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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rapper MI, Bed-Ridden With Asthma

Rapper, Jude Abaga well known as MI is bed
ridden with Asthma.

The Jos born soft-core rapper has been hit
with the respiratory ailment for some days

The Loopy Music label boss, who doubles as
Choc City signed artiste, made this public
when he tweeted, “I’ve been bed ridden for
the last few days. My asthma is acting up.
Shout out to pepper soup and tea.”

MI, also the son of a pastor in a Jos church is
well known for his own style of rap that cut
across board.

MI further tweeted about his asthma
ailment, “I have asthma. Hence, i can’t
smoke. Sorry, let me be positive. The devil
has asthma hence i can’t smoke.”

Asthma is a partial seizure of breath of the
victim. Asthma patients are mostly affected
with choked or contaminated air from
cigarettes, etc.

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