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Friday, June 8, 2012

Ini Edo Bounces Man In Club**Spotted Leaving With Another Man

It was a bad day for a young dude on
Friday, June 1 at a club in Lekki when Ini
Edo showed him dancing with a celebriy
like her doesn't come cheap.

On a 'Thank God Its Friday' time, clubbing
is what some people do to shed away a
busy week. Same was what Ini Edo may
have had in mind to do last week Friday.

According to this gist told, Ini was spotted at a fun
place called Gee's Place, Lekki Phase 1,
Lagos. She was said to be looking sexy in
a short gown she was putting on that day.

Not able to take his eyes off what he was
seeing, this guy stylishly danced around
Ini Edo cautiously. This he did because he
doesn't know how she would react to his
move. Ini Edo didn't like this as she was
said to have given the guy several facial
signals to this dude to back off but he kept
getting closer and flocking around her.

As we were told by our eagle eye gossip,
Ini Edo had to stop dancing to give this
young man a stern warning to finally back
off. The guy was later told to leave the
club by the bouncers, who came to the

We also learnt that Ini Edo rocked the
dance floor for the better part of the night
with good dance steps. She was later
spotted leaving the club with a man who
had been sitting at a corner in the club
watching her. They thereafter drove off
together later that night.

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