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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goldie Receive Backlash Over Eye Lashes

Goldie’s eyelashes seem to be causing
quite a stir on the social platforms. It
seems like Goldie herself is liked by most,
but we can’t say the same about her
eyelashes. Goldie’s lashes are getting as
much attention as Michael Jackson’s nose.
A few Big Brother fans are complaining
about the organisms, saying that they are
too much and need to be removed. Goldie,
however, is totally oblivious to what’s
going on.
Comments about her eyelashes read as
“She’s too fake- I can’t even see her eyes”

“Her eyelashes will scare small children”

“They make her look uglier than before”

“She looks like she’s going to take off”

“She looks like the black Lady Gaga”

“She’s weird”

“Not even animals have eyelashes as ugly
as those”

“I love her.She’s awesome but she must
just get rid of those things”

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