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Monday, May 14, 2012

Woman Gives Birth To LIVE Monkey In Benue State

It sure sounds unbelievable, but a young
Nigerian woman has been delivered of a
monkey-like monster in Otukpo, a
popular town in Benue State. The outré
event took place recently at St Theresa
Hospital, Otukpo, when the woman said
to be the wife of a hunter from Oju Local
Government Area of the state gave birth
to a creature that looks like a monkey.

The strange delivery, we gathered came
as a surprise to the already mother of
nine the who had successfully delivered
nine children in the past and was having
her 10th child before the strange
creature visited her.

According to an eyewitness, when the
news broke out, residents of the town,
especially those at the nearby Otukpo
main market rushed to the hospital to
see for themselves.

Describing the strange development as
conginental malformation, Medical
Director of the hospital, Dr Stanley Bwala
said the malformation could have been
forestalled if the woman was attending
antenatal care regularly and advised
pregnant women to always avail
themselves to routine ante natal
treatment .

However, it was gathered that as soon
as the hunter heard about the delivery,
he came and removed the monster from
the hospital, even as observers believed
the abnormal birth was a usual
occurrence to hunters who have killed
several animals during hunting .

In a brief chat with elder Adah Okoh, a
traditional ruler in the area, he noted
that in the Idoma tradition, such child
should not be allowed to stay with the
mother for fear of reincarnation. Asked
if the monster should be buried alive or
killed, elder Okoh said that should be left
for the family to decide .


  1. Wow what an unusual story

  2. this is incredible