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Friday, April 27, 2012

“Why I Got Married In Paris” – Stephanie Okereke

Nollywood star,stephanie okereke Idahosa
got married last weekend in paris
france .Her union with Linus Idahosa has
been tagged “wedding of the year” by
many fans. Stephanie disclosed to
Genevieve magazine why she chose paris.

“It’s the ambience fairy-tale like. It is
reminiscent of culture, of peace and love;
something away from the chaos we get
used, something fresh, new and
different”.she said.

Stephanie said she is happy at the moment
“I’m happy. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in
love and be with the one person you wish
to spend the rest of your life with”.

She also disclosed how her career has
influenced her taste in a man “Lol! I guess
you just want the best out of life when you
are open to experiencing life in all its
beauty. I want a man that is not threatened
in the least; one who has his own pursuit,
and there’s a connect between what we do.
Respect is key”.

Stephanie concluded by telling what women
really want in marriage”Love, peace,
security. A man to share your dreams with.
One who truly respects you and sees
beyond just your beauty but your true

A real man with real values”.


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