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Monday, May 7, 2012

I Slept With My Daughter But I'm Not Responsible For Her Pregnancy – Father Confesses

"Describe it with whatever adjective;
incest, abomination, absurdity, one thing
is clear: for a father to conceive in
whatever guise, strip his daughter
naked and sleep with her, the same
daughter who is a product of his semen
is nothing short of insanity.

In fact, this man (points at Mr. Okeke) is
a goat. I think if there is anywhere
worse than hell, not the Nigerian
prisons, that is where this man deserves
to go,” remarked an angry woman
police Sergeant.

Staring into space as if lost in thought
while betraying emotions, Mr. Peter
Okeke, a 60 year old Imo state born
security guard portrayed a vivid picture
of the biblical defenceless lamb led to
the slaughter; as policemen, women and
even visitors to the command rained
curses on him for his abominable deed
which on the long run claimed the life of
his eighteen year old daughter, Adaobi.

All he could do at the commencement of
this interview was beg for forgiveness.
“ I want everybody, even government to
forgive me. I know what I have done is
bad, but to err is human and to forgive,
divine. She was my daughter and I loved
her until her death. I did not know what
came over me the first day I slept with
her. I think it was alcohol ,” he lamented.

Investigation revealed that Mr. Okeke
the father of six, first had canal
knowledge of his daughter when she
was 13 and had been sleeping with her
until late last year when the girl became
pregnant. However, in between time,
Adaobi was said to have picked a boy
friend simply identified as Lucky and
both of them were constantly seen
together at Oha village, a suburb along
Sapele road Benin city, the Edo state

The lid was, however, blown open after
Adaobi announced to her lover-boy that
she was heavy with a baby for him. This
did not go down well with Lucky who
was said to have recalled to his girl
friend that they never had it bare
(without condom) together; not even
once since they started dating .

To satisfy all righteousness, a blood test
was conducted. And the result
vindicated Mr. Lucky and of course, left
Adaobi with no other alternative than to
confess the reality to her mother
It was, therefore, obvious that Mr Peter
Okeke was (most likely) responsible for
Adaobi's pregnancy. The abominable
act was reported at his home town and
Mr. Okeke was invited to cleans the land
but refused to appear before the elders
of his community.

Nine months later, Adoabi delivered a
bouncing baby boy but died of jaundice
shortly afterwards. Again, Mr. Okeke
compounded his sin by secretly burying
the baby all alone without consulting his
kinsmen. Months after, Adaobi also fell ill
and died. But an attempt to have her
secretly buried without informing
anybody, not even neighbours led to
the invitation of detectives from the
Homicide department of the Edo state
command .

Giving an insight to how he committed
the act, a sober looking Okeke said,
“Look at me, do I look like a criminal?
The girl in question was my daughter
and I loved her until her death. I wanted
her to go to school but she opted for
hair-dressing. I am ashamed of what

"Yes, I agreed I slept with her when she
was 13 and that was because their
mother abandoned me. But I can swear
by any thing that I was not responsible
for her pregnancy . Until her death, she
had a boy friend simply called Lucky,
that boy is responsible for her
pregnancy. When she told me that she
was pregnant I asked who was
responsible and she confessed to me
that it was the same Lucky.

"But since then, Lucky stopped seeing
her. Even when she put to bed, I invited
him but he refused to show up. I did the
same when she died. It was like I was in
a world of my own. When the matter of
my affair with her was reported in my
village, I could not go because I did not
have enough money to travel.

"I slept with her when she was 13 and
even that period I did not find it difficult
penetrating her which means she had
been doing it. On that day, I took three
bottles of beer and two shots of local
gin called Ogogoro. So when I came in, I
just removed my clothes and started
f**king her. Adaobi was one of my six
children until her death. I think the police
is angry because I wanted to secretly
bury her not because I slept with her. All
I am pleading for is forgiveness; I am

What the law says:
The offence of incest has no clear cut
definition in the Nigerian laws but falls
under offences against morality in the
Criminal Code Act Cap 77, Laws of the
federation of Nigeria 1990. Section 214
of the criminal coded defines offences
against morality as: (a) Any person who
has canal knowledge of any person
against the order of nation, or (b) has
canal knowledge of animal, or (c)
permits a male person to have canal
knowledge of him or her against the
order of nature; is guilty of a felony and
is liable to imprisonment for fourteen

The term “against order of nature”
therefore, refers to either a father
having sex with his daughter, a mother
having sex with her son, a sister having
sex with her brother, etc etc provided
this is done to the extent of incongruity
to the order of nature.

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