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Sunday, May 6, 2012

SHOCKER: Man Killed While Sleeping With A Lady During Night Vigil

Demons usually have a way of
manipulating people and anyone who
allows himself or herself to be carried away
may not like the consequences. Below is a
story making rounds on the blogosphere:

About 2 weeks ago at the Agodi area of
Ibadan in Oyo State, there was this incident
that rocked the environs about the death
one of their neighbours. The tale happened
when a Church (name withheld) in the area
organized her monthly Vigil.

Among the participants were a young man
and a young lady. But rather than join
others to pray and praise God, they
cunningly sneaked out of the church and
settled in a dark corner to "enjoy

They were busy with their unholy act
when two members of the Vigilante Group
in the area noticed some unusual sound
and moment. So they moved a little bit
closer and shout “who is there” but there
was no response from the love birds.

As the drama of as asking question without
response continued, one of the men got
angry and shot directly at the corner. To
their surprise, they heard the voice of a
man groaning; as they moved closer, they
found a man and a woman naked. Sadly
the man died at the spot.

I hear the two vigilante members have
since been arrested and are currently being
detained at the Agodi Police station for
murder case.

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