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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transgender Beauty Queen Eliminated From Miss Universe Canada

Jenna Talackova's bid to be the
first transgender Miss Universe was
stumped Saturday in the final stage of the
Canadian contest.

The blond Vancouver-born 23-year-old
scored a place in the final 12, but missed a
chance to compete in the final five,
ultimately losing to 26-year-old Sahar Biniaz
who claimed the Miss Universe Canada
crown, the Vancouver Sun reported.

Not completely disappointed however,
Talackova claimed one of four Miss
Congeniality title awards on Saturday night.
But the holistic nutrition student's loss was
not in vain, according to Talackova's lawyer
Gloria Allred, who said she won a "herstoric"
civil rights victory when the decision to
prohibit her in the competition was

Talackova, originally named Walter, was
barred from competing in March because
she was born male and underwent a sex
change four years ago.

Pageant owner Donald Trump later allowed
Talackova to compete provided she met the
"legal gender recognition requirements of
Canada, and the standards established by
other international competitions."

Confusion as to how Trump's overturning
of the gender recognition standard will be
implemented in his beauty pageants
worldwide remains, with Miss Universe
publicity director Brenda Mendoza revealing
that individual franchises have the
discretion to determine how the policy is
carried out in their countries.

The international Miss Universe competition
will culminate in December of this year.

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