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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dating Beautiful And Powerful Women Gave Me Fame – Sammie Okposo

Popular Lagos-based gospel musician,
Sammie Okposo was once notorious
with with before he eventually settle
down into marital life. In a recent chat,
he shares a little of the pains and gains
he got in the course of dating beautiful
and powerful woman.

Below is his position on the "escapades"
he had with ladies in the past...

You were quite notorious with the
women, why was that and what did
they see in you?
Unfortunately for me,
all the women I had relationships with,
were very popular and powerful
women way ahead of me in the
entertainment industry. I once dated a
Miss Nigeria, a very popular actress and
a few others. What made me popular
was like a mystery. When people wanted
to know who I was and how I got to
date those women, they started digging
and that was how I became relevant. It
was not the awards I received that
brought me fame, it was the ladies I was
connected to.

Was it something you planned or was
it deliberate?
No, it was not planned. My band was
jamming at Pintos then and the owner
Mr Onabolu was one of the organizers
of the Miss Nigeria pageant then. As part
of the package, the winner of the Miss
Nigeria was scheduled to pay a courtesy
call on Pintos which was his joint. She
had a fantastic voice and someone
mentioned she should try singing with
my band and that was how we met. We
just struck a chord, got very friendly
and that was where it started from.
Your affairs with women made you
notorious and you say it also helped
you build your career, right?
Of course it did. Like I said, everything
works together for good. I tell people
that in the midst of all the publicity be it
negative and positive, it would
eventually make your name known but
you have to be able to balance the
situation because sometimes, you might
be at the wrong place at the wrong time,
sometimes you can be misrepresented
and sometimes it could be your own

The kind of fame you got at that point,
didn’t worry you?
I came from a good Christian home and
my parents were not happy hearing
those things back home in Delta. Most of
the time they get filtered information
from here. People tell them all sort of
stories and they were all amplified.
My family was a very quiet and happy
one. I brought my surname out. They
were very unhappy when rumours
filtered in from Lagos down to Delta
about me. It was difficult for them to
comprehend what was happening
because they did not understand much
about the entertainment industry.
Could that have contributed to your
getting married very late in life?
I have been single for a very long time. I
had to rule out getting married in a
hurry because I saw too many things
happen in the industry. And as I was
growing up, I said to myself that as
crazy as the industry is, I would have a
sweet and happy home. I didn’t want to
have a crazy home and belong to a
crazy profession. I saw people who
went into things they should not have
gone into and all of that made me to see
things in a more realistic state and
calmed down.

What kind of things did you see?
People went into relationships especially
marriages and before the blink of an
eye, it was shattered. It discouraged me
so much that I couldn’t bear seeing
myself doing the same thing. I needed
to be more careful and so I asked
questions. Marriage is not just a fashion
that comes and then goes out of style, it
is a lifetime agreement, so I decided to
discard all forms of pressure.

Talking about your child now, was the
baby expected?
Well, what I would say is the baby came
and we had to deal with that fact.

How did you react to the news?
I was shocked because that was the last
thing on my mind then but I had to
brace myself and accept it. I was barely
able to find my feet at that time but the
good thing is that the baby came and is
now a blessing to me. I always say
thumbs up to Gloria and her family
because the early stages of the life of
my daughter was in the hands of her
mother and her family. If it were up to
me, I had nothing to offer and till
tomorrow, if not for who she is, I
wonder what would have happened to
the lady.

Was there no pressure from her?
Not at all, I must confess it is not easy to
find someone with a heart as good as
that. I did not get any kind of pressure
from her financially or emotionally. She
knew the level I was on and how to
adapt to it.

I wonder why she chose you when it
was obvious you had nothing to
Those are the kind of questions you
don’t have answers to. The heart has a
mind of its own. I’m thankful to my
daughter. She is a wonderful and
intelligent, sweet young girl. I must also
add that I was never for one day denied
access to my daughter by her mother or
members of her family.

Currently what is the relationship like
between you, your daughter and your
new family?
It is a fantastic one. Gloria is not a
troublesome person. She’s exposed, and
comes from a good home.

Did you try to make thing work out
between the two of you?
I’m not going to say I tried or not. We
had to be civil for the sake of the child
and allow her to grow. My daughter was
at my wedding.

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  1. Dating a lot of women doesn't necessary mean you are a playboy. It means that you haven't really found the right one yet.