his
child. He says she will look beautiful
pregnant,” the inside source says.

If Kanye is this anxious to get Kim ‘knocked
up’ he might have to cough out the $7
million divorce settlement Kris Humphries is
asking for.

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