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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Husband Kills Wife For Attending To Male Customer At Night

A middle-aged housewife in Ikom Cross
River State, Rose Eyam, has been sent to
early grave with a head butt by her
husband over suspicion that a late night
customer who visited the house to buy
garri - a local staple - had an affair with
the deceased.

Daniel, whose wife, Rose deals on
groceries, might not have intended to
head butt his wife and send her to early
grave, but he ended up killing his wife
with a powerful head butt that got her
off her feet before hitting her on the
ground with a chattering sound.
She could not recover from the fall
despite spirited efforts to revive her.

On the fateful day in question, both
Daniel and Rose had woken up and
prepared their children for the school,
while they left for their respective
business places not suspecting any foul
play or imminent danger.

At the end of the day’s business, the
wife returned home, attended to the
children and prepared to go to bed just
before midnight, when a man, Mr.
Eknagbo Agban, desperately slammed
on her door to wake up and sell Garri- a
local staple- to him.

She could not resist the customer, whom
many in the neighbourhood say has
been going to buy foodstuffs from the
same house at late hours.

As if it was planned by fate, the coming
of Agban, 20, to buy garri coincided
with the arrival of Eyam in the house. He
did not ask who the man was but had
taken offence over the audacity of the
man to visit his house at that odd hour
of the night, not minding the purpose.

Rather than enter his house and
ascertain from his wife and children the
purpose of the late visitor, Eyam
decided to sleep out that night.

Apparently irked also that her husband
did not return to the house but slept
elsewhere, Rose was filled with rage
that Eyam was up to something. When
the two met in the morning, it was an
exchange of animosity rather than the
expression of love and happiness that
they are used to.
“Who was that idiot who came to this
house late last night?” an enraged Eyam,
queried the wife. Without suspecting
that the man had been filled with
searing anger, the wife, fired back,

“Where did you go last night?
Eyam, who felt unduly challenged by his
wife, jumped up apparently to prove his
manhood and authority over the feeble
woman. “Why do you talk to me like
that?”, he bellowed before hitting the
wife with his curly head.

The resultant head butt lifted the wife
above the ground and hit the ground.
She gasped for breath, foamed in the
mouth and rolled helplessly for minutes
before breathing her last. “He has killed
me,” she screamed with her last breath.

Although the woman was rushed to the
IkomEkpupa Health Clinic, she was dead
before reaching the gate of the health

Eyam, who has since been arrested by
the police for murdering his wife, is
reported to have complained that Agban
had some other motives other than
buying garri from his late wife. He was
suspicious that his wife might have had
an affair with the 20-year-old man but
the children insist that the man had
never gone beyond buying foodstuff
from their late mother. However, the
police would want the suspect to clear
himself of murder in court.

Already, the police have arrested and
dragged Eyam before the Magistrate
court 1 in Calabar to advance reasons
why should not pay dearly for he killing
his wife over unsubstantiated claim that
Agban had some illicit affair with the
deceased. After arraigning him, the
court ordered the suspect to be
remanded at the Ikom Prisons pending
trial because of the weight of the

It is not clear if Eyam would have been
able to score a goal and win a trophy
the way he struck his wife of many
years to death with a powerful head
butt. He may spend the rest of his life in
jail or pay with his life if found guilty of
the offence. The days ahead will prove
his fate that has carelessly been handed
over to uncertainty because of a jealous

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