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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"I Quit Smoking" - Actress Tonto Dikeh

Top Nollywood actress tonto dikeh has
announced she is no longer smoking
Tonto who has been condemned many
times in the past for her heavy smoking
habit announced to her followers earlier
today .
"I ve good news 4those who wizh mii
well**hehehehheheehehehe,itz a silly gud
newz but ya'll goin 2love diz**#Poko#
I QUIT SMOKING**#Puppyface#" , Tonto


  1. Well that's great news for Tonto!! Smoking is bad for health and Tonto done a great job quitting smoking. Thanks

  2. We must quit smoking as smoking is injuries to health and may lead to major health problems. Smoking may lead to certain types of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular issues, blood vessel disease and respiratory illness.