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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Couple Caught Having Sex In A Taxi, Faces 3 Years In Jail

One of those proportionately more
likely to be arrested in Dubai are Britons,
that is according to the UK Foreign
Office. And that is a fact Rebecca Blake
and Conor McRedmond have discovered
in the UAE territory.

29-year-old Rebecca Blake, a British
businesswoman and her partner in
crime, Mr Conor McRedmond, an
Irishman, who works for an
engineering company, from what
we gathered, might spend
up to three years in a Dubai prison for
having sex in the back seat of a taxi, in
the presence of the taxi driver on the
street of Dubai.

The couple met at an all-you-can drink
brunch at the Irish Village. After drinking
for several hours, they hailed a cab
towards Dubai Marina. According to
police report, soon after the pair got
into the taxi, they started necking. The
driver became vexed by their
behaviour after witnessing them
frolicking through his rear view mirror.

He stopped to complain to a policeman
in a patrol car parked nearby and upon
returning with the officer; Ms Rebecca
and Mr McRedmond were already
having full blown sex on the back seat.
“ They were completely drunk, started
kissing and then got carried away.
That's when they started having sex...
When the police officer went over, he
found the woman was completely
naked and having sex on the back seat,”
a source said.

They were promptly arrested and taken
to a nearby police station. DNA samples
have been taken to determine whether
or not they had sex. The authorities are
currently waiting for the DNA results.

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