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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nigerian Man Who Was Sentenced To Death At 16 Regains Freedom At 31

Patrick Okoroafor (pictured above) was
only 14 when he was arrested for
armed robbery in 1995 in Imo state.
Two years later, at 16, he was sentenced
to death by a court in the state. A few
years later, the death sentence was
commuted to life imprisonment.

Through it all Patrick maintained his
innocence, telling anyone who cared to
listen that he didn't commit the crime.
Fortunately for him in 2008, Amnesty
international heard about his case and
embarked on a campaign to help him
regain his freedom. They called his trial
unfair and campaigned for his
immediate and unconditional release.

After four years, the campaigned has
finally paid off. Patrick was released
unconditionally from prison on April
30th 2012, after spending the last 15
years of his life there. He's now 31.

Unfortunately Patrick is just one of
many prisoners in Nigeria who did not
get a fair trial or have been in prison for
years awaiting trial.


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