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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rihanna Seriously Sick After Met Gala

Rihanna dramatically fell ill again after
the Costume Institute gala at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art Monday night,
needing an IV drip to nurse her back to
health Tuesday.

The pop star attended the gala event in a
form-fitting Tom Ford black crocodile dress
and mingled with Sarah Jessica Parker,
designer Valentino, Rick Ross and others.
The “We Found Love” singer posted a photo
of herself on Twitter Tuesday with an IV in
her arm — and her party nails still in place.

While it was first reported to be
“dehydration,” a source tells us she became
sick from, “excessive partying and not
slowing down. She has been traveling
nonstop and going wild. Rihanna has been
rebelling against her record label because
she feels she has been made to work too

The singer was not spotted at the Met after-
parties at Crown, the Prada bash, or the late-
night revel at the Top of the Standard. But
she was photographed at a Carlyle fete
hosted by Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth

Rihanna’s IV incident followed her “SNL”
appearance, where the singer claimed she
was sick and refused to perform during a
dress rehearsal Saturday evening, which is
required for cast members and musical

“SNL” creator Lorne Michaels told The Post it
was the first time a musical guest didn’t
make the rehearsal. “Rihanna did not do the
dress rehearsal because of her throat,
which was the first time that’s ever
happened,” he said. “I think for the live
audience, when they heard that — we
announced it just before she would have
gone on — that also sort of took the air
right out of the room. It was a very difficult
dress [rehearsal] to gauge.”

As reports broke of Rihanna’s medical
emergency, so did news she’ll perform on
the May 23 season finale of “American Idol.”
A source close to Rihanna said, “She’s doing
great now. She was super sick. She got
some penicillin and an IV, and is better.” Her
rep had no comment.

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