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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me And Senator Ita-Giwa Will Not Talk About Our Relationship – Chidi Mokeme

I don’t know what they mean by delay.
Delay is subjective. Whose point of view is
it? Who has the yardstick for measuring
delay? Some people want to get married at
16, 18 and some people want to wait till 70.

Some people have certain things they want
to do or have before getting married. So,
there are no hard and fast rules here. There
are no standards . I really can’t respond to
that. Marriage happens for everybody
when it happens for them. And this is when
it is happening for me. And there are no
excuses, no apologies.

About being friends with Senator Ita Giwa?
We have always been friends.We are still
friends. You can’t ascribe a measurement to
every relationship. So, we are not going to
explain ourselves to anybody .

- The actor who got married two weeks
ago was quoted in a recent interview.

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