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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fans Slam Rihanna Over Her 'Disgusting And Shameful' Performance

Rihanna is being slammed by her fans in
Sweden after giving what one concertgoer
is calling a “disgusting and shameful”
performance over the weekend.
Rihanna reportedly showed up 45 minutes
late to Sweden’s Peace & Love Festival,
leaving many Scandinavian fans upset and
annoyed. Fans took to social network
websites to complain, suggesting Rihanna
appeared intoxicated. One angry fan wrote:

“Who the f**k allowed her on stage in this
state?” Another called her performance on
Saturday night, “disgusting and shameful”.

“Rihanna is blatantly under the influence
of drugs and is allowed to perform in front
of children and young people. It is
disgusting and shameful.,” one fan added.

Many fans walked out shortly after Rihanna
began her set, after waiting for the
headliner to hit the stage.

And she upset fans who stayed by
dedicating her version of Bob Marley’s
Redemption Song to Norway, even though
she was performing in Sweden. She had
performed in Oslo, Norway the night

To Rihanna’s credit, her grandmother
passed away over the weekend so she may
not have been in the most stable condition.

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