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Friday, May 11, 2012

Beat FM Staff 'Adewunmi Oyekanmi' Sacked For Stealing Jollof rice Pack

Last September, the name Adewunmi
Oyekanmi became quite popular in the
news after the infamous assault incident
with BEAT FM exec Olisa Adibua. Eight
months later, Adewumni has been fired
from the company.

Sources say the management was
prompted to sack Adewunmi after he had
another misunderstanding with a Naija FM
staff - this time over an item which was
missing in the office. Adewunmi was
accused of stealing another staff’s meal – a
pack of Jollof rice.

Sources say, Adewunmi denied the
accusation but a CCTV camera which
recorded the whole incident proved him

Insiders at the Beat insist Oyekanmi was
not victimised, but only unfortunate to
have been the one caught. ‘Management
had been trying to stop the issue of
stealing. That’s part of the reason they
installed CCTV everywhere, and encouraged
all staff to report cases of missing items, so
these can be tracked using the CCTV
recordings. It’s just unfortunate that he’s
the one that was caught. If it had been
anyone else, the same fate would have
befallen that person’
We could not immediately reach Oyekanmi.

NET placed a phone call to the General
Manger at BEAT FM Deji Awokoya who told
us he would get in touch even before we
could ask him any questions on the matter.
‘I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you later please,
thanks’, Awokoya said over the phone.

On Thursday, September 8, 2011, Olisa who
is the Director of Programmes at Naija FM,
Beat FM and Classic FM had assaulted and
severely injured Adewunmi, a member of
staff at the Lagos radio station
The incident went public and caused a
media frenzy, with people calling for
Adibua’s head. This was followed by
Adewunmi’s statement claiming that Olisa
had settled with him . Shortly after BEAT FM
released an official statement, confirming
and condemning the altercation which was
finally followed by Olisa’s official statement
saying he was ‘sorry’. Olisa however
served an indefinite suspension before
resuming back at work weeks later.


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