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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Football Star, Ronaldinho Loses $750,000 Coca-Cola Deal For Drinking Pepsi

All soccer superstar Ronaldinho wanted
to do was quench his thirst when he
sipped from a can of Pepsi during a
press conference. But that seemingly
innocuous gesture revived a
longstanding feud between soft drink
giants Coca Cola and Pepsi.

According to The Atlanta Journal
Constitution, the Atlanta-based Coke
reacted to Ronaldinho’s two-timing by
yanking the Brazilian star’s lucrative
$750,000 sponsorship.

That’ll teach him
to be faithful.
“The fact that the player has appeared
with a can of Pepsi was the straw that
broke the camel’s back,” Coca-Cola
marketing chief Marcelo Pontes told the
newspaper. “The sponsorship had
become embarrassing.”

The press conference was held to
promote his new team, Atletico Mineiro,
of which Pepsi is a sponsor.

$750,000 sponsorship deal with
Ronaldinho was scheduled to run
through 2014.

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