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Friday, June 8, 2012

Rihanna sparks New Health Concerns After She Cancels London Trip

Pop sensation Rihanna sparked
new health fears among fans after she
scrapped plans to travel to Britain.

The 24-year-old singer was due in London
to film a TV show for Sky Living on
Thursday at the start of a 10-week stay. But
her management pulled out of the Sky job,
citing "sickness."

A source said, "She canceled her trip and all
work commitments in the UK at the very last
minute, which is very unlike her. She has
been hitting it hard for months. She smokes,
drinks and parties hard on top of work

Rihanna was last seen in public in Los
Angeles early Monday looking the worse for
wear after a boozy night out. She said last
week how much she was looking forward
to living in the UK for the summer.

Rihanna was due to be staying a few
streets from her mentor Jay-Z while she
worked on the Sky show. She also is
scheduled to headline two music festivals in
the next few weeks.

The star sparked health fears last month
after she tweeted a picture of herself on an
intravenous vitamin drip hours after a
party. It led to speculation she was admitted
to the hospital with exhaustion.

Her rep refused to comment on her UK

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