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Friday, June 15, 2012

"My Husband Padlocks My Manhood" - Gay Nigerian Man Cries Out

Chika (pictured above
on the left) is a Nigerian gay man who
lives in Germany. He married Marc
Schwartz (pictured above on the right) a
few years ago, but the union ended in

Chika told Stella Dimoko Korku of Encomium magazine in an interview this
week that he's back with Marc
won't believe what you're about to

Chika to Stella
I'm back with Marc but under lock and
key. He locked my penis with a tiny iron
rope that hold my waist and is not
covered at the back but my front side is
covered with aluminum and I can only
pee and clean it.

How long have you had this?
Four months now

Is it not torture for you?
Well, it won't last long because I am
thinking of separating from him. And I
will break the key and divorce him and
this time it's final, because I can't
continue to be a good wife

So why did he lock it?
No trust, that's all

So why did you go back to him after
last time you complained of too much
sex which was causing you pain?
That's because I feel for him and also he
always comes to beg. I didn't know it
will be like this.

You're complaining now but were you
blind when your penis was being
I did it out of love charm not knowing I
am imprisoning myself. I am trying to
break that key and once it's done that
means I am done with him. I am sick
and tired of this suffering and smiling
marriage because he cheats and still
picks on me as if I am a kid and yet
padlocked me. This is prison.

Is this guy for real? Lol

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