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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dog Rescues An Abandoned Baby Under A Bridge

A farm dog was hailed a hero after it was
discovered that he protected a two-week-
old baby abandoned by the mother under a
bridge in Winkongo, near Bolgatanga in the
Upper East regional capital of Ghana.

Officials say the dog spent the night
watching over the child under the bridge.
The dog had gone missing for hours and
the owner sent out a search party into the
forest to find him. The dog was found in
the morning under a bridge, near the
owner’s farm, with the newborn deriving
warmth by nuzzling against its fur.

The baby himself is in relatively good health
after his adventure. His umbilical cord had
not been cut, and had gotten infected, but
the infant was otherwise unharmed; he’s
since had all his vaccinations, and is
currently in the custody of a local health
directorate until new, non-bridge
arrangements can be made for him.

Police are investigating. (Ghana News

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