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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Goldie’s Revelation: ‘My Favourite Séx Position’

Goldie is in the building. The controversial
‘Touch my Body’ singer, who is signed to
Kennis Music recently spoke to online
radio Zoodrums regarding her image, her
relationships with other artistes in the
industry, and even answered some
naughty questions. You’ll enjoy it…

Let me start by asking what is your least
favourite séxual position?
I wouldn’t know because I haven’t tried one
that I didn’t like yet, so if I did try one that I
didn’t like, I would…

So what’s your favourite séx position?
I think I’m very old school…hmmm. The
missionary style…
No. That’s wrong. Goldie is not allowed to
do it the Missionary style.
I’m not?

You are not. You are Goldie, you are crazy.
You wear all these outlandish out fits and
people are supposed to go like ‘What the
hell’ when they look at you.
We are really the timid ones in the end.
(Laughs) Don’t get the wrong impression…
(laughs) Everybody thinks I’m this monster,
let people know that I am boring.

You’ve been on the scene for a few years
and then someone, for example, Tiwa
Savage, just swoops in. How does it feel
when you go for events and people are all
over an artiste like Tiwa Savage? Do they
react more because of the raunchy séxual
image or the pretentious one?
I wouldn’t say Tiwa Savage just swooped in.
She’s been someone who has been doing
music for a long time …

I mean in the Nigerian system.
You have to understand that music comes
from a long while back. This repertoire is on
her profile. If you see someone that has
been signed on Sony Music as a song writer
for five years. Someone who has done
competitions, she tried to compete in X
factor and you saw the pain when she was
turned down. She just deserves a break, and
besides, she’s a hard worker. She’s talented
and a fantastic person. She was around for
my birthday and she was like I’m going to
come and eat jollof rice and she tweeted it
‘Goldie, your rice rocks’. Tiwa is like the
sweetest female artiste. You cannot hate on
her. You have to love her. For all, I think she
deserves all she gets.

Are you going to be doing collaborations
with her?
We have spoken about it severally, we’re
just looking for a subject matter.

What do you think it’s going to sound
I don’t know, but we are just looking for a
proper subject matter that would be true to
me and true to her.

We hear you have a lot of money and
that’s why you have gone so far in the
industry. You have got all these fantastic
fashion people…
I don’t think it’s about money. I think it’s
about talent and about people loving your
work. There are people who are rich and
have tried singing, but nobody knows who
they are, so it’s not about money.

What would you say about your
relationship with people in the industry?
Do you think that has helped make you a
bigger and more successful artiste or a less
successful artiste?

What exactly are you asking?
I’m asking if you have a very good
relationship with other artistes in the
Oh yes! I do. I’m very polite with
everybody. Everybody is always polite and
we all understand and appreciate each
other and that’s what counts. Unfortunately,
I would love to have more time to spend
with people, but I don’t have enough time.
Throughout last year, I think I saw my dad
just once. That’s how little time I have to
spend with even my family.

What do you think about D’banj’s recent
utterances about the ‘Occupy Nigeria’
protest that went down?
Its unfortunate. You know, what I have
realised is that there are lots of things that
are wrong in this country and lots that are
right, but unfortunately, we dwell on the
wrong ones. D’banj interviewed our
President when he was campaigning. He
had his view, so did so many. D’banj, in his
own way, is trying to satisfy his conscience.
Nobody knows what he is going through,
and I feel as outsiders we shouldn’t judge
based on what he says. I can’t judge him
because I don’t know him or his mental

What would you have done differently?
Under what circumstances?
If you had to interview the President…
First of all, I am an artiste. I would not have
interviewed the President, maybe if I was a
presenter, I would, but I am an artiste and
my job is to pass my message across to
people through my music. My job is not to
interview the president, so we cannot
compare because it probably would not
have happened.

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