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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lesbianism Now Practised In The Open In Abuja

Fourteen year jail imposition passed by the
National Assembly seems to be of no effect
as lesbianism is now practised in the open
in Abuja as shown by these two Nigerian
babes..What in the past used to be an
indoor thing has now been brought into
the open as young ladies now fully practise
their trades in the full glare of the public
especially at clubs,restaurants and
relaxation centres scattered around the
capital city in the evenings..
Our exclusive investigation has shown that
It is common to see young ladies in their
twos and threes around these areas
unaccompanied going for outings and
drinks..While they drink and
chat ,frequently, eye contacts are
made,followed by gentle touches and
before you know it ,full scale romantic
practise is on..It gets worse if they are
drunk and would rather dare the
This behaviour is not only restricted to
young girls as wives of top
politicians,military men,bankers and top
socialites engage in such too especially
when their husbands are out at work.Some
rent houses for their permanent girls that
“services” them at will.They spend heavily
on them too. Its yet to be seen how and
when the National Assembly will finally
harmonise the bill for the President
assent..Till then,its free show


  1. God have mercy on us . This country is turning to something else .......end time . Lord take apsolute control.

  2. Better report what you know and dont make assumptions. But if actually it is true, what is wrong with that? You can say no if you are asked to join, if not, let them be, it not our BIz and its high time pple mind their own biz here.