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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'I’ve Done Over Twenty Songs With Kanye West Already' - D'banj

Dbanj wants you to know that he has
been working with Kanye West on new
materials for his upcoming album.
Apparently, his split from former label
mate, Don Jazzy aint slowing down his
quest to break into the global music
scene. He told punch bowl tv that he's
worked on over 20 songs with his boss
Kanye West. 20+ songs?? Well, we can't
"I wouldn't of wished for a better
person to introduce me. I met Kanye in
Dubai and since then it's been great.
He's so involved in my music, we've
done so many so songs together and I
don't know which of them are going to
come out,
that's how we work. I've done over
twenty songs with him all ready. I don't
know how many of them will make the
album. I know that he likes what he's
heard and he likes how original that I
am and he doesn't want to change
anything about me which is my prayer
and my fans prayer back home."

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