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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Actress Uche Jombo Secretly Weds An American

according to Stella Dimoko
Korkus. Here's how she's reporting it...

Thespian Actress Uche jombo has
quit the single ladies club right
under our noses! Whilst the rumour
was ripe with tales of the actress
planning to wed a certain 'chi.boy'
whom she came out propmtly to
deny,the actress left people
wondering whart she was up to
and took the next Available flight
out to wed her full blooded
American boyfriend.......Handsome
Knight in shining armour!

With this Marriage conducted in
New york,U che has just become
the wife of an American and has a
new name.....Mrs Uche Jombo-R. The
actress is presently on honeymoon!

But below is something
Uche tweeted after hearing about her
supposed marriage.

who do you believe???

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