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Friday, June 15, 2012

Thailand Slams Lady Gaga For Misusing The Country's Flag

The official of Thailand's Culture Ministry accuses Gaga of disrespecting
Thailand by tying the flag to a motorcycle
and riding it across the stage while wearing
a provocative costume. Gaga's behavior
was "not appropriate and hurt the feelings
of the Thai people," an unnamed official told
the Associated Press.

She was probably just showing her support
for Thailand and meant it in a positive light,
but the gesture appears to have been

In May, Gaga cancelled her concert in
Indonesia following complaints it breached
obscenity laws. Police recommended she be
denied a performance permit because
officials were pressured by conservative
campaigners, who are opposed to her
controversial onstage antics.

The singer has been dealing with a lot of
drama in recent weeks. A dancer
accidentally hit her on the head with a pole
during a concert in New Zealand on Sunday.

At the same event, she called out Madonna
for mocking her hit song "Born This Way."


  1. Interesting but it was not even a Thai flag - Strange the culture ministry of Thailand do not know what their own country's flag looks like - check out the flags here -

  2. It was not the Thai flag she used - check it out here